It is nearly impossible to sell a home that has a mold problem, and removing mold from the walls and carpets of a home is a big task. Unfortunately, any flooding or water damage to a home can be the trigger for extensive mold infestation. While small patches of mold c

an be cleaned up safely with mold cleaners and scrubbing, larger scale mold remediation can take days, thousands of dollars, and put you at risk of mold spore exposure. Mold spores can cause anything from allergy attacks to certain kinds of cancer and the last thing you want to do is expose yourself to more spores than you have already been breathing.

However, it may also be necessary to get up close and personal with the mold in order to restore the home that you plan on selling to livable conditions.. And this will require some supplies. While mold remediation services will take on the entire project for a fee, many home sellers decide to take on mold removal on their own to save money. If you do this, there are some things you’ll want to have handy for anyone else who helps you clean up. Whether you’re tackling mold on your own or helping your team move moldy items out of the house, here’s what you’ll want to have on hand:

Protective Gloves
Skin contact with mold is among the least harmful ways to expose yourself to this dangerous plantlife but it is something you should be exceedingly careful about anyway. Mold remediation teams always wear gloves and you should too any time you are dealing with more than a few specks of mold. The reason for this is that some people are highly sensitive to contact with mold and stronger molds may have negative health effects some time after skin exposure. Wear thick latex, plastic, or rubber gloves at all times to keep your skin safe when cleaning up mold.

Medical Grade Face Masks
As you may have heard, the most dangerous aspect of mold in your home is what happens when you breathe the spores. Some people just have respiratory problems from the irritation in their lungs while others can develop chronic infections and other very serious health problems after too much spore exposure. The best and only way to protect yourself and anyone helping out is with medical grade face masks worn properly whenever you’re near the mold. In fact, if there’s a lot of mold in your home, face masks are a good idea until you can find alternate lodgings during remediation.

Eye Protection
Mold spores don’t just get inhaled through your nose and mouth. The membranes of your eyes can also be exposed to mold spores with some negative consequences. In general, eye exposure to mold is more likely to result in an allergic-type reaction but it’s generally not a good idea to shake hands with danger or try to fight mold with watery eyes. Keep your eyes protected with well-fitting safety glasses or goggles. Technically, even swim goggles make an okay makeshift eye protection for mold remediation.

Large Sturdy Garbage Bags
If there is a chance that drywall, carpet, or personal possessions may be too mold-infested to save, you may need to carry them out of the house to dispose of. Of course, you don’t want to be carrying your biggest concentrations of mold spores directly through the house and neighborhood, risking infesting everything else. Instead, have a lot of large sturdy garbage bags ready to isolate the problem the moment it is ready to remove.

Xacto Knife
Sometimes, mold will take over a portion of an item while the rest can be saved. A padded aluminum chair, for instance, might have a mold-proof frame but the built-in cushions can be infested. A safely built sharp knife like an Xacto knife or box cutter can help you strip away infested upholstery so that non-porous furniture frames can be saved. This may also help you do things like section up and remove installed carpets.

Strong Non-Toxic Cleaner
At every stage of the mold remediation process, you are going to want to clean absolutely everything. Technically, the more you can splash around a strong mold-killing cleaner, the better. But of course, you don’t actually want to cover your house with bleach and fill it with those dangerous fumes while you work. Instead, look for a large container of strong non-toxic mold cleaner to ensure your home will be safe and harsh-chemical-free when you can finally return.

Dehumidifiers after a mold problem are an absolute must. Pulling the moisture out of the air is a lot like starving a mold colony which needs moisture to get started and moisture to continue growing. If you can stand it, throw on some Chapstick and make the house like the Sahara for a while with heat and dehumidifying to make every surface much less hospitable for mold.

Space Heaters
The best friend of the dehumidifier when fighting mold is a portable space heater. Your HVAC system can only do so much but space heaters can be used to concentrate the drying powers of heat and dehumidification to finally get the last drops of moisture out of a room that flooded or experienced a major leak.

Box Fans
Unless you live in a very humid temperature, a simple box fan can be an incredibly useful addition to your mold remediation efforts. These can help you dry out your home faster after a water-based disaster and keep your home dry if humidity tends to build up inside. Simply place the box fan pointing out a doorway to channel air out or in through a doorway to bring fresh air inside.

Mold Test Kits
Finally, never underestimate the importance of confirmed data. If you suspect there is mold in your house and have simply begun cleaning everything, pick up a few mold test kits or talk to your mold remediation team about testing areas as you go along. This will help you hunt down hidden colonies of mold and confirm just how high the spore concentration has been.

Mold remediation is no laughing matter, and for many homeowners, the task is simply too great. The need to cleanse structural beams, replace drywall and carpets, and handle everything with care is a huge hassle. One you may not have the time and resources to pursue. But never fear we buy houses for cash, we buy houses Los Angeles and we can help you to sell my house fast Las Vegas. If removing the mold from a home you want to sell is too much, we can help. Seller’s Advantage reviews will buy your house for a fair price and handle all the cleaning, staging, and market hassle for you. If you’d like more information on how to escape your moldy house for a good price, contact us today or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home.

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