Inheriting a house is always complicated, especially when probate is involved. On top of the emotional ordeal of losing a loved one, now you are dealing with a vacant house full of the relics of someone’s life. Everything from keepsakes and heirlooms to kitchenware and old clothes. You’ve considered selling the home as your best course, but now what?

Seller’s Advantage has worked with many homeowners like you, who became homeowners through inheritance and often need help figuring out what to do next. This article can help you understand your options and make the best choice for your situation.

Selling A House After Probate In Los Angeles

Selling a House During or After Probate

Selling a House During or After Probate

  • Selling during probate: Sell fast and to a buyer who can handle probate paperwork
  • Selling after probate: Short timeline after months of vacancy during probate

It is well known that probate is a long and harrowing process. If the deceased has debt, you may be pushed to sell the house in a rush to pay creditors. If the house makes it through probate, it has likely been several months to over a year since anyone has lived there, and you’ve been able to make long-term decisions.

Selling during probate, you may not have the leisure of a long and drawn out Los Angeles housing market sale and want to skip the realtor, staging, tours, and buyers. After probate, you may not have the energy. In either situation, you want to act fast as soon as you have the ability to sell.

You will also want to consider how you empty the house, the taxes involved in selling the house, and how long to hold onto the property before selling.

Never Leave a House Vacant

  • Vacant homes decay faster
  • Vacant homes attract vandals and vagrants
  • A vacant home still costs property tax and utilities

First, let’s talk about vacancies. An empty house is a risk in several ways. You will owe property taxes for every 6 months you own the house. Homes also degrade the longer utilities like AC are left off.

Vacant homes attract vandals and squatters, especially if the house is known to be vacant. An inherited home often needs to be cleared of perishables (not just food in the refrigerator) to avoid decay. Also, the longer a home is empty, the more likely things like weather damage or plumbing leaks can cause unnoticed damage.

Whether you choose to rent the house for a while or sell, it’s important to avoid delays.


Selling the House “As-Is” or Staging for the Market

  • The Los Angeles housing market has high standards for property quality and staging
  • Selling to an investment buyers as-is saves time, money, and hassle

During the probate process, it is likely that you and/or family have already collected bequeathed heirlooms and keepsakes. If not, now is the time to sort through the last possessions of your lost loved one to retrieve items you want to keep. But what to do after that depends on how you plan to sell.

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy


If you plan to rent or sell on the housing market, you will need to fully empty the home. That means deciding whether to donate, sell, or throw out every personal item. You will also need to take care of any significant repairs, touch up the paint, and so on. For older homes in which a person lived their last years, these untended repairs can be extensive,

Selling As-Is

Alternately, you can sell as-is, most likely to an investment buyer or home flipper. These professionals can handle clothing donations, furniture repurposing, and junk hauling and are prepared to take on the repairs for any as-is home, so you don’t have to.


Selling Solo, or Are There Other Inheritors?

  • Find a buyer who meets your needs
  • Find a buyer that everyone can agree on

Did you inherit the house solo, or are there joint inheritors? Sometimes, a parent will leave their house to all their children equally, which can mean getting everyone to agree on a single course of action. If you all decide to sell, you may still need to agree on a single buyer.

If you are lucky enough to have a consensus or are the sole decision-maker, this can make selling the house easier. If there is a dispute, sometimes finding a neutral buyer can be the best way.

How to Sell an Inherited House Quickly After Probate in California

  • Sell as-is to skip the housing market routine and realtor fees
  • Sell to a buyer familiar with probate and post-probate
  • Sell for cash to an investment buyer

Selling an inherited house after probate is your best option. Selling quickly prevents the risks of a long vacancy, saves you the costs of extended property tax and utilities, and prevents the house from taxably appreciating before you sell. Skipping the whole house listing routine can also save you 6%-10% of your profits typically lost to realtor fees.

You may already know that you’d prefer to skip the California market hassle and sell the house as-is, and your best option is an investment buyer with a cash offer and a rapid buying process.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sellers Advantage Makes Selling After Probate Easy

  • Contact Sellers Advantage
  • Schedule a One-Time Visit
  • Accept the Cash Offer

Sellers Advantage has helped hundreds of home inheritors like yourself turn a tough situation into a cash offer. If you are selling after probate, an as-is sale can help you avoid the effort and expense of selling on the market. If you are still going through probate, an as-is sale and cash offer can help you quickly pay intrusive creditors.

To get a fair cash offer that you can close on within the week, simply let Sellers Advantage know you’re ready to sell, and we’ll help you take care of the rest. We can handle probate and after-probate sales, and we don’t need you to clear out everything or make repairs first.


Have Questions? Give us a call. We can help!

Selling an inherited Los Angeles house after the death of a loved one is always a difficult process. Whether you are dealing with the probate process or need to sell the house after probate is done, we can help. We are here to answer your questions and outline your options, whether you choose to sell to us or not. Sellers Advantage aims to make the selling process easy if you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles. With internal financing and an experienced home-buying team, we can handle homes in any condition, in or out of probate. Contact us today to discuss your options, ask questions, or schedule a tour to get a no-obligation cash offer. If you choose to accept, we can help you close within the week so you can move on without worrying about the property.

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