Divorce is an unfortunate way of life that touches more people than you would expect; the sobering truth is that half of the country’s marriages head down this path. Among the chaos and hassles of a changing life comes questions about personnel items and property. Housing will inevitably come up during these trying times; with many going through it lost about how to go forward on selling a house in Los Angeles.

Much like every other American in the same situation, Los Angeles residents going through a divorce often have questions or seek advice during this time. For a majority of proceedings, the house becomes the largest asset among a couple’s possessions and certainly not something both can share equally. Among the stress of an already difficult time, both spouses need to remain calm and think about the right choices for everyone involved. These real estate considerations have a new issue in the mix; a lack of rising home values after the last big drop.

Don’t Do It Alone

Selling a home under even the best conditions can be trying, so imagine the stress of doing it during a divorce. Bringing in someone that knows the real estate game can help both parties navigate the hassles with a clear, unbiased approach to answers. This doesn’t just mean a real estate agent either, cash buyers can also help out as long as they have experience and knowledge of the subject property.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to sell the home quickly and without a lot of additional haggling over the details. In this case, finding a home buying company that can offer fast cash might be the best option. They also ensure a smooth and swift closing without the hiccups that come from complicated contracts.

Figuring Out A Time For The Home Sale

There’s a lot of different variables when it comes to making an as is home sale, especially when considering whether a spouse wants to stay. If one person in the marriage wants to live in the home, the other can think about asking for a buyout of their stake in the property.

In some cases, the presence of children plays a role in what goes on. For situations where a child in involved, one spouse may choose to stay in the home until the child reaches a certain age. A contract or similar legal item is filed stating a sell date usually based on the child’s age or other factors. Setting this up in writing in crucial to making sure the spouse leaves on the agreed upon date and that the sale goes through as planned.

Once a time is set, make sure that all parties involved stay with it. With the busy Los Angeles market, this is especially crucial to having a successful transaction. Set up a meeting with the agent or cash buyer to hammer out all of these details. Once the closing and moving dates are set, don’t change them. Be strict about every date and make sure there are contracts or other legally binding agreements in place that settle any questions that might occur. It might also help to designate one spouse to handle the communications during the entire process.

Making A Quick Sale For A Great Price

home repairsOne of the biggest issues for a divorcing couple is getting a fair price, but also closing the sale as soon as possible. Companies that purchase houses often offer the best solution without the lengthy issues of traditional home buying, allowing the couple to easily sell their home.

Not all home buying companies are the same, it pays to work with one that has a great reputation of buying houses as well as providing a quick and smooth transaction. With a difficult divorce already taking time and energy away from both parties, it needs to be people at the helm who will ensure everything is fair.

The realities of a divorce can be stressful as well as difficult to deal with. Having a good divorce real estate strategy can help remove one the biggest obstacles, selling the home at a fair price without the lengthy frustrations that come with a traditional sale. Look for a company that can do all of that in the Los Angeles area, but make sure they have the credentials and reputation to pull off even the most difficult sales. It’s all about making the most of a situation that half of all marriages will face.


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