What is an absentee owner?

Absentee homeowners are very common in LA. Absentee owners are those who do not live near the homes they own and who have little to no interest in maintenance or property management. Often, absentee homeowners are too busy with their local lives, families, and homes to be concerned with distant properties. Selling the house can seem like an even bigger ordeal.

The Housing Market Hassle for Absentee Owners

Many absentee owners would prefer just to sell. Still, the housing market has traditionally been challenging for any home sale where the owner is unavailable for constant interactions with realtors, buyers, and inspectors. The home selling process takes a long time, so for absentee owners, the process seems to drag on forever. Your home may be damaged and in need of repairs. In the traditional housing market, you may even be dealing with a vacant or abandoned property, which will only make the selling process more difficult.

Fortunately, absentee homeowners and their property managers have an alternative. Selling an LA home as an absentee homeowner has never been easier.

Skip the Housing Market, Sell to an Investment Buyer

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or RealtorWhy go through the hassle and rigamarole of repairing, staging, photographing, marketing, showing, negotiating, and ultimately closing on your home when all you want to do is get it off your hands? The traditional housing market may be a pain, but there’s more than one way to sell a house. Investment buyers like Seller’s Advantage buy properties for commercial reasons, not personal ones. We are a house-buying company with a wide range of solutions for each property. We fix, flip, rent, and sell in-house. We also handle our own internal financing, which means that home sellers need to lift just one finger – to dial us on the phone. From the first consultation call, all we need is your permission to put cash in your hand and transfer the title.

Even better, once you start the process, we’ll have it finished and a no-obligation cash offer on the table in a matter of days.

Sell Distressed LA Homes as an Absentee Owner

Another benefit of selling to an investment buyer is there’s no need for repairs or renovations. Seller’s Advantage buys as-is because our inspectors can see the potential and value of a property without the spotless cleaning and fresh coat of paint. We know that one squeaky stair doesn’t discount the whole property. We even know how to see the value in homes that are not yet cleared of belongings and those that have seen far better days. Distressed homes, damaged homes, and plain shabby older LA homes are all in our purview, and we won’t ask you to fix anything up before we agree to close.

We know that selling as-is makes life so much easier for out-of-state homeowners who want to remain absentee and local homeowners who don’t have the spare budget or time for repairs.

You Don’t Need to Fly Out to Sell an LA Home

Absentee owners often struggle to sell because they can’t make time for travel to the distant home’s location. When you sell an LA area house to Seller’s Advantage, you don’t have to fly out to meet us.  With vetted online signature tools available, you don’t have to be in California to sell an LA house. You never need to be here in person, so if you’ve been putting off selling this house because you can’t make time for travel, the wait is over.

Absentee Owners Selling Through a Property Manager

Rental home property managers often deal with absentee owners, and may be asked to arrange for a quick and efficient home sale. Seller’s Advantage can absolutely work with a property manager on behalf of their client and absentee owner. In this case, the property manager can act as the owner’s proxy in hosting the one-time tour and the handing of keys and Seller’s Advantage will take care of paperwork online with the seller directly.

Getting Out of Being a Landlord Fast

Many people dip their toes into the Los Angeles, California housing market, and not all want to stay there. If you want to get out of being a landlord fast or drop a single unprofitable property without delays, Seller’s Advantage has tools and services to make this process as smooth as possible. Our team can help with tax liens, relocating tenants, and buying out your current loan so that you can get an unwanted house off your hands fast at a fair price.

How to Easily Sell an LA House as an Absentee Owner

  1. Reach out to Seller’s Advantage

Submit your contact information through our website form or call us directly at 1-800-208-3243. We’ll have an initial phone discussion about your home and its current condition. If you have any special scheduling needs or services you may need to complete the sale, just let us know. We’re here to make the home sale work for you at a distance.

  1. Have a Proxy Lead the Inspection Tour

Our inspector will need to see the house just once to make an informed offer for it’s current value. We’ll look around and determine the home’s bones, state of repair, architectural merits, and location desirability. For absentee owners, a proxy can be sent with the key or code to the lock-box to allow our inspector to walk through.

  1. Receive a Cash Offer Online

Once we’ve taken a look, you’ll typically have an offer in your email inbox within 24 hours or even before the end of the day. With a phone call and an email, you can decide to sell your LA property with cash in hand.

  1. Accept and We’ll Do the Rest

We Buy Houses Los AngelesIf you like our offer and choose to accept, our full-scale real estate team will take care of the rest. We’ll help you take care of any obstacles like title liens or expenses and manage the title transfer and closing procedure without the usual delays of residential real estate. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the check.

Seller’s Advantage a company that buys houses in any condition is here to help absentee owners sell swiftly and without hassle. If you don’t have time to fly out, you don’t have to. If you want to sell as-is without repairs and staging, you can. As a house buying company, we will buy LA homes in any condition on a schedule that works for you. Contact us online or call 1-800-208-3243 today to sell your house right now.


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