If you are like most homeowners, you fell in love with your house on sight. Something about it – maybe it was the location or the size, the yard – something made it stand out. Unfortunately, as our lives change we often find that the things that drew us to our home are not as important to us as they once were. If your house has become a stumbling block, it might be time to consider a moving on.

Situations Change
How long have you been in your home? What kind of changes have you seen over that time? Have you had children grow up, or brought in new ones? Maybe had a parent move in or move out? There are a lot of reasons why people outgrow their home.

  • Family size
  • Employment
  • Finances
  • Mobility
  • Hobbies

Adjusting Your Home
On finding themselves stuck between the hassle of moving and staying, many homeowners first chose to remodel their home in hopes of finding a simpler solution. For some, making a few minor, or major, alterations is enough.

Accessibility and mobility remodels are a great way to keep yourself in your home if you have developed difficulties getting around. Many homeowners who have children that have left the home find that there is just too much space. A home office or a hobby area with plenty of shelves and work areas can help you fill up those empty spaces.

Moving On
For others, especially those with long commutes from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Pasadena or Los Angeles offer financial motives, remodeling simply isn’t an option. Making the choice to put your home on the market is not always easy. Moving can be a difficult process – finding and purchasing a new home, packing up and moving boxes and selling your old home are chaotic and stressful situations. They can be scary, time-consuming and emotionally disruptive even under the best circumstances. Your best bet for a smooth transition is to plan ahead. Make sure you know what you are looking for, and if you expect your situation to change it is smart to take future needs into consideration when looking for your next home.

A Stress-free Move
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