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You are finally ready to sell your home. The more people that come to tour your home, the better. But what attracts potential buyers to your home? Pictures.  They’re worth a thousand words and they could even be worth thousands of dollars if they attract the right buyer to your listing.

Photos are the first impression potential buyers have of your home, they are the thing that will intrigue people to come see more. Your home must present as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Below are some important tips to remember when preparing to take your pictures.

Eliminate Clutter
Everyone is guilty of clutter, whether it’s in a hidden junk drawer or stacked high in your spare bedroom. An important factor to keep in mind when taking photos for the sale of your home is that nobody wants to see your clutter. It is essential to create an illusion of simplicity for your photos, allowing others to imagine it as their future home.

  • Clear Counters: Making sure your bathroom counters, kitchen counters, and dresser tops in each room are cleared off is an easy way to eliminate visual clutter from photos.
  • Free the Floors: Be sure all of the floors are free of chaos. Try to pick up any toys off the floor, no laundry baskets, or random piles you may have stacked up in any rooms.
  • Rearrange Rooms: If you have to go room-to-room and move things around as you snap your shots, do so to ensure each room has a simplistic look.

Surprisingly enough, the cleanliness of a home can oftentimes be detected in pictures. We are not suggesting you deep clean your entire house until you are aching, but we do have a few tips that will help your home look radiant for photos if you need to sell my house fast.

  • Bathrooms: Make sure your toilets, shower, and sink are sparkling before snapping photos. If you happen to have 3 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 4 body washes, and multiple shave creams stacked in the corners of your shower consider removing those excess items for the pictures.
  • Appliances: Be sure your appliances are nice and clean. Wipe away any grease splatters from your stove, spots on the refrigerator and give your washer and dryer a quick wipe down.
  • Floors: Whether you have hardwood floors, linoleum or carpet- get those floors clean. For bare floors be sure any dust is gone and the floors are shining, and for carpeted floors run the vacuum over them to create fresh lines for your photos.

Be sure to follow these tips and tricks when you are trying to sell your Las Vegas house fast. If you want more ideas for what type of pictures stand out, look online at some homes that are for sale to see what pictures appeal to you.  After all we buy houses in Las Vegas and LA

Another Alternative
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