Decks are popular outdoor living spaces almost everywhere in the US–they range from small platforms barely big enough to hold a grill and a chair, to massive expanses featuring several levels. But there’s one things all decks have in common–connecting to the house itself– and how that’s done can derail your home sale.

A deck has to meet local building codes, and those codes universally require the deck structure to attach to the house. If your deck was professionally built and installed, you paid a lot to have it done correctly and it should have several points where it is bolted to the house. If you and a couple of Vegas or LA buddies put it together one weekend, you might not have the engineering expertise to know to how successfully connect the deck to the house, and while it might feel sturdy and solid, an inspector may have a different opinion.

When you go the traditional route of selling your home, the cash home buyers typically hire a home inspector before they fully commit to buying your house. That inspector’s job is to nitpick every detail of your house, and one of the places they focus on the most is the deck. They’ll check the size and location of the bolts, and if the deck is raised they’ll go under the house to check for any loose bolts or rotted wood–things you’ve probably never thought about. They’ll also check for any signs of rot on the deck itself, and for any loose rails or stair risers. He’ll also confirm that your deck rails meet current code–in many states, the rails must be vertical instead of horizontal as a precaution against small children falling through the rails.

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