Selling a House As-Is With Mold in Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Mold growth is one of the most harmful problems a house can develop for the home and the residents. Every year, mold destroys more structural wood than fires and termites combined. Mold infiltrates natural and porous materials, turning wood into spongey rot and releasing spores that can seriously impact resident health.

Mold spores are a common cause of chronic illness, and roughly 25% of the population is genetically predisposed to more severe medical responses to mold exposure. Mold in a home is also challenging to remove once a large colony takes root in your structural beams, drywall, floor underlayment, and beyond. Because mold likes to hide, the structural damage may already be extensive by the time the mold is discovered.

Selling a House As-Is With Mold in Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Getting Rid of Mold in Your Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV House

Some types of mold, like the notorious Black Mold, also release Mycotoxins, which can cause long-term toxicity damage to those exposed over time.

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Common Types of Mold in California and Nevada Homes

There are thousands of mold variations worldwide, and about a dozen types that are very common in residential homes. Experts can tell mold apart by its color, texture, and growth patterns. But you need to know the three ways mold can be harmful.

  • Allergenic Mold – Allergenic molds like Alternaria and Aspergillus can cause chronic allergic reactions. If your allergies worsen after sleeping in your home, you may have allergenic mold spores in the air. It might even be growing in your vents or your mattress.
  • Pathogenic Mold – Pathogenic molds like Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Candida can cause infection, even after being inhaled into your lungs and respiratory system. Most people can be harmed by these molds, posing a severe health threat.
  • Toxigenic Mold – Some molds, like the dreaded Black Mold, release Mycotoxins linked to severe health effects like immunosuppression, brain damage, and cancer.

Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium are the three most common types of mold in US homes.

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Getting Rid of Mold in Your Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV House

Mold is not only invasive; it is increasingly difficult to get rid of the longer it has time to grow. Mold spores are always in the air, even in dry climates like California or Nevada. Any time dampness is allowed to linger, mold can begin to grow. Any leak, water damage, or flooding can result in mold growth. Bathrooms and kitchen cabinets under the sink are at a higher risk, where moisture never fully goes away.

Mold especially likes to grow on attic beams, on the backside of drywall, and on the underside of carpets and upholstery, where it is dark, hidden, and can form large colonies before it is noticed. In that time, it eats away at the material, making it soft and spongy, and becomes a part of the structure.

Mold remediation (removing mold from a home) usually involves cutting out large sections of walls, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and structural beams. Most mold infestations cannot simply be scrubbed away.

Can You Sell an LA or LV Home That Has Mold?

Selling a house with mold is challenging, both financially and morally. Buyers universally require a home inspector to investigate. Home inspectors are trained to look for mold and will likely find it, giving buyers grounds to argue the price lower or even back out entirely. Even if the inspector does not see the mold, you will be giving the house to a new family who may get sick from mold exposure – just as your family may have gotten sick in the house.

Most states require you to share any information about any known hazards, which will lower the appeal of your home listing and may chase buyers away entirely. Even fix-and-flip buyers know better than to invest in a house with extensive mold damage.

The Easy Solution: 

Sell to an Investment Buyer like Seller’s Advantage

Selling a house with mold to an individual buyer is a lose-lose situation. However, investment buyers have a completely different approach. An investment home buyer like Seller’s Advantage can acquire many other properties as part of a larger business model. All land is valuable, and even severely damaged homes can be restored or knocked down to reclaim whatever value remains of the property.

At Seller’s Advantage, we aim to help sellers in difficult situations get the best possible value and provide an easy selling experience. If you need to leave a mold-infested house right away, you can walk away cash-in-hand in just a few days.

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Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sellers Advantage Buys Houses As-Is

Seller’s Advantage is a no-strings-attached investment buyer. We buy homes “as-is” in any condition. Hoarder homes, rusted-through plumbing, burned kitchens, trashed by tenants; we don’t care. We are ready to restore the value of any property. In places like Los Angeles, CA, and Las Vegas, NV, the land is valuable enough that even completely ruined homes are valuable investments for us.

When it comes to highly mold-infested homes, our business model can turn a lose-lose situation into a win-win situation. You can sell your home for the inherent worth of the property, quite possibly a price better than you could get from the open market, and we gain one more investment property to rehab – which is what we do best.

What Is an “As-Is” Home Sale?

You may have heard the term “As-Is” home selling before. Selling a house “as-is” means you don’t have to change a thing. Even if a family of opossums moved into the chimney and the roof was caving in, an as-is buyer like Seller’s Advantage would buy the house just the way it is.

We Help People in Many Situations

If you are having trouble selling a house with bad mold, you’re not alone. Sellers Advantage is designed to help many different types of sellers who need to sell fast and get the best price possible quickly.

How It Works: Selling to Seller’s Advantage

How much money can you get for a house with mold? In Los Angeles or Las Vegas, every home is valuable. You can get a quote from a Seller’s Advantage buying team immediately, receive a favorable offer, and close on the sale with cash in hand in just a few days.

  • The first step is to call Seller’s Advantage or drop an email. Let us know if you’d like an estimate, and we’ll schedule a one-time walkthrough at your first convenient time.
  • Within 24 hours of our walkthrough, we’ll have a cash offer ready. Seller’s Advantage consistently offers more for damaged homes than what you can get on the open market or from other investment buyers.
  • If you accept, our expert buying team will expedite the paperwork necessary to transfer the title, and you will receive a cash payment in the agreed amount. There’s no hassle, no fees, and we go out of our way to overcome any obstacles or special requirements you may have.

Get an Estimate and Leave Your Moldy House Behind

If you have recently discovered extensive mold in your home, getting away should be your top priority. We know how damaging long-term mold exposure can be. Your family might have suffered from unknown health problems for months or years. You may have been hunting down a foul smell or never fully recovered from a burst pipe or roof leak. You may have a house that can’t be rented anymore or have inherited a place that was already moldy.

No matter the situation, you don’t have to linger in the spores and mycotoxins. Seller’s Advantage will gladly get you an estimate and, if you choose, help you rapidly sell your mold-infested house for cash. Contact us at any time to schedule your initial walkthrough. We are here to help. reviews


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