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Selling a House in LA With Code Violations

sell my house los angeles caSelling a house in LA with code violations is challenging, to say the least. People purchasing homes in California will want to avoid dealing with houses that violate state codes because of the extra expenses on top of the house’s cost.

Code violations mean that a home has substandard features that require correction. Such violations include abatement citations, health and safety, noise, and zoning. Violating these codes harm homeowners, neighbors, and the general environment.

Thus, home codes exist for overall protection. Violations indicate that a home is potentially dangerous to the community, which can prevent anyone in their right mind from investing in the property.

Although buyers are much less likely to purchase homes with code violations, it is still possible. Selling a house in LA fast with code violations does not have to be complicated. All you need is to understand the codes a home has violated and settle a deal that works for everyone involved in the purchase. Here’s a closer look at the process:

Understanding Violated Home Codes

sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)When selling a LA house with violations, you must collaborate with official bodies to guarantee your property’s safety. Collaborating with such agencies can help you figure out which codes you may be violating. Simply get in touch with the appropriate offices and request house permits from the city.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH) ensures that your house poses no health threat and safety hazards to anyone on the property. Meanwhile, you should also work with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). This office ensures that your property meets all house codes under California law.

Should these offices determine anything amiss, the city may charge certain fees to correct any violation. The fines that accrue on your property make it easier to identify which violations to prioritize remedying, thus making your house more marketable.

Consider prioritizing late fines to avoid further accrual. Try paying off violations as soon as the city identifies which fees are overdue.

Disclosing Information to Buyers

Part of understanding the home codes you may have violated includes letting potential buyers know about the fines attached to houses in violation. You must disclose such knowledge before the buyer closes on a purchase. Failure to disclose code violations may result in a lawsuit.

California is among the states that require house sellers to disclose all issues involving the property for sale. Before you sell my house in California for cash, you must list down all house-related problems in writing. Simply fill out a mandatory disclosure form, identifying every defect and malfunction your house may have.

With this form, a buyer can decide whether or not to purchase your house despite all the defects it may have. Some buyers may overlook such malfunctions if they find that they are simple enough to solve on their own. On that note, consider sorting out the simple issues yourself, such as the plumbing and electrical wiring.

Homebuyers are more likely to close a purchase on a property with as little damage as possible. If you fix the minor issues before selling, you can leave other code violations for the buyers. Of course, you would have to settle an agreement with potential buyers regarding such violations with which you leave them.

Crafting a Deal That Works for Everyone Involved

When selling a house in LA with code violations that you opt-out of remedying, you must compromise. Here are two options that many California home sellers tend to choose:

sell house as is for cashSelling Price Slash

Selling your home with violations at its full market price is unenticing. By slashing its selling price, you give your buyer a chance to save some money. They can use this extra money to sort out the violations and settle the incurred fines.

Consider slashing the selling price as a discount. If you leave a house with expensive violations attached, a buyer may opt for one without any violations. Fines and violations tend to overflow and may cause more losses on the buyer’s side.

Discounts can be enticing in any purchasing situation. You may convince potential buyers that the price slash fairly covers the costly violations your home may have.

Selling at Market Rate

You could sell your home with violations at market rate, but you would have to offer to settle the code violations once a buyer closes. This option would prove that the amount you would otherwise slash from the market price would sort the expensive violations.

Buyers may request a written agreement where you explicitly state your intentions with this full market price. Once you receive the cash, be sure to fulfill your end of the deal and report success to the buyer. You might consider this option if you currently lack the expenses to sort the code violations your house may have.

Selling a House in LA With Code Violations As-Is

You can sell a house in LA without settling code violations yourself with an alternative home selling option. At Seller’s Advantage, we purchase homes in LA with all sorts of issues as-is and at fair prices. In other words, you can get an amount that works for everyone involved without worrying about remedying any code violations your house may have.

Our process is for anyone looking to sell their house fast. We have bought homes in any condition over the last few years. We buy homes as-is in just a few days, guaranteeing quick money for sellers.

We are confident with our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, establishing our business as one of the best home buyers. Get a free, no-obligation quote on your Los Angeles house for a fair cash offer today.

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Sell Your Los Angeles California House During Bankruptcy

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy

You may be wondering whether you ought to sell your house during bankruptcy in LA. After all, it’s a viable option that can make it possible for you to survive financially challenging times. In this article, you can discover the many reasons why it is a wise decision to put up your house for sale and who can help you sell it for a fair price.

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy

Sell Your House During Bankruptcy

Reasons Why You Might Consider Selling Your House During Bankruptcy

You may be on the verge of filing for bankruptcy because of the following reasons:

  • Unemployment – It’s possible that you have lost your job because of a recession or other struggles. Whether you got laid off or your company went out of business, unfortunately, being unemployed is difficult since it can exponentially increase your financial troubles.
  • Overwhelming Bills – Pending bills can be overwhelming, especially if they have piled up over time. Your electricity or water supply may even be cut off if you are not able to pay your bills consistently.
  • Massive Debt – Borrowing money may seem like an instant solution that can help you weather financial problems. However, you may start drowning in debt if you do not have enough income to pay your loans on a regular basis. Over time, the interest will accumulate, leaving you with a massive amount of debt.

sell my house fast Los AngelesWhy It’s a Smart Idea To Sell Your LA House During Bankruptcy

In spite of the advantages of a property sale, it’s understandable if you are having second thoughts about selling your home either because you are personally invested or all the memories that are attached to it.

Nevertheless, selling your house at a fair price is a much better alternative than practically giving it away for an insufficient amount or having your property foreclosed by the bank once you fail to pay your mortgage. The money you receive from this will allow you to get back on your feet and achieve financial freedom in the future.

Who Can Help You Sell Your House During Bankruptcy

Seller’s Advantage makes it possible for you to quickly sell your house in Los Angeles and other areas in Southern California like Riverside, during financially challenging situations. There’s no need for you to wait for potential buyers to process their loans or to scour for the best interest rates.

Our family-owned company is based in Irvine, CA. We aim to maximize your profits while minimizing the typical hurdles that are commonly associated with house sales.

Why Seller’s Advantage Is Superior To Other Companies

There are several reasons why you should choose Seller’s Advantage over other real estate companies in Southern California.

We Feature a Fast Buy and Sell Process

We expedite home sales in Los Angeles and other nearby neighborhoods in a swift, efficient manner.

Our company specializes in investing in houses that need to be sold immediately, and that’s why we are experts at closing real estate deals in the shortest time possible. We will give you a cash payment once the deal is closed so you can start reaping the financial benefits immediately.

We Buy Houses That Need Work Or Repairs

Our team at Seller’s Advantage purchases a variety of homes, ranging from pristine brand-new houses to old, worn homes. We believe that every residential property is a worthy potential investment.

As such, we are ready to buy your house in any condition. We are prepared to address structural issues, repair mechanical problems, and inspect the premises for termites and other pests that may damage your house down the line.

  1. We Handle Complex Paperwork – Our company allows you to save time and effort associated with processing legal documents. We are equipped to handle the complicated legal paperwork on your behalf. As a result, we simplify and shorten the buy and sell procedure for you.
  2. We Help You To Avoid Hassle – Seller’s Advantage gives you the chance to avoid the hassle involved in selling your house in the real estate market. If you utilize our services, there’s no need for you to search for a reliable agent, welcome strangers inside your home during open houses, deal with contractors, manage costly repairs, pay the home selling fees, or wait for the sale to push through.

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or RealtorContact Seller’s Advantage To Sell Your House During Bankruptcy ASAP

If you’re thinking about selling your home, Seller’s Advantage is ready and willing to purchase it as-is. Best of all, we will ensure that you will receive a substantial cash payment that makes selling your house more than worth it.

Call us now at (800) 208-3243 to speak with our friendly, professional team. Enter your home address at our website to get a free, no-obligation quote. You may even receive an offer to sell my house fast Los Angeles in 24 hours or less.


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How to Sell California Real Estate After You Move Away

How to Sell LA, San Diego and Bay Area CA Property After You Already Moved

Real estate and your life plans do not always align. The market may be in a bad place, or a buyer may fall through, but your life plans roll on.  If life has taken you away from your real estate, it may be necessary to sell in absentia, remotely from your current location.

“I moved out of LA County and still have real estate I need to sell” this is a common situation we hear from local homeowners, often over the phone or through email. Life can take you away from where you call home. A job might start before you have a chance to sell your real estate. A family obligation might pull you away from tying up your loose ends in California before moving away.

If you have to sell a house but can’t be present to manage the process, what are your options?

How to Sell Los Angeles County Houses While Living Somewhere Else

  • Designate a Proxy
  • Find Remote Home-Selling Teams
  • The Slow Market Approach
  • Sell to an Real Estate Investor for Cash

Designate a Proxy to Do Your Local Legwork

Your best option when selling real estate from a distance is to designate a proxy. Find someone you can trust and who understands property sales to handle the in-person aspects of selling the home. This person is who will meet your trades teams for repairs, renovations, and staging. They will meet with the real estate agent, show around buyers, and call you during negotiations.

Of course, if you don’t have an LA, San Francisco Bay Area, or San Diego friend available for this role, you may be able to hire an inspector or remote selling alternatives.

Work with Teams Who Can Manage Remote Home Sales

Some teams are better at working with remote homeowners than others. You may find trades teams with good online support or a buyer who is apt at negotiating through email. Your best experience will be with a home-selling or home-buying company that can take care of the entire process with minimal contact from you. This will allow you oversight over your home sale without needing to travel back to LA County or constantly resolve problems on the phone.

Selling Slow for a Fine-Tuned Price

If you are focused on getting the highest possible market price for your home, if you’re looking forward to overseeing extensive renovations or look forward to buyer bidding wars, find a real estate agent who is capable of handling a remote homeowner. They will walk you through the slow, careful, and often investment-heavy path of staging your home and selling it for the highest possible price that can be found from desperate buyers.

Selling Fast for Guaranteed Cash

If you need to sell your LA County property quickly with guaranteed cash — no buyer banks falling through at the last moment — then the answer is to sell to a home-buying firm. Investment companies and home flippers specialize in buying quickly for a home’s current value – at the convenience of homeowner sellers. Sell your LA house without delays at the property’s worth and don’t worry about repairs, staging, or courting buyers.

Why It’s Easy to Sell Remotely to Investment Home Buyers

  • No Fees
  • No Banks
  • No Repairs
  • No Hassle
  • No Comissions
  • No Surprises

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorSelling to an investment buyer like Sellers Advantage is easy because we streamline the process, pay in cash, and we’ll buy your home right now, as-is, with no repairs or updates required.  Investment home buyers have a different approach to property purchase compared to the typical market. Many homeowners find that selling to a company is much easier than selling to individuals because we don’t need any hand holding or negotiation concessions.  You also don’t need to be there in-person to make the sale happen.

Here at Seller’s Advantage, we buy homes in as-is condition, meaning you don’t have to repair a single thing or repaint a single wall. We can tell the value of a home without the spruce-up. For homes already in great shape, we can quickly purchase it for cash and take care of all that pesky buyer/renter hassle for you. For homes that are in bad shape and need repairs before they are market-ready, we’ll proudly take the role of home-flippers and handle renovations, so you don’t have to.

It’s easy to sell to us because we go out of our way to make it easy. You don’t even have to be present for our team to conduct an inspection, make an offer, pay in cash, and streamline the deed & title transaction.

Our 6-Step Process to Easy Home Selling in California for Out-of-State Residents

How does selling to an cash home buyer work? The process is easy, with only one visit to your property to do a full assessment and provide a firm offer on the house. You can even sell your house while remaining remote, you don’t need to meet us in person near Riverside for our team to successfully buy your house, pay you in cash, and smoothly manage the ownership closing documents.

Here’s our six-step process for easily selling your home nearby or from your new distant location.

  1. Contact – Let us know you want to sell a home! We can’t get started on your offer unless we know you’re looking to sell. Head over to our online contact form and let us know which home you’d like to sell along with other pertinent information. Otherwise, call 800-208-3243 to talk about your home selling plans with a live person if online forms aren’t your thing.
  2. Initial Phone Call – If you don’t call us, we’ll call you. During our initial phone call, we’ll help you walk through the details of your home along with any maintenance concerns, history, and your need to sell remotely from outside LA County. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with many remote sellers before when time just doesn’t lend itself to a leisurely home sale.
  3. Call Back Estimate – After our initial conversation, we’ll do a bit of research on your home. Using our extensive resources and your disclosed information, we will determine the general value of the home and any potential costs before we can get it back on the market. From these calculations, we’ll make an estimate. Once we have an estimate, we’ll call you back with ballpark numbers for your home sale.
  4. On-Location Meeting and Offer – We will send a representative to tour your property and to get a feel for the home. Fortunately, you don’t need to be there in person. With a proxy, an agent, or just a property lock box, we’ll explore the property and take notes on the general state of the home. This will influence our final offer as we complete our assessment of the house.  When the walk through is finished, it is very likely our team member will provide an offer that same day to you via email or phone.
  5. Review the Offer – Now it’s your turn to think and take action. Once you have been provided the offer, there is no negotiation like with typical selling.  Decide whether you like the price and if you want to accept the offer. Take your time in making a decision.
  6. Acceptance of Offer – When you’re ready to move forward and get your cash, let us know that you accept the offer. From this point, we will deliver you the money and help you to smoothly manage ‘closing’ through the title’s office and other real estate authorities.

Do you live outside of LA County with a Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego property to sell? We can help! Contact us today to explore your home selling options for a fully remote experience as we buy houses in any condition.


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Selling a House for Cash When You Are the Trustee of the Trust

5 Benefits of Selling a House for Cash When You Are the Trustee of the Trust

How to get cash out of property for relocation or retirementAs a trustee, you are responsible for administering an estate or property on behalf of a beneficiary. You also have a duty of care to the beneficiary, implying you have to make the right decisions to safeguard their interests.  All over California in Los Angeles, The San Francisco Bay Area, and even San Diego.

In some cases, the beneficiary may be in financial distress, calling for quick and decisive action. The options available to you, as a trustee, include selling through an agent or For Sale By Owner (FBSO). These two options can’t offer a quick solution for the following reasons:

  • The agent is in control of the negotiations
  • The complex process of inspection
  • Dealing with multiple contractors to get the house ready
  • Finding the right agency and associated agency fee

That said, selling your house ‘as-is’ for cash, offers you flexibility and a quick way out of a pressing cash need.

Let’s explore the benefits of selling your property as-is for cash.


If you take the agent route, you’ll need preparations to get the house ready for viewing and photo sessions, leading to suitable offers. Some common preparations include conducting repairs on the floor, roofing, kitchen, outdoors, and de-personalizing.

As a trustee, the property at hand may be ruined or damaged, calling for considerable investment to get the house in good shape. According to Forbes advisor, it can cost you up to $6,000- $10,000 per room to repair a damaged floor. The aggregate cost of repairs may rise to over $100,000 when you factor in all aspects.

As such, it’s advisable to work with cash buyers who conduct a general inspection of the home to understand its value. Selling your house to cash investors also eliminates the risk of failing to recover your preparation cost from the available offers.


Typically a house that is in bad shape will sell slower than a well-maintained one. Therefore, it’s prudent to find a solution that can deliver a sale quicker.

The cash buying process involves a simple inspection and takes a few days. It’s, therefore, an ideal solution for financially distressed sellers — in need of cash to take care of medical emergencies, top-up for an alternative property, or cater for unforeseen cash needs.


sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)It’s the joy of any property owner in Los Angeles to sell a home quickly with minimal investment and hustle. However, it’s hardly the case when you consider dealing with agents, multiple buyers, and the associated marketing cost.

Below is a list of stressors you can avoid by selling an inherited home for cash in Los Angeles.

  • Open House Days: Selling a house through an agent or the owner requires open days to showcase its features. Hosting such events comes with preparation costs, security risks, and disruptions in your daily schedule.
  • Sellers Health Condition: Sellers sometimes go through emotionally and physically draining aspects like grief, illness, or job loss. Financial obligations continue to pile up despite such conditions, which is why you may need an alternative process— cash selling— where your input is barely required.
  • Unreliable Agent: You can sign up with an agent who doesn’t understand the market well, affecting a favorable deal. Consequently, you may be forced to delist their services at a fee and find a better alternative.

Selling your house to cash investors, therefore, eliminates such inconveniences, thereby giving you peace of mind.


Selling a house is a lengthy and laborious process. It also involves multiple parties whose interests must correspond to strike a deal. There are several delays associated with the actions of buyers, sellers, and service providers.

Here’s a list of the possible causes of delay you can encounter on the way:

  • Lending Process: Most home buyers utilize credit facilities like a mortgage to finance the sale. The process is complicated as it involves a list of documents and fulfilling bank conditions to get the funds. Besides the typical preparation, the lending process can increase the waiting period by 2-4 weeks.
  • Irrational Buyers: A buyer who had committed to buying a property can suddenly decline to acquire the home. The seller then has to seek legal redress or find a new buyer, requiring more time, preparation, and investment.
  • Contractors Delays: Pre-sale preparation requires a facelift, which is why you need contractors. Being a third party, you have minimal control over how quickly and efficiently they dispense their duties.

Cash buyers are liquid investors who don’t approach banks every time they seek to acquire property. The quick assessment process helps them make a quick decision on the worth of a house — eliminating instances of offer withdrawal.


Simplicity is one of the advantages of the cash process. You can just make a phone call or send an email to start the process. It means you don’t have to constantly check on the realtor for progress or host multiple open houses.

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorNegotiation in the traditional sales process requires time, skill, and experience to deal with persistent customers. On the contrary, a cash buyer uses an internal evaluation mechanism to extend an offer that you can accept, decline, or request an adjustment.

Here’s a breakdown of the Seller’s Advantage cash sale process:

  • Fill out the contact form or give us a call
  • Schedule a home inspection with us
  • Accept an offer and close within days

The traditional method of selling a home through an agent can take up to 8 weeks, coupled with expenses, preparations, and anxiety. To that end, it pays to embrace a three-step cash process that takes a maximum of three weeks.


As a trustee, making the right decision for your beneficiary includes selling the property for cash. It’s essential to find a quick and straightforward solution that can cater to your beneficiary’s emergency needs and make a responsible trustee.

That said, Seller’s Advantage is here to help you get the perfect cash offer for your home. We have a simple and straightforward process, including an A+ rating from the BBB, which guarantees that you’ll receive top-quality service from us. Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote to sell my house fast Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles Realtor Says House Needs Expensive Updates To Sell

sell my house los angeles caMy Realtor Wants Home Updates and I Don’t Have the Money

When most people plan to sell a house, they hire a realtor. A real estate agent or realtor office knows the local housing market. They know the buyer pattern and seasonal flow. They also know what it takes to sell my house fast in Los Angeles for the best possible value.  The LA regional housing market is competitive with high demand and rapid turnover. Your property might have a lot of potential – but that potential might also be “hidden” behind some serious repairs and updates.

Your realtor may be insisting that to sell, you must invest thousands of dollars today for a return in the home sale price. But not everyone has the money to just sink into major home improvements when selling a house. You may not be able to update the kitchen or even to replace the old roof before the sale. Sometimes your finances just aren’t in the right place for that. But you still need to sell the house. What do you do?

Do I Really Need Updates to Sell My Home?

When the housing market is tight, you can always find someone, family or business, to buy your home. The question is which market you’re selling in. The traditional market between homeowners and home buyers is family-to-family. You’re trying to appeal to people who are ready to move into a new home. However, there are other types of buyers who are willing to buy a house even if the roof is leaking or the kitchen has outdated tiles.

So your realtor might be right about family-buyers for your neighborhood. But you don’t actually need to perform home updates to sell an LA property; just the right buyer.

Realtors and the Move-In Ready Ideal

In the modern housing market, the ideal property is move-in-ready. This means it has freshly painted walls, new roof, new appliances, steam-cleaned carpets, and recently changed locks. In other words, it’s ready for a new family to arrive with the moving truck and begin enjoying the home. Realtors and agents prefer to show their buyer-clients polished and move-in-ready homes. This creates an industry standard of homes that are repaired, repainted, and prepped for buyers to tour and move in directly. Buyers build their expectations based on this standard.

Homes ‘below the maintenance line’ won’t compete as well with most buyers who are searching with their own real estate agents. This means realtors often insist that your home needs repairs and even cosmetic updates before it can go onto the current housing market.

Fortunately, the move-in-ready market isn’t your only option. If you’re not ready to invest in costly home updates, there are other types of buyers outside the traditional real estate agent game.

The Real ROI of Pre-Sale Home Updates

First, let’s talk about ROI or Return on Investment. Most home updates do not fully return their value into the home’s final price. Replacing the roof – even a damaged roof, only returns about 70% of the investment you put in. Spend $22K on a new shingle roof, get $15K back in the home’s value. Spend $25K on a kitchen update, get maybe $20K back in the home’s value.

It’s very rare for a home update to provide complete ROI and nearly impossible to make returns unless you’re pro-flipping shabby homes back into the move-in-ready market. Whatever your realtor says about competition and increasing home value, don’t expect to get all your money back and more from the home sale after updates. Your home may sell for more, but you’ll also have put more into it.

Investment Buyers Outside the Move-In-Ready Market

The good news is that you’re not stuck in the high standards of LA’s move-in-ready home market. You don’t have to put in new wood floors or replace the wallpaper if you don’t have the budget for such big projects. In fact, you don’t even have to replace the roof or update the HVAC. What you need instead is an investment buyer, not a family ready to move in.

Investment and cash home buyers manage a large portfolio of properties. Some manage rental properties, some specialize in ‘flipping’ properties back onto the move-in market. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we take residential properties in bad condition in need of repair and buy them for cash at their current value. Then we do all the hard work of fixing it up and finding a buyer, which is part of our business model. Sellers in a bind get all the benefit of a quick sale for the home’s value – without the hassle of ‘staging’ the house for LA buyers. We make it possible to quickly cash out of a home sale.

How to Sell Your House Fast Without Pre-Sale Updates

When it’s time to sell a house, you don’t always have the time or funds to get it picture-perfect for the realtor. If your realtor can’t sell the house as-is, you don’t have to wait. Reach out to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage and we’ll have a cash offer for you within the week. After one quick visit, we’ll assess the home’s current value and be ready to buy immediately.

Seller’s Advantage Quick Buying Process

  1. Schedule Your Inspection
    • Contact us online or call in to schedule a no obligation inspection of the property.
    • Pick a date and time of your choosing.
    • You do not have to be there in person. A representative or proxy can lead the inspector through the property.
  2. We Value the House
    • We’ll use the inspection data to assess the value of the house.
  3. We Extend a Cash Offer
    • Once we complete the inspection, we will provide a cash offer.
  4. You Accept the Offer
    • If you like the offer we’ve made, you accept the offer and begin the transaction.
    • You are eligible for $10,000 advance.
  5. We Streamline the Title Process
    • Our team makes it fast and easy to transfer your property’s ownership.
    • No hassle with the title office or private lawyers.

You could have the house off your hands and the money in your account sooner than your realtor can secure escrow – often months sooner. You don’t have to do a single pre-sale update or repair because we’ll buy the house as-is. Because you are selling to a property investment company, you can count on us to have all the resources and experience to make the process easy.

Benefits of Selling Your Property for Cash

  • No processing fees
  • No realtor commissions
  • No open houses
  • No need for home repairs
  • No need for renovations, updates, or staging
  • No bank applications
  • No surprises
  • No hassles

Making Home-Selling Easy with Sellers Advantage

Let us worry about what it takes to make the property profitable, it’s what we do best. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we make the process fast and easy for sellers so you can focus on everything else in your life instead. Contact us online to schedule a no-obligation appraisal inspection. Once we have inspected the property, we’ll extend a cash offer for your home and close the sale quickly. You don’t have to invest thousands to sell your property across California from LA to San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area, you can cash out for its value today and skip the entire housing market hassle.



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Selling Los Angeles Hoarder Houses From Inheritance

sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)Have you recently inherited a house in LA that has become a hoard? Clearing all that stuff, sorting for heirlooms, and selling the house may seem like an impossible ordeal right now, but you have options. Inheriting a hoarder house is more common than you might realize and there are services to ensure you don’t have to face this problem alone. There are several approaches to sorting, cleaning, and selling a hoarder house depending on how much time you can or want to spend on the project.

Losing a loved one means you are facing bereavement on top of the property concerns. Chances are that you don’t want to deal with inheriting a house with a hoard right now. Recovering a hoarder house requires an incredible amount of time and energy. Facing the chaos creates a type of stress that can be hard to shake. For those who have recently lost a loved one, the emotional and physical toll can be just too much. This is especially true if you are selling a hoarder house when you live far away.

Don’t live in LA? Don’t have the energy to clean a hoarder-packed home right now? That’s okay you can still sell my house fast Los Angeles.


sell hoarder homes in Los AnglesSelling a home that has been hoarded in can be difficult. Hoarders, by definition, stack up so much stuff that they can’t clean the floor or take care of maintenance. This means hoarder homes often have long-term undetected or never-repaired damage. Even once you get the rooms clear of the hoarder piles, there’s likely still thousands of dollars of repairs hidden underneath. Moldy carpets, cracked walls, and ground-in dirt are only the beginning. Hoarder homes also tend to be behind on roof, HVAC, and water heater replacement as these elements wear out over time.

This can make selling a hoarder house challenging, even once cleaned. Be prepared for a lot of repairs and touch-ups to get move-in-ready for the real estate market. Or you can sell it as-is to a buyer that doesn’t need it to be move-in-ready or to compete with other local homes on the market.


The other challenge for inherited homes in LA is how often the new owner doesn’t live in LA. If you live far away or even just a few hours, you might just have no time to deal with the house. In this case, you may need to hire professionals or sell the house as-is to handle the process for you.  Unfortunately, concierge real estate agents are less likely to take on a hoarder property.


  • Sort It Yourself
  • Hire Profesional Cleaners
  • Hire a Dumpster and Work Crew
  • Sell the Entire House As-Is


When facing a hoarder house, you have four practical options to get it clean. The first is to spend every weekend for the next few months wading through the piles and cleaning it yourself. Sorting out valuable items and disposing of rotted waste will both be part of your job. You will likely need help, as some jobs take two or more people to extract piles or furniture safely.

Be sure to go in with thorough safety gear. Wear gloves, cover your face to block fumes, and cover your hair to protect it. Wear long sleeves, jeans, and close-toed shoes. Hoarder piles can be dangerous or toxic.


Professional cleaners sometimes have to deal with hoarder homes. Selectively, some teams will know what to do. These cleaners will be inclined to throw out everything but furniture and the least damaged items. Their goal will ultimately be to get the walls and carpets clean with little professional training in dealing with hoarded personal items.

Remember, there’s only so much that cleaners can do. If the floor is rotted through, for example, there’s no getting it sparkling clean.


If you’ve watched the show Hoarders, a dumpster is often part of a full-scale cleanup project. If the inside of the house has become toxic, this may be your best option for getting it clean. If there is little to salvage and a lot to throw away, you may find yourself shoveling fused-together hoarder piles into a dumpster just to get the house clear.

selling a home AS-IS in California

selling a home AS-IS in California


Selling As-Is means you don’t have to get your inherited LA house move-in ready. You don’t need clean floors and freshly painted walls. In fact, for some as-is buyers, you don’t even need to clear all the stuff. As-is buyers are home flippers, renovators, and large property companies that know how to rehab a property – even a hoarder house.


A rehab buyer is a real estate company that specializes in damaged homes. All homes get shabby over time, and some see more wear than others. Eventually, homes become too damaged to quickly turn over to a new family. This is when they need rehab beyond what a normal homeowner (inherited or the original buyer) can handle. If you have a rehab property in poor condition, like an inherited hoarder house, and you’re not personally a home rehabber, it may be time to sell as-is to a pro rehab team.

Here at Seller’s Advantage we are proud rehab buyers, bringing shabby properties back into the fold as quality homes for local families. No matter what state the house is in to start with.


Selling to an as-is buyer, you can take your time to extract any special possessions from the hoard. We know that inherited homes are still the homes of beloved relatives. Their personal items are still precious. You may remember special furniture, your loved one’s favorite jewelry, and family heirloom furniture embedded in the hoard. Take your time. Extract and/or put into storage everything of meaning to you before selling the house.

Other than your special selections, however, we will buy the whole house. Hoard and all. Let us worry about how to clear out and what to donate or trash.


Don’t live in LA? No problem. You don’t have to be present to receive a bid and close the sale. After one walk-through inspection, the Seller’s Advantage team can make you an offer and will buy the house in any condition even if you are not physically present. This could take one weekend of your time or no time at all if you can’t make it out.


If you’re worried about the time it takes to sell, we understand. A vacant home can grow in cost and accumulate maintenance problems. The longer it takes to sell, the more trouble it becomes. That is why Sellers Advantage can offer and close within seven days.  No more worrying or waiting for buyers, you can close the deal and the entire inherited house business.

To get a quote from Seller’s Advantage for your inherited LA house, fill out the contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3973. Schedule a no-contact appraisal and inspection and we’ll make a fair offer for the property within days. If our service is what you need for an inherited and/or hoarder house to sell, contact us soon! We look forward to working with you and to rehabbing each local property.

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How to Sell a Los Angeles House that is In a Trust

cash home buyers in Los AngelesA trust is a financial structure that can on assets separate from individual ownership. Assets are placed inside the trust and at least one Trustee is named to manage the trust assets aptly. The Trustee has a duty to serve in the trust’s interests and fulfill any conditions defined when the trust was formed. The trust beneficiaries are those paid or benefited by the trust assets. One common example is an inheritance trust in which wealthy parents leave a trusted friend or financial advisor as the Trustee of a trust designed to pay their children an income or dispense specific inherited assets without the hassle of probate.

It is very common to place homes and properties inside the trust for a number of reasons. Properties in a trust can be handled in a more business-like manner and they also avoid the management delay of probate should the homeowner pass away. Of course, under California law, selling a home inside a trust can be a challenging situation. It helps to understand how the trustee/beneficiary control of trust property works along with how to sell a trust home for the benefit of the overall trust assets or for the beneficiaries themselves.



When a house is inside a trust, the most likely person to sell is the trustee. Trustees are often charged with maintaining the trust assets and growing the value of the trust. The trustee has the discretion to sell a house fast inside the trust as long as it is not a specific gift to a beneficiary or disadvantageous to the trust itself.



If you are the trustee of a trust that includes residential property, you can usually choose to sell it to benefit the trust. This can include a specific house or a collection of residential investment properties. Be sure to check the terms of your trust, intended specific gifts, and weigh the choice to sell on the benefit to the trust assets as a whole.



Trustees have freedom to act with trust assets, but only within their obligation to the trust and the trust beneficiaries as they are intended to be benefitted.



Trust beneficiaries rarely have full control over trust assets, as many trusts are designed to separate the controlling trustee and beneficiary roles. This is both to protect trust assets with a neutral managing party and to ensure that beneficiaries are not saddled with the burden of trust management -especially if beneficiaries are minors when the trust is formed.

However, if you are a beneficiary and receive a home as a specific gift, then you can choose to sell the property out of the trust assets.



A house in the trust assets usually serves as value that is then provided in a structured way to the beneficiary. But you can also receive the house as a specific gift from the trust or trust originating documents.  When a home is given as a specific gift, the trustee must transfer the title and the beneficiary becomes the legal owner. Even if the house is still officially inside the trust, beneficiaries can then make arrangements to sell the property as they see fit.



So when can and should you sell a Los Angeles house that is inside a trust? It’s all about the circumstances that are best for you, as a beneficiary, or for the trust if you are a trustee.



Trustees can sell trust property like homes to benefit the overall assets of the trust. For example, if the home’s value has increased and selling it would increase the overall value of the trust assets, this can be considered a trust-beneficial home sale.



Like a person, a trust can accumulate debts as a separate asset-holder. If this happens, selling a trust-owned house can be seen to benefit the trust and pay the trust debts. Likewise, even a home that has been given as a specific gift may be sold if it is the only available asset to pay estate or trust debts.



Not all homes are profitable to own. Regional economic downturns or high maintenance costs can make a house unprofitable for both the trust and any specific beneficiary.



Sometimes, selling a house out of its trust is a practical logistical decision. Both beneficiaries and trustees may choose to sell a trust house under the right circumstances if distance stops them from maintaining the home for profitable benefit.



Now that we’ve covered the complex who, why, and when of selling a house inside a California trust, let’s talk about your options. If you are a trustee in an approved home selling situation or a beneficiary specifically gifted a house inside the trust, you can choose to sell using the usual available avenues. Of course, it will help to have a knowledgeable team to assist the property ownership transition from the trust to the new buyers.



You can choose to sell your trust home in the mainstream real estate market. For homes that are in great condition and already move-in-ready, this can be a good choice. You will, of course, need to also jump through the usual hoops to prepare the home for market, work with real estate agents, attract buyers, negotiate, and then navigate closing.


Los Angeles Cash Home BuyersHOME REHAB BUSINESS

The real estate industry only works for homes that are ready for it. If the property is shabby, needs serious repairs, or if you need to sell quickly without delays, then the typical agent-buyer process may not be right for you. The alternative is to sell to a professional home rehab team like Sellers Advantage. After one no-obligation appraisal, we’ll make a cash offer that you can close in just a few days from accepting our bid. Because we are professional rehabbers, we specialize in taking all the concerns of home-selling off your hands.


If you have inherited a trust home and are far away or don’t have the time to sell, we’ll take care of the hassle. If you need to sell a trust-owned home quickly for the sake of the trust, we’ll get you the cash value and take a costly property off the trust asset list.



Last but not least, be sure to work with professionals who have experience with trust properties. Because a trust is owned through a financial structure, it requires a few extra steps to transfer trust-owned property cleanly. Professionals with these skills include estate lawyers, financial managers, real estate businesses and some real estate agents.



Do you need to sell a Los Angeles house fast that is inside a trust? We can help. The Seller’s Advantage team has worked with all types of home buyers, many of them trustees and trust beneficiaries. Whatever your situation, we can make a cash offer and help you quickly close the necessary paperwork. Contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3973 to schedule a no-obligation appraisal for your property.

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How Do I Sell My (LA) Los Angeles Rental Property Quickly

sell my bad rental propertyOwning a Los Angeles investment property should be a rewarding experience and a profitable asset – but what if it’s not? There are many reasons why you might want to drop an investment home as soon as your last set of tenants is gone.

When that happens, you don’t have to jump through the hoops of the traditional housing market. You don’t have to repair, upgrade, renovate, repaint and stage the house. You don’t necessarily need to advertise for buyers, wait for bids, negotiate, and close. You don’t even need to worry about closing costs and paying real estate agent commissions. When you want to get a rental home off your hands fast, you have options.


LA rental homes are managed through leases, which are legally binding for both tenants and landlords. The lease guarantees a home to the tenants for the duration – usually a year – and the home can’t be decommissioned as a rental property during that time. So the best time to sell an investment home is at the end of a tenant’s lease. You can let your tenants know that lease renewal is not available or you can take advantage of a tenant’s plans to move out to time your escape from investment home ownership.

The good news is that you can start making plans as the end of the last lease approaches. Often, you can arrange for potential buyers to begin investigating the house the day after your tenants complete their move-out.  With the right buyer, the house could be off your hands in days, not months, after your tenants depart.  All you need are the right buyers with the resources to buy quickly.


Home ‘Flipping’ is the business practice of buying shabby houses and reselling them once improvements are made. This brings homes in poor condition or even trashed homes back into the fold of move-in-ready homes on the traditional real estate market. Individuals can flip one house at a time, while companies like Seller’s Advantage can buy and rehab homes on a much larger scale.

If you need to sell a Los Angeles home fast that is not in pristine condition, or to sell a home in days rather than months, then selling to a home flipping business is often your best choice. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we take the effort of polishing a home for move-in-ready sale off your hands. Selling a home on the real estate market requires repairs and buyer negotiations. If you need to sell for the home’s current value fast, then you can leave the rest in the hands of professional property-flippers like us and walk away with the cash.

Call Seller’s Advantage to schedule a no-obligation inspection and appraisal. We’ll give you a quote and you can have cash-in-hand in just a few days if you accept the offer.


Sometimes, it’s a personal choice. Often, it’s a practical business decision. For those highly motivated to drop a property, there may have been a recent bad experience that has soured your enthusiasm on renting to tenants or renting that particular property.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a homeowner might want to quickly sell an investment property:


Many people retire with a few rental home properties as maintenance income. When those no mortgage homes are inherited by relatives, the heirs may not be as interested in landlord responsibilities and expenses. The investment home might be too far away or you might not be prepared to take on the landlord role. You may even have tried and disliked the business before. If you have inherited a rental home, you can have buyers ready before probate has fully released the property.


Investment properties should be managed in areas that generate a profit – balanced by the home maintenance costs. This involves many factors including local rent averages, by-neighborhood rent, and the local economy surrounding each rental home. If you have a property that is no longer profitable to maintain and continue renting, then a quick sale may be the perfect solution.


Being a Landlord can be quite involved, and good landlords often treat investment ownership like a full-time job. So when you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your post-career lifestyle, you may also be ready to step down from the landlord role and pass the baton to someone else who will provide affordable housing to local families. If you don’t want to worry about the hassle of home prep for real estate market sale, then you can find a business buyer like Seller’s Advantage for a quick and easy offloading experience.


It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence that rental homes are badly damaged  and occasionally wrecked by the last set of tenants. When the deposit doesn’t even start to cover the damage, it may be more cost-effective to simply drop the property for whatever it will sell for. The real estate market was not built to sell trashed homes, but there are teams like ours that have the resources and know-how to rehab a house even after it’s been wrecked by disrespectful tenants.


Investment home profitability may have been impacted very recently by the COVID impact on tenant finances. If your rental property is suddenly costing you money because renters can’t pay, you may need to make some emergency financial decisions. One of those options is to quickly sell the house as soon as your tenants are moved out to recoup the value and stop further maintenance-cost losses.


Rental homes also accrue cost over time. Ever few years, you’ll need to install or upgrade something major like replacing the water heater or reinstalling the roof. If the rental revenue has not been enough to cover these expenses, it may be time to drop the property. Of course, the real estate market is a poor place to sell a house with maintenance needs, but there are speedy buyers like Seller’s Advantage who can take on a shabby house without concern.


Last but certainly not least, the pandemic may have changed your personal plans. Many people are pulling back their investment ventures, focusing on business closer to home, or changing their career plans entirely in response to pandemic conditions. This is something we completely understand and are here to help with.


Rental homes are not always as profitable as we planned. If the home is damaged, needs serious maintenance, or if the economy just can’t provide the rental revenue you need for upkeep then it’s time to drop the property. You might be getting rid of one property or dropping out of the landlord business entirely. No matter your personal plans, what you need is a quick cash solution instead of the usual real estate hoops to jump through.  Sell your California house as is in any condition to Seller’s Advantage.

If this sounds like your situation, Seller’s Advantage is here to help. Contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3973.  Schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal, then accept our cash offer to close within days.

No matter your reasons, we’ll help you move a rental house off your hands so you can move on with your personal life, business, and financial plans without the burden of an unwanted property.

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Are You Fed Up with Los Angeles (LA) California and Just Want to Move Away?

Are You Fed Up with California or LA and Just Want to Move Away? How to Sell Your House Fast

For those living elsewhere, LA seems like a glittering dream. Moving to California is often considered the first step to following a career in music, movies, and productions of all types. Of course, for those who grew up in California or for those that have already found the reality of LA rarely share the same enthusiasm. California is fast-paced and demanding place to live. The traffic laws, labor laws, and taxes are all considered strict compared to the rest of the nation. And with COVID shutting down swaths of productions, many people are suddenly realizing that California is not the hottest place to be right now. In fact, you might want to cut and run altogether.


sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)


This is a sentiment we’ve seen more than a few times, and naturally we understand. LA is only the right place to be when conditions are perfect, and your career is moving forward. With shows and other industries on indefinite hiatus and constantly changing lockdown status, it may be time to get out of the city. Maybe even all the way out of the state.

Whether you’re moving for a better job or just because you’re fed up with being in California, your exit strategy doesn’t have to slow you down. Even if you own a home in California, you can still make plans to get out quickly with the right business partnerships to take care of the details. You can sell your home fast in Los Angeles and anywhere in California.


When you’re ready to leave a place, sometimes you’re ready to go -Right Now- and waiting just won’t do. Maybe you absolutely must move for a new job. Maybe you can’t take another 6-months with a noisy neighbor or intolerable commute. You could throw your stuff into the car and drive somewhere new, but home ownership can hold you back.

The process of selling a home is involved and can take months – sometimes more than a year. You don’t want to wait that long, but you also want a decent price for the house to help you start again somewhere new. You’ll need to sell the house quickly to achieve your escape on time. While you could try to rush a real estate agent, there’s a better way. Direct selling is a friendly option for any homeowner in a hurry to drop a residential property for cash.


Direct selling a home is different from listing it on the housing market. On the housing market, you need to repair and perform maintenance. You’ll need fresh paint and deep-cleaned carpets. Then you need online listings to entice buyers, then wait for buyer bids, arrange escrow, then conduct negotiations. Then close the contract, exchange funds, and finally hand over the keys.

With a direct sale to a team like Seller’s Advantage, the house is appraised, an offer is made, and you could be trading the title for cash within a week of first contacting your direct home buyer. Direct buyers are usually larger companies that specialize in quickly buying homes – often not yet ‘move-in’ ready. This saves you worlds of trouble and hassle compared to listing on the housing market. No need to clean extra deep or repaint, we’ll do whatever needs doing after the purchase. No need to stage to inspire buyer imaginations, we know how to see the value and potential in every home after a quick tour.  No need to conduct negotiations, you can accept the cash offer or decide to try another option.

When it comes to cutting the delay and hurdles out of the home selling process, selling to a cash buyer is the way to go.


What about if your California house needs some real maintenance before it’s market ready? What if the basement has water damage or the house needs re-roofing? No problem. As a direct buyer for California homes, we at Seller’s Advantage are no strangers to maintenance issues.

In fact, we take pride in turning ‘as-is’ houses into polished homes that a family would be proud to live in. So, if your California house needs work, don’t worry about investing your time or your own funds into repairs. We’ll buy the home as-is with consideration for any existing damage or serious maintenance concerns.


You can also quickly sell a house that you inherited. Home inheritance is not always as nice as it sounds. If you have no interest in living in California or becoming a homeowner in Los Angeles, than the home likely isn’t your dream property. Turn that inherited house into an asset by allowing the pros to take over. Collect the keepsakes and belongings and we’ll do the rest after paying you cash for the property.



Direct home selling in California is also a good solution when you’re out-of-state. Whether you’ve already made your escape from LA and are living comfortably in a new place or you’re selling a property you’ve never lived in – you don’t have to be present to directly sell a house. As a house-buying company, Seller’s Advantage doesn’t need real estate agent guidance or seller hand-holding to appraise your property. You don’t have to fly out and give us a live tour. You don’t have to personally hand over the keys. We’re here to clean up unwanted properties and to help homeowners who can’t make it personally to conduct the sale.


You can also set your own schedule when it comes to selling the house. If you need the cash by a specific date, we can conduct the home sale fast. If you need to hold onto the house until your new residence is ready, we can wait until the best time for you to make the sale. Because we’re not personal buyers, we are glad to cater to you – the seller client. If you have scheduling needs regarding exactly when you sell your California property, we can meet you whenever is most convenient.



Finally, selling your California house to a direct buyer means that you can also quickly acquire a down payment for your next home. If you’re buying a house in another state or down the road, we know that the down payment often comes from the proceeds of the previous home sale. Let us get that sale out-of-the-way without all of the hassles and time delays that come with selling with a real estate agent. You can know the exact date when you will receive your cash proceeds and the date you can take ownership of your new house far away from the stressful LA traffic.


If your fed up with LA or California and want to just move away, consider asking Seller’s advantage for a cash offer to buy your house right now. Fill out the Contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3973 to schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal with Seller’s Advantage. If you choose to accept our cash offer, we can close and purchase your home in just a few days.



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How to Quickly Sell an Inherited Los Angeles House with No Mortgage

How to Quickly Sell an Inherited Los Angeles House with No Mortgage 

sell your home fast for cashThe real estate industry is complex and extremely social. The process of buying or selling a house involves dozens of meetings for inspectors, repairs, painting, staging, not to mention meeting a slow parade of buyers. For most sellers, this is a rewarding experience that mirrors the careful decision-making of the buyer. But not every home sale can occur at a leisurely pace.

Many sellers don’t have the time or availability to prepare their house for sale. In some situations, you may not have planned to own the house in the first place. This most often occurs when a home is inherited by someone too busy or distant to handle the home sale by themselves. The goal becomes to sell the house for profit before the property can take deteriates from renters or vacancy. If this sounds like your situation, we’re here to tell you that there are solutions. Inheriting a Los Angeles house doesn’t have to mean tackling the Los Angeles real estate scene.

Let’s explore a few of your options to quickly profit from selling a mortgage-free inherited Los Angeles home.



The first and biggest concern for most house inheritors is vacancy. Homes are not meant to be left empty, especially a recently lived-in home. There are many reasons to avoid leaving a home unlived in for too long.

  • Removing pets, food, and house plants
  • Maintaining temperature and humidity
  • Cost of property tax and utilities
  • Risk of squatters or vandals
  • Water and gas leaks

A vacant home is a ticking time bomb of slowly increasing cost and risk. The longer a home is not lived in, the more likely maintenance problems will arise or vandals will be attracted to the unmonitored property. The longer you own the home, the more utilities and property tax will need to be paid.



sell house as is for cashThe first step when you inherit a home is to address the personal belongings inside. Handling the estate may have bequeathed specific items and furniture, but many of your loved one’s items of daily life have yet to be addressed. You may not have the time or even live close enough to the house to sort it all efficiently, but your loved ones personal items still deserve sorting and respect for when you have the time.

Personal storage is the smart answer and the best way to get started when selling an inherited house without a mortgage. A moving service can help you to respectfully pack up everything and even clean out perishables in the kitchen when you can’t make it into town.



Now how do you sell the house quickly, before the time the house is vacant becomes too long or costly? One option is to hire a brokerage to find you an individual buyer. It takes a serious investment to prepare any lived-in home for sale. The term Move-in-Ready will be thrown around, which means repairs, maintenance, fresh paint, and staging each come with their own cost and time consumption. If you have copious funds to invest in selling the house hands-off, there are services that can take care of the process. They will likely still ask you to approve the various expenses, viewings, open houses, buyer bids, negotiations, contingencies, and finally the settled price. When that’s over, the agent, broker, and closing fees will come out of the house profits.

This is an industry option, but if your interest is speed or cost-efficiency, it’s not necessarily the best option. Just the best way to automate a typical home sale. Fortunately, you don’t have to conform to a typical house sale to get the home’s value quickly and ensure the house isn’t vacant too long.



Your other option is to sell the house as-is. Preparing a house to become move-in ready takes repairs and touch-ups. Sometimes new floor or paneling is needed before the house is ready. Selling the house as-is means you can skip all of that. The best part is that selling your house marked “as-is” is a flag for buyers who don’t care about a move-in-ready property. It’s an honest and practical way to sell a home that doesn’t require you to pour cash into preparing it to be pretty.

In fact, there are several types of buyers that are eager to find as-is homes on the market even when its slow. Home flippers and eager young couples who want to fix up their first starter home are among the more well-known buyers of as-is homes, but there are also large-scale investment buyers who can always be counted on to pick up an as-is home when sellers need a reliable and expedient sale.



Normally, sellers are paid through a complex system of escrow accounts and the bank paying out the buyer’s loan. Then there’s paying your real estate agent, the buyer’s agent, your brokerage, your lawyers, the title office, and all the other  closing costs. There’s a simpler option here, as well. When selling as-is, you’re more likely to find a buyer who can buy directly with cash. This means money in your hands with much less banking hassle. If selling without real estate agents, you don’t even have to worry about a large portion of the closing cost hassle.



Los Angeles Cash Home BuyersLast but certainly not least is the expedience of an investment buyer. Individual buyers take real estate agents to handle the transaction, but investment buyers often have the entire process ready to make it easy for you. We know how this works because here at Seller’s Advantage, we streamline the buying process. You don’t need an agent to get a free assessment and bid for a cash-sale of your inherited house. You also don’t need to worry about repairs or a staging the house – we know how to see a home’s potential beyond shabby carpet and old appliances.

Selling as-is to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage is the best way to prevent vacancy damage to the home, avoid accruing homeowner costs, and obtaining a fair cash payment for the property.

Inheriting a home free and clear doesn’t have to result in a debacle to clean, prepare, and sell the house. Let us take care of the process turning your relative’s home back into a warm abode for modern families. We’ll pay you cash so you can stop worrying about the property and mourn your loved one without lingering concernsContact us today to talk about selling your Los Angeles house without a mortgage.

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