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Selling the Home of a Hoarder

According to, hoarding is a mental disorder that affects two to seven percent of the American population. When a hoarder’s home is placed on the market, it is often accompanied by numerous problems and considerations. To many hoarders everything in the home is considered a prized possession. While most people might want to enter wearing bio-hazard suits…

The Unanticipated Costs of Selling Your Home through a Realtor

No one likes surprises when it comes to selling a home; but most homeowners don’t anticipate the “hidden” costs associated with selling. Perhaps they are so enamored with the profit signs that they forget the high cost of home repairs, staging, closing fees and Realtor commissions. According to a recent article by, fees often make up…

Do Home Renovations Pay Off When You Sell?

If you watch HGTV or read home décor magazines, you likely know how to sell your home quickly. But the real question isn’t whether your home will sell, but whether you will receive a profitable offer. For many people, it’s simply not worth the aggravation to hire home contractors or worth the debt to renovate…

Four of the Costliest Home Repairs

When you buy a home, you are also signing on for the long list of repairs and routine maintenance that comes with the territory. Some things, however, can’t be turned into a weekend DIY project, especially with older homes. A lot of the problems that homeowners face require the help of an expert, and those…