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How to Quickly Sell an Inherited Los Angeles House with No Mortgage

How to Quickly Sell an Inherited Los Angeles House with No Mortgage 

sell your home fast for cash The real estate industry is complex and extremely social. The process of buying or selling a house involves dozens of meetings for inspectors, repairs, painting, staging, not to mention meeting a slow parade of buyers. For most sellers, this is a rewarding experience that mirrors the careful decision-making of the buyer. But not every home sale can occur at a leisurely pace.

Many sellers don’t have the time or availability to prepare their house for sale. In some situations, you may not have planned to own the house in the first place. This most often occurs when a home is inherited by someone too busy or distant to handle the home sale by themselves. The goal becomes to sell the house for profit before the property can take deteriates from renters or vacancy. If this sounds like your situation, we’re here to tell you that there are solutions. Inheriting a Los Angeles house doesn’t have to mean tackling the Los Angeles real estate scene.

Let’s explore a few of your options to quickly profit from selling a mortgage-free inherited Los Angeles home.



The first and biggest concern for most house inheritors is vacancy. Homes are not meant to be left empty, especially a recently lived-in home. There are many reasons to avoid leaving a home unlived in for too long.

  • Removing pets, food, and house plants
  • Maintaining temperature and humidity
  • Cost of property tax and utilities
  • Risk of squatters or vandals
  • Water and gas leaks

A vacant home is a ticking time bomb of slowly increasing cost and risk. The longer a home is not lived in, the more likely maintenance problems will arise or vandals will be attracted to the unmonitored property. The longer you own the home, the more utilities and property tax will need to be paid.



sell house as is for cash The first step when you inherit a home is to address the personal belongings inside. Handling the estate may have bequeathed specific items and furniture, but many of your loved one’s items of daily life have yet to be addressed. You may not have the time or even live close enough to the house to sort it all efficiently, but your loved ones personal items still deserve sorting and respect for when you have the time.

Personal storage is the smart answer and the best way to get started when selling an inherited house without a mortgage. A moving service can help you to respectfully pack up everything and even clean out perishables in the kitchen when you can’t make it into town.



Now how do you sell the house quickly, before the time the house is vacant becomes too long or costly? One option is to hire a brokerage to find you an individual buyer. It takes a serious investment to prepare any lived-in home for sale. The term Move-in-Ready will be thrown around, which means repairs, maintenance, fresh paint, and staging each come with their own cost and time consumption. If you have copious funds to invest in selling the house hands-off, there are services that can take care of the process. They will likely still ask you to approve the various expenses, viewings, open houses, buyer bids, negotiations, contingencies, and finally the settled price. When that’s over, the agent, broker, and closing fees will come out of the house profits.

This is an industry option, but if your interest is speed or cost-efficiency, it’s not necessarily the best option. Just the best way to automate a typical home sale. Fortunately, you don’t have to conform to a typical house sale to get the home’s value quickly and ensure the house isn’t vacant too long.



Your other option is to sell the house as-is. Preparing a house to become move-in ready takes repairs and touch-ups. Sometimes new floor or paneling is needed before the house is ready. Selling the house as-is means you can skip all of that. The best part is that selling your house marked “as-is” is a flag for buyers who don’t care about a move-in-ready property. It’s an honest and practical way to sell a home that doesn’t require you to pour cash into preparing it to be pretty.

In fact, there are several types of buyers that are eager to find as-is homes on the market even when its slow. Home flippers and eager young couples who want to fix up their first starter home are among the more well-known buyers of as-is homes, but there are also large-scale investment buyers who can always be counted on to pick up an as-is home when sellers need a reliable and expedient sale.



Normally, sellers are paid through a complex system of escrow accounts and the bank paying out the buyer’s loan. Then there’s paying your real estate agent, the buyer’s agent, your brokerage, your lawyers, the title office, and all the other  closing costs. There’s a simpler option here, as well. When selling as-is, you’re more likely to find a buyer who can buy directly with cash. This means money in your hands with much less banking hassle. If selling without real estate agents, you don’t even have to worry about a large portion of the closing cost hassle.



Los Angeles Cash Home Buyers Last but certainly not least is the expedience of an investment buyer. Individual buyers take real estate agents to handle the transaction, but investment buyers often have the entire process ready to make it easy for you. We know how this works because here at Seller’s Advantage, we streamline the buying process. You don’t need an agent to get a free assessment and bid for a cash-sale of your inherited house. You also don’t need to worry about repairs or a staging the house – we know how to see a home’s potential beyond shabby carpet and old appliances.

Selling as-is to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage is the best way to prevent vacancy damage to the home, avoid accruing homeowner costs, and obtaining a fair cash payment for the property.

Inheriting a home free and clear doesn’t have to result in a debacle to clean, prepare, and sell the house. Let us take care of the process turning your relative’s home back into a warm abode for modern families. We’ll pay you cash so you can stop worrying about the property and mourn your loved one without lingering concernsContact us today to talk about selling your Los Angeles house without a mortgage.

Sell Your Los Angeles Home to Cash Home Buyers

Cash Home Buyers in Los Angeles California will Buy your house fast

cash home buyers in Los Angeles From personal relationships, retirement, work-related issues to physical surroundings, there are limitless reasons for selling your home, and doing it fast. You are probably getting a divorce, or you want to move to your dream house. Maybe you are experiencing deferred maintenance issues, or you got a permanent job in a different state, and you have to move as soon as now.

What does not seem like a fit home for you is someone else’s dream home. Nonetheless, the real estate market is currently unreliable, especially amid the pandemic. Many desperate people have had their homes listed for sale for months without getting any bidding.

How do I sell my house fast in Los Angeles slow market? The secret is to sell your home for cash to an investor. Contrary to the common belief that involving real estate agents when selling or buying a home is the safest and fastest method, it is never a reliable choice when you want to sell your house fast in Los Angeles during slow market time.

Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

Selling your house fast for cash comes with lots of benefits. It has become many people’s go-to option and if you are skeptical about the idea, check out our blog for the many benefits to expect, which include.

Get Your House Sold Fast

Whatever the reason for selling your home, doing it through cash buyers guarantees you a fast sale. The buyers are committed to helping sellers that need urgent cash, and the best part is that you do not need to clean, repair or renovate the house to attract buyers as you would if you had to list on realtor listing pages. The cash buyers buy the home as it is, pay in cash as soon as you agree, and immediately close the deal. There is nothing like waiting or closing period. A week is enough to complete the entire process and hand over the house to the new owners.

No Repairs Needed

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or Realtor Investors who buy houses for cash understand that you are probably working under money and time constraints. They aim to make things easier for you and will not burden you with repair and maintenance. Cleaning and renovation are among the most time-consuming tasks when listing your house with realtors. You must keep the house in its best state to attract fast buyers amid other listed homes, but this is not the case with cash buyers. They buy the house as it is and handle the repairs themselves. Upon contacting them, they will get back to you within 24 hours. You can then agree on the most convenient time for them to come and view your home. You will discuss the value, and once you agree on the offer, they hand over the cash, and you hand over the key. No hassles, no money spent to convince them that your house is the best choice.

You Do Not Have to Be Present to Close the Deal

All it takes to sell your home to an investor is a phone call. You do not necessarily need to be present to close the deal. If you are out of state, the cash buyers can take care of everything, and you will receive your money as agreed. You can chat over the phone to give them the necessary information about your house and why you think it deserves a certain amount. The buyers will then head to the house, check the neighborhood background, assess the property value, and get back to you.  All these take place within 24 hours. If you are impressed with the offer, they can move forward with the documents’ preparation, and the sale can be closed within seven days.

No Agent Fee

Again, the buyers understand that you might be selling your home because of urgent cash needs. They will not stress you more with agent fees or ask you to commit to a six months contract. There are no unexpected expenses or commissions to start the sale process as the goal is to help you through difficult times.

Little to No Risk

The investors pay for the as-is property in cash, which minimizes the uncertainties that come with the mortgage application. Most people have suffered in the hands of lenders after promises or approved for a loan only for the lender to change their minds later due to the borrower’s creditworthiness. Before signing the property sale agreement, the investor should show proof of funds, whether in cash or check. This assures you that you will have your money as soon as you hand over the home to the new owners.

No More Hoping and Waiting, Sell it Now

Perhaps you are amid a bank foreclosure. You have tried listing your home for sale, but months later, there are still no bids. You are on the verge of losing your home without a penny to take with you. Note that when the bank forecloses on your property, you stand to lose lots of money that you had invested in it. Cash buyers come in to save you from such situations, and you can stop hoping and waiting for someone to gain interest in your house. You can close the deal fast before the bank closes your home and pay whatever you own the lenders while keeping the rest of the cash.

Take Away

Selling a home can take a lot of time and money that you may not have. Your primary goal may be to receive fast cash to relocate to your new home or avoid foreclosure. Selling your home to cash buyers or investors is the easiest way to go. However, as much as you badly need to sell your house, you should not let the pressure push you to make a hasty decision. Take your time to find trustworthy and reliable buyers for a fast and seamless sale process.

If your Los Angeles housing market is slow and no one is bidding on your home, consider asking Seller’s Advantage for a cash offer to buy your house right now. Fill out the contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3976, schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal with us, accept our cash offer, and close within days.

How to Sell a Los Angeles House Fast in a Slow Market

sell my house los angeles ca Los Angeles County’s real estate market can be volatile. What was once a thriving market a few months ago can turn lethargic overnight. Los Angeles’ current housing market is in unforeseen territory right now. That’s thanks to the response to a global pandemic, depleted job market, and an upcoming election season. California’s unemployment rate is at a staggering 15%. The stay-at-home orders in July essentially froze the housing market and concerns over COVID-19 are still looming large. Some would-be home buyers are taking the “wait and see” approach, choosing to wait until next year (or even longer) to make a move on buying a new home. No one is sure is the housing market is going to boom or experience a big crash.

That’s leaving a lot of sellers in crisis. Many sellers need to sell their Los Angeles homes as quickly as possible, but if there are no buyers, that means their property could be sitting on the market for months (or longer!). Meanwhile, the property continues to drain their bank account and put a strain on their finances. They are desperate to find a way to sell their home fast, but what can they do?

Seller’s Advantage has some suggestions for speeding up the sales process. We also have the secret for selling your Los Angeles property today.


Just because buyers are choosing to wait to buy doesn’t always mean you can choose to wait to sell. People who need to sell their home now have a valid reason to do so. That might include:

  • Going through a divorce and need to split the assets in the home (probate)
  • Moving for a job offer and need to free up the cash in your home
  • Inheriting a house that you can’t afford to fix up or keep

Whatever the reasons, if you need your Los Angeles property to sell quickly, it can be stressful waiting for a slow market to bring a buyer to your door. If you want to bring in more potential buyers, you’ll have to make sacrifices to get an offer.


If you are really motivated to sell, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting an offer. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even once you have an offer, it takes about 30 to 40 days to close. That’s if everything goes smoothly, too. A lot of initial offers will fall through when it comes to financing. However, if you do these things, it may help you find a buyer faster.


Lower prices will bring in more offers. If you price it too low, though, you may end up scaring potential buyers who are wary that the price is too good to be true. They might not want to put in an offer on a house they assume is falling apart, even if it’s actually in great condition.


People love buying homes that they can personalize but that doesn’t need any major repairs. You can invest your money and time into getting all those jobs done, including a few that aren’t really needed. Things like a new roof, new water heater, and new appliances can be a big draw to potential buyers. Unfortunately, they will be a big drain on your bank account first.


Buyers are more likely to show interest when they feel like they are getting lots of value for their money. That might be a carpeting allowance or including the patio furniture in the deal. If they ask for it, give it to them if you can. Do what you can to make it a good deal for them, but be aware it could mean more money out of your pocket.

The problem with all of these suggestions is you could end up investing a lot of your own money before you can complete the sale of a property. How much you lose will depend on how much you are willing to spend and how long you want to wait.

These aren’t your only option for selling a house fast in Los Angeles, though. A lot of sellers are finding that the quickest way of selling their home is also the most convenient. That’s working with Seller’s Advantage.



If you aren’t getting an offer on your home, consider getting a quote from a cash buyer. This is the fastest, easiest way to sell your home, even in an uncertain market. Here is why it works:


Cash buyers will buy your property as-is and do the repair work themselves. That can save you thousands of dollars in material and labor costs as well as shave months of time off of your sale.


Cash buyers are investors with money in the bank ready to buy your property. So after an initial assessment on the property, they can make you an offer online right away. There is no need to wait for a qualified buyer to show up.


If you own a property in Los Angeles that you need to get rid of fast, a qualified cash buyer can close on the property without you needing to travel. That cuts down on your personal expenses and can save you money.


Seller’s Advantage can make a cash offer on your home right now. There is no need to sit around and hope for an offer on your home or rental property any longer. Instead, you can sell your home fast and get the money you need from it sooner. The process of selling your home fast in Los Angeles has never been easier. Here is how you can do it in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the online form or call Seller’s Advantage at 949-506-3973
  2. Schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal with our team
  3. Accept the cash offer and close within a matter of days


Don’t wait for months to get an offer and more time hoping for it to go through. Working with Seller’s Advantage means you skip the financing process and move right to the sale. It also means you are working with a trustworthy and reputable company. We have experience in buying properties from Los Angeles homeowners and doing it fast.


Ready to sell your Los Angeles property today? Get your free, no-obligation cash offer from the Seller’s Advantage team today.

The Big Benefits of Selling Your House Today to Cash Investors

According to Zillow, it takes between 65 and 93 days to sell a home in the United States. Some homes can take much, much longer, especially if they aren’t in desirable neighborhoods or in perfect condition. Factors like lack of curb appeal, damage from tenants, or needing upgrades and repairs can all slow down a sale. You can take time to address those concerns, investing your time and money into the property in the hopes that your hard work will pay off. But sometimes you don’t have the time, money, or skills required to fix up a home for the market. Sometimes you just need to sell a property in California, like Los Angeles fast. Waiting months for the property to sell just isn’t an option.

Maybe you need access to the cash, need to get out from under an investment property, or just don’t want to wait for the “right” buyer to make you an offer. If that’s the case, selling your house today to investors can speed up the process and help you get rid of an unwanted property in as little as two weeks.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Property to a Cash Buyer

When you decide to sell your home, investment property, or a house you’ve inherited, you’ll need to choose how you want to sell it. There are three primary options:

  1. Listing the home through a real estate agent
  2. Selling it yourself as a “For Sale By Owner”
  3. Selling to a cash buyer

How do you know which one is the right option for you? You’ll need to know the pros and cons before you decide. That way you can determine which method is best for your budget, your timeline, and your property.

Pros and Cons of Using a Real Estate Agent

This is the most popular way to sell a home, but it’s also the most expensive. Real estate agents get around 6% commission on your sale. They may split it between two agents (the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent), but either way, it’s a big chunk of your profits. The average home price in California is around $575,000, making the average commission an eye-watering $34,500. You can try to negotiate the commission rate or try to get the buyer to pay the fees, but in most cases, that money is coming out of your profits.

So what are the advantages of using a real estate agent? You’ll have access to their mailing list. Real estate agents are good at marketing houses, and they’ll have a list of potential buyers to whom they can market your house. But if your house isn’t the kind those buyers want to purchase, then even the best marketing efforts won’t sell your property any faster. Real estate agents may be less motivated to sell a home that’s on the lower end of the market, too, since they’ll make less money on it. That means less effort to get the right buyers to your property for a viewing. They love pristine homes that are going to turn a quick profit.

Pros and Cons of “For Sale by Owner”

If you decide to try to sell your home yourself, the biggest advantage is the financial one. You’ll be saving yourself some or all the usual agent fees. That can be appealing to someone who wants to get the biggest amount possible out of the sale of their home.

But there are several downsides to this option. First, all the pressure is on you. You’ll be responsible for marketing, showing, and staging your home yourself. If you already have other family and work commitments, this can be a big demand on your time. Additionally, you’ll need to be patient. It takes a lot longer to sell a home yourself. Not only will it probably take longer to get an offer, but the process to actually close the sale will take a lot longer. This is an option best left to those who don’t mind waiting up to a year to close the deal.

Why Selling Your Property for Cash May Be Your Best Option

  • It’s a lot faster. Cash buyers are able to move a lot faster when it comes to purchasing your home because they don’t need to wait for approval from a mortgage company. There is no financing process to delay the sale. Once you accept the offer, a cash sale can close in as little as two weeks. That gives the title company enough time to check for liens and prepare the paperwork for the closing. Then, it’s just a matter of signing the documents and transferring the funds.
  • The house sells as-is. When you work with a cash buyer, you’ll be getting fair market value for your home as-is. That means the buyer will take into account any repairs needed as well as the general condition of your home. Because of this, you’ll get a fair price no matter its condition. There is no need to worry about curb appeal, no need to make a big investment, and no need to spend your time fixing it up. All you have to do is sign the paperwork and pack your bags.
  • It’s stress-free. Instead of waiting day after day for a phone call letting you know you have an offer, you’ll get a cash offer on your home today. That eliminates your concerns about when you’ll be able to sell and how much you’ll get for your home. You’ll have the answers you need today and can start making plans for the future.

The Easy Process of Selling Your Home Quick For Cash

Not only is selling your home to a cash buyer the quickest method, but it’s also the least stressful. You can sell your home in as little as three steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form or call our team at (949) 506-3973. Our team will gather some preliminary information on your property.
  2. Schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal. Our team will walk through the property and make note of its current condition.
  3. Accept our cash offer and close within days. We’ll make a cash offer on your property that’s fair for the current condition and market. When you accept, we’ll get the paperwork started to close the deal.

Seller’s Advantage will offer you a fair price for your property. You have nothing to lose by calling for a free, no-obligation appraisal. If you aren’t happy with the offer, we’ll walk away. But if you want to sell your home quickly and eliminate the hassle and stress of waiting for a buyer, then let’s get the process started. You could close the sale in as little as two weeks by getting in touch with us today.


How To Sell Your California House Without A Realtor

Are you looking to sell your house in California, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of hiring a real estate agent, paying an extravagant commission, and dealing with hundreds of strangers trooping through your home? Have you considered an all-cash buyer?  You can sell your home without a real estate agent and the added inconveniences. Here’s a guide to selling your home by yourself and getting the most for your home.


How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

How To Sell Your California House Without A Realtor When you don’t want to sell your house with the help of an agent, your first step is to look for companies that pay cash for houses. You might consider using a company, such as Seller’s Advantage, to sell your home without wasting time or giving away your profit in the form of commission.

When selling your home, it’s always a good idea to start out by contacting companies in your local area that buy homes “as-is.” If you come up empty-handed after searching for companies that pay cash for houses, then finding a buyer on your own can be a fairly straightforward process when you know where to look. In rare instances, you may already have a friend, family member, or acquaintance interested in buying your home. There are many popular websites, such as Facebook and Craigslist, to list your home for free or a nominal fee. The more people who know your home is for sale, the higher your chances are of selling it quickly. You never know who’s in the market to buy a home.

When listing your home yourself, you need to take pictures of each room, the front yard, and the backyard. Make the photos look as flattering as possible. In the listing description, be honest about the condition of the home and any needed repairs. Also, stress the fact that you’re selling the home as-is.

When you find a buyer on your own, it eliminates many of the time-consuming aspects of a sale when an agent is involved. This includes time for the agent to find a buyer, negotiating the selling price with potential buyers, and numerous open houses.  Also, you won’t have to pay a percentage of the selling price as a commission to the agent.

Selling Your Home Without an Agent is Easier Than You Think

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or Realtor When you choose to use an agent, on their first visit, they’ll present you with a list of items to update or fix. It’s in their best interest to get you to pay for as many repairs as possible before listing the home, so they can increase the asking price. After the home sells, the agent receives a percentage of the sale. With the cost of repairs and commission, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars of profit.

By selling properties without an agent, you take the middle man out of the equation. This makes honest and open communication easier, so you can talk about the essentials. You can discuss how much the buyer can afford, how much work your home needs, and how quickly they can close the sale.

As a general rule, a cash buyer has the ability to close much quicker than a buyer who requires financing.  It also allows you to sell your house despite its condition, even if it’s in bad shape and needs substantial updates or repairs.

An experienced cash buyer will know the costs of renovation, the cash price they are willing to pay, and the timeline for closing. Schedule a time to have them walk through your home, and then openly discuss any repairs the home needs. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that you’re working with a professional and develop a good relationship with them during the selling process. Companies that pay cash for houses pride themselves on making the home selling experience as quick and easy as possible.

The Differences Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a professional who received a license after taking classes and passing a state exam. They know how to prepare contracts, help with your search for a new home, and assist in the sale of your existing home. The exam is open to anyone willing to take a few classes, and those that pass the test can obtain a license. Be careful, you don’t want to work with an unlicensed agent. Verify the licenses of all your potential agents online.

You can’t be sure about your agent’s motivations. In most cases, agents are out to make the largest commission possible, and that isn’t always what’s best for you. When you’re working with an agent, they most likely will call and email you more often than you like. You may find working with an agent time consuming, and then there’s the sign they want to put it in your yard!

Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

In terms of responsibilities, there aren’t any major differences between a realtor and a real estate agent. A realtor also has a real estate license, but also holds a membership in the NAR. This is a membership in a professional trade organization for real estate agents. You don’t need to get bogged down in industry jargon and titles. You need to concentrate on selling your home for a good price. It doesn’t matter what title the agent uses. Real estate agents can sometimes come off as superior. With this arrogance, they can get you to spend more money than you want to, offer tours at a moment’s notice, and open your home to strangers.

You don’t need to enlist the help of any of these people to sell your home quickly. You might consider selling your home to a cash buyer who happens to have a real estate license. In this situation, the buyer can represent their company in the sale, but you won’t pay them a commission. The buyer profits after they improve and renovate the home.

Should You Sell Your House Without an Agent?

rental house in la If you can find one of the “we buy houses companies” in your area, you can sell your home quickly without the need to update your home. The cash offer you receive will be for the market value of the house in its current state. The buyer’s potential profit is made after all construction is completed and the home is sold. Given the condition of your home, the buyer gives you the best possible price.

This transaction can be handled without the help of an agent. You start by getting a cash offer from the company. Ideally, reach out to more than one of these companies and compare so that you get the best price.

You may find some companies willing to guarantee a price without seeing the property, while others won’t quote a price until after an inspection. If you’re pressed for time and need to sell quickly, it’s best to start arranging for inspections immediately.

You May Find It Easier to Get Cash Without an Agent

When you don’t have to communicate with an agent at each and every stage of the home-selling process, you can sell your house quicker. Cash buyers purchase homes fast. They can help people who find themselves in a tight position, such as homeowners who need money to avoid foreclosure or some other circumstances forcing them to move. A cash offer may be the only way to pay off the existing mortgage. It might also be a family’s only chance to get out from under an older home in need of expensive repairs.


At Seller’s Advantage, we pride ourselves on being professional home buyers that will offer you a fair price for your home, let you choose the closing date, and give you the time you need to move out. We guarantee a quick and easy sale because you’re selling for cash! Call us today at 1-800-208-3243 or get your free, no-obligation offer at

How to Get Cash Out of Properties for Relocation or Retirement

How to get cash out of a property for relocation or retirement 

Why you should sell it for cash instead of listing with an agent?

get cash from a property for retirement or relocation Considering that the United States real estate market has improved consistently since the close of the Great Recession in 2009 (can you believe that’s over ten years ago), it’s likely that a market downturn is coming. Of course, we don’t know when that’s going to happen. We do know that it’s safe to say the Southern California real estate market is taking a hit right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not a single market will likely be free of the damages caused by the ongoing coronavirus concern, the entirety of the United States real estate market will face adverse outcomes.

Homes, which are owned by about two-thirds of all American adults, are already losing their market value. It’s almost certainly going to take a while for the market to rebound. Keep in mind that the real estate market hasn’t yet taken significant losses, though they’re on their way.

In order to prevent rapid asset depreciation, homeowners will be incentivized to sell their homes for cash as quickly as possible to relocate elsewhere, to invest, or to put back into retirement. This will be more common among older households, as they don’t have as much time to recoup their losses as younger homeowners.

So, how do you get cash out of land, buildings, or your home as-is? Let’s find out.

Benefits of selling your real estate property for cash

Did you know that the majority of young people think they’ll never be able to retire? This is true for most Americans who are currently getting close to retirement age. They simply can’t afford to not work.

With this in mind, shouldn’t you be as careful as possible in attempting to preserve the value of your assets?

Houses, buildings, and plots of land are three things you can’t bring with you when you move somewhere else. Even if you’d love to live in your current house in another state other than California, we all know doing so isn’t possible. Further, you might need to sell your house before moving in order to be able to afford the move.

Getting cash out of your property is highly recommended for such situations. Since most Americans aren’t exactly swimming in money, this recommendation will hold true for most people.

One of the worst things about renting, at least in the eyes of renters, is the idea that they’re essentially paying a mortgage every month in the form of rent, but those payments won’t ever materialize into anything of value.

Although renting can be superior to homeownership in some ways, the desire to have your home and land belong to you is essential for a significant number of Americans. After all, this is part of the American dream.

Real estate agents take a piece of the pie for their assistance with staging, listing, and providing you access to their existing networks of potential buyers. Although they know what they’re doing, they cost money that you very much need to be financially secure. This means it’s often a better idea to look elsewhere to sell your home or any other property.

Also, when you have a go at the real estate market, you stand the chance of spending money without selling your home, land, or other forms of real estate. This simply isn’t an option for many Americans, as they wouldn’t have any other means of recouping the loss. This is yet another reason why selling your home to businesses that buy homes, land, and other property for cash can be an ideal solution.

When compared to the process of selling a home with real estate agents on your side, selling your home for cash to buyers like us is a much more appealing option. You know what you’re getting when you work with companies that are willing to buy your home for cash.

You may have to take a discount compared to what you could potentially sell your house for if you sold it on the traditional market.

Home improvement, remodeling, and construction are areas where most American homeowners fall short, even though they’d like to think they’re skilled in all of these departments. Think of it this way, if you had a home improvement project you started, then later decided it was too much work and gave up on it, what would you do? You would need to hire someone to complete or fix the job. Rather than investing even more time and money into this project, wouldn’t it be easier and less stressful to sell your home to cash home buyers like us?

Without further ado, here’s how to do it

It’s clear you’re interested in quickly converting your property into cash with us. Our home buying process has six easy steps.

First, visit our website and check out our online application form. The short, basic form doesn’t require you to reveal any important, sensitive personal information like your social security number. You can also call our office directly at (800) 208-3243.

Next, we’ll have a discussion with you where we learn all we can about the location, condition, and value of your property. We don’t typically ask people to provide us official house and property documents, such as land surveying maps or related information. We’ll take care of all that and consult appropriate local and state government agencies to learn more about your property if needed.

Third, after performing a market analysis, creating market sale price forecasts, and developing what strategies we’d employ to ultimately sell your home, we reach back out to you and discuss what we’d be interested in. At this point we will schedule a day and time to meet with you at your home.


In the fourth step, we will do an on-location inspection.  After the quick inspection we will be able to provide you with an as-is offer to buy your house for cash. Remember, when we do come to visit your property, and it doesn’t matter how far away it is from us, you’re not obligated to sell your home if you change your mind for any reason whatsoever. You also won’t owe us any money for inspection or service fees.

After we confirm the current condition of your property, the ball will be in your court. One of the best things about working with us is that you won’t be pressured to make any life-changing decisions by a deadline. Instead, since we understand that selling your home is a monumental decision for you and your family, we give you as much time as you need.

Sixth, if you agree on our offer, we’ll arrange paperwork and cash transaction. The entire process usually doesn’t take much longer than two weeks. We cover all closing costs, unlike real estate agents and many of our competitors. You won’t be surprised with any undisclosed costs or hidden fees, either – we promise you that.

The price we quote you will be the amount you find in your bank account. We always use secure real estate transaction escrows that are operated by trusted, independent, third-party financial institutions to keep you protected. This protects you in the event the sale doesn’t go through for some reason. You’ll end up still retaining ownership of your property.


We operate regional headquarters in Southern California and service most CA cities like Riverside, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Ventura, and Costa Mesa.

We can even help you consider whether selling your inherited home, building, business, land, or a bad rental property is a good idea based on your current financial situation.

If you’re ready to take advantage of our speedy cash home buying services, visit us online or reach out to us as soon as possible. We can’t wait to do business with you and help you reach your goals, whether that be retirement, relocation, or something entirely different.


Tips for Selling a House in Poor Condition or Bad Shape

Selling a House in Bad Condition

Foundation cracks. Leaking roofs. Dangerous plumbing or wiring. Outdated HVAC systems. Lead or asbestos materials. If your house has substantial problems—whether aesthetic or structural—selling it on the open market is going to be a long, expensive, and possibly impossible process. Most buyers on the traditional market today are not willing to invest additional time, money, and frustration in a house requiring a prolonged repair process just to make it habitable.

In addition, buyers’ agents will actively attempt to undercut your asking price if they perceive such problems. This is particularly true in Southern California, where the real estate market is especially competitive and the standards for most home-buyers are above the national average.

For these reasons, one of the simplest solutions to sell a house that is in bad condition and still get the best value for it is to work with an experienced, accredited as-is buyer, like Seller’s Advantage. But if you do want to first consider trying to sell it on the traditional market, here are some important points to keep in mind.

Sell a house in bad or poor shap

Selling a house in poor condition

If you have decided to sell your house and you know that it has some problems that go beyond mere cosmetic fixes and cleaning, make sure that you take the time to get several competitive quotes from contractors so you can work up a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether or not it is a good idea to go head with repairs. Make sure that the contractors fully inspect the property and try to work with a range of different sized companies.

Be aware that selling a house that requires work to bring it up to code or make it livable can often require a significant investment of time, money, and frustration. It will also likely require obtaining additional local permits and undergoing additional inspections. Renovation loans can help cover the costs of these added expenses, but they have a major negative impact on the final bottom-line value that you end up getting for the house.

Research your local real estate market and make certain that you are comparing your property to others that are in an equivalent state of disrepair. Do not make the mistake of trying to assess the value of your home based on comparisons with properties that are in significantly better condition. This can give you a skewed and potentially misleading understanding of the house’s real value. Bear in mind, also, that if there are comparable homes in your area that do not require additional work, you will have a much harder time selling your house for a satisfactory price.

selling a home AS-IS in California
selling a home AS-IS in California

Keep in mind your own objectives as a seller. Are you looking to get the most money possible? To get the house off your hands as soon as possible? Be cognizant, though, that buyers will have their own objectives, and buying a house in as-is condition might not be one of them. Familiarize yourself fully with the problems from which the property suffers and the cost and nature of the repairs those problems require. This will allow you to anticipate potential objections from buyers.

Selling a house in bad shape come with inherent problems

Selling a house is never easy, and selling a house that is in poor shape increases exponentially the number of problems and challenges that you will face. Be prepared to encounter some of the following problems that are particular to selling properties in disrepair:

• Depreciated Value: Probably the most important and difficult problem accompanying selling a house in poor shape is accepting the fact that you are going to end up in a weaker bargaining position with buyers and their agents. If your property is of low quality, it is going to earn fewer bids—perhaps even just one offer, if any at all—which means that your hands might be tied when it comes to deciding on the price.

• Realtor Reluctance: Real estate agents earn their income as a percentage commission from the sale of properties that they represent. For this reason, most realtors are incentivized to sell properties that are in good condition or that can realize a price that best rewards them for their time marketing it. If you are selling a house that needs major work, be prepared for real estate agents to show hesitancy about taking on your sale or to devote a bare minimum of time in helping you through the process of selling.

• Delay After Delay: If you have ever had work done on your house, you probably know the old adage that you should expect it to take twice as long and cost twice as much as you originally expected. The additional cost is bad enough, but the increased amount of time before you can sell the property is also especially risky. The real estate market moves fast—particularly in Southern California—which means that buyers are not going to wait around for you to finish work that needs to be done.

When it comes to selling a house in bad shape, spending time means likely losing (more) money. Unfortunately, if you choose not to have work done and simply sell the house “as-is”, you are also going to have to be prepared for delays: properties that are listed “as-is” take, on average, six months to a year longer to sell than comparable properties that are in good condition.

What determines that a house is in bad condition?

There are some repairs that can be done to a house to help it sell and that are relatively quick, cheap, and easy. Often these are fixes that owners can make themselves, or even simply cleaning, replacing broken windows, repainting, changing carpets, and so forth. But other problems go beyond mere do-it-yourself projects and require contracting with licensed, insured professionals. The following are some of the more substantial problems that indicate that a house is suffering from poor conditions:

  • Roof replacement or repair. An old or damaged roof, including underlayment and flashing, can lead to water damage, which itself can lead to additional structural damage.
  • Electrical wiring. Old or bad wiring is a major safety hazard and can also be a fire hazard.
  • Visible structural damage. Events such as flooding, fire, earthquakes, etc. can produce visible cracks, holes, and other forms of damage to load-bearing walls, floors, foundations, and roofs.
  • Plumbing. Pipes that are made of lead or other toxic materials must be remove, and older pipes are at risk of bursting and introducing water damage and mold growth into the property.
  • Foundation damage. If the foundation needs repairs, a house may need jacking and piering—a costly and major process.

Evaluating the condition of the property

Often you can tell from a simple visual inspection if your house is in need of a major repair. Some problems, however, might not be immediately visible; this includes some problems that can be particularly dangerous, and costly. Seek out the services of two or three experienced, licensed inspection professionals and arrange to have them tour your property at different times. Make sure that they check the basement or crawl space, the attic and roof, any chimneys, and any structures that are part of the property but not the house itself.

You can then use these inspection reports to get competing quotes from contractors for the cost of the work that needs to be done. Your goal is to get as complete a picture as possible so you can be in a good position to draw up your cost-benefit analysis.

Be ready for buyer objections

If, after going through the inspection process and getting quotes from contractors, you decide to sell your house “as-is”, use the inspection reports to prepare for the specific complaints that buyers may have about the property. Use the contractors’ quotes to prepare for the monetary value that those complaints will cost you.

All in all, then, selling a house that suffers from poor conditions is expensive, risky, and slow. Fortunately, if you want to get the best possible price for your house, there is an excellent option. Seller’s Advantage can provide a quick, hassle-free cash offer for your house, without prolonged and costly negotiations for repairs, and you can close in just ten to fourteen days in Los Angeles, Ventura, Costa Mesa and Riverside. The process is simple and starts by just filling out the Seller’s Advantage online form for a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll hear back with the next steps to get your estimate, and eventually your offer, within 24 hours.

Selling vs. Renting Your Property: Challenges of Being a Landlord

While many people believe that being a landlord is an easy way to make some extra money, it isn’t always simple. You won’t just be sitting around and collecting rent money every month. In fact, it can be a lot of work, especially with some places.

Here are some challenges that you may face as a landlord.

Choosing the wrong place can really make or break the experience. Some places are great for rentals while others are not. Older homes, though beautiful and great in their own way are not the best places for rentals. Whether or not you remodel them, it seems like there is always something that needs to be fixed.

Older homes are going to need new roofs, pipes may break, and you may have to replace some appliances and even hardware (like doorknobs and sinks) that quits working properly. If you do end up remodeling, you could be spending a lot of money to fix it up. You may or may not be able to make up this cost with the monthly rental fee.

In fact, if you pay too much for your property, it might be too stressful for you. Most people either rent out their own home when they decide to move somewhere else or they buy a single family home or a small duplex to start making money through real estate. If you are renting out your current home, most likely you still have a mortgage to pay on it. If you buy another single family home or small duplex, you are also going to have a mortgage payment.

Because of this, you have to charge a certain amount of money for rent every month. It has to cover the cost of your mortgage. There are times when your mortgage payment is so high that you can’t really get anything more than that from your tenant.

You also have to think about when the unit is empty. You have to have some extra money to cover the months where your rental is sitting empty, whether you are remodeling or you are just trying to find someone to fill it! Even one or two months without a tenant in your unit can really set you back money-wise.

Choosing the wrong tenants can really hurt your experience. Bad tenants don’t always pay on time. You could end up spending a lot of your valuable time checking in on tenants who don’t pay. This can really start to become annoying if it is something that you have to do every month.

Bad tenants can also wreck your apartment or home. Not everyone is going to take care of the place like it was their own. Even if they clean it, they might not get upset if they put a hole in the wall or anything similar. Though this is why you should ask for a security deposit to cover the repairs, it can just be messy when you have to clean up and fix it up so it is ready for the next tenant. Doing this on a regular basis can be a lot of extra work for you.

Regular maintenance is important, as well as time-consuming and sometimes costly. Though you might not think about it, you are going to have to maintain the property. It is your job, not your tenants so you could be putting in plenty of work. Not only do you need to make sure that the roof is working, you are going to want to look at the windows, see how the electric and plumbing is working, and much more.

By checking your house or apartment over on a regular basis, you are able to find problems before they become much bigger (and more expensive to fix)!

The phone calls can get to you. Some tenants call very little and others seem to call about every little thing. There can be days when all you do is field phone calls from your tenants who probably have something to complain about! The never-ending phone calls can really get to you.

Many landlords don’t get as much insurance as they need in order to save a little money. However, that can be a big mistake. Besides having insurance for the building itself, you may want to consider landlords insurance and rent guarantee insurance. These will help with personal injury cases and late rent. The more insurance that you can get, the better off you will be in the long run, even if it costs you a little more every month.

You are probably going to have to deal with evictions at some point (if you are dedicated to being a landlord). Not only can they be expensive, they can also take a lot of time. The process doesn’t seem too difficult. All you need to do is file paperwork through the court system and wait for them to leave. However, many tenants get angry. They can trash your home quickly before they leave. Sometimes the cops need to be involved!

Evictions also mean lost income for several months, especially if you have to make costly repairs to fix the unit back up.

In the case of a lawsuit, the law will usually take the side of the tenant. Tenants have more rights than landlords so it is important to know the rules. There are some things that you can do and others that you can’t. If you ever get into a legal battle, there is a good chance that you will lose.

It can be challenging to be a landlord. Not only do you have to find the perfect place for the right price, but your tenants can also make a difference. To top it all off, you are the only one who can choose who lives there. You could choose wrong and have someone unpleasant to deal with for the next year.

Even worse, you may be trying to save as much money as possible so that you can increase your profits. However, one place that you should never skimp out on is insurance. If you don’t have enough and something happens, you could land in real financial trouble. You may also want to look into rent guarantee insurance to help you when your units are sitting empty.

Contact us if you want your house sold instead of dealing with landlord drama.

Sell Old Homes – Your Guide to Selling Older Houses

Five Reasons Old Homes In Southern California Sell Faster with Our Site

Across Southern California homeowners sit with old homes and they face a dilemma. They do not know what to do with them. Older homes present several challenges that newer homes do not have. They are harder to sell. To get your home sold quickly, without hassle, and for top dollar, our team will work tirelessly to make sure your old home is sold.

Not matter if you have been in the home for years or if you have inherited the old home, our expert team can get you the cash you deserve for your property. Older homes are not marketed and sold like newer homes. Our expert team has the knowledge and drive to make the process easier. Our team gets you the most cash possible.

A Record of Success In Southern California and Across the Country

selling old homes houses Seller’s Advantage has gotten homeowners across the country top dollar for their old homes. Our talented team operates out of three locations. We have made selling old homes easier than ever from our offices in California. Our original location in Irvine, California near Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and Riverside continues to set the bar for real estate in the area. For years we have helped Southern California home owners receive cash for their old homes.

Southern California is our original bread and butter, and the region comes with unique challenges that homeowners in other areas might not face. Our team provides expert knowledge to any real estate situation. We know how to get the job done when selling old homes in the Southern California market. Our easy to use website makes getting cash for older homes easier than ever, and there are several reasons why homeowners benefit from our site.


 1. We Specialize in Buying Old Homes

Our At rating from the Better Business Bureau wouldn’t have happened if we couldn’t back up our claims. We no doubt specialize in selling old homes. Customer testimonials located on our website further back up our claims. Our clients praise our processes, and they also praise our team members.

2. Older Homes Sell Faster with Our Approach

Our six step process makes selling your old home a fast, worry free process. Call our team or fill out an online form first. Then we will have a call specifically about your needs. From there we call back with further progress and updates. After this call a meeting will occur at the property, where a proposal is presented. You are under no pressure to accept the proposal. When you accept the offer, we then move on to a review of your offer. The last step is acceptance of the offer resulting in cash for your old home.

3. Worry Less about Mold and Termites

Mold picks away at wood in old homes, and termites now have an even more abundant food source. Mold not only makes the wood tastier for termites; it also encourages termite infestation. Mold removal can cost thousands of dollars. It is even more expensive in older homes. Once you add to that the cost of removing termites, it becomes even pricier.

We take the worry out dealing with harmful molds and pesky pests. We also take addressing the cause of mold out of your hands. The mold came from water somewhere in your home. Fixing water issues in an older home can be harder to identify and harder to fix. You don’t just encounter the costs related to the mold and the termites. You also encounter the costs to identify, remove and prevent future issues that bred the mold and termites.

4. Don’t Stress Selling Homes with Mold

All those issues that caused mold and resulted from mold can make selling the home more complicated. It is not just the process of taking care of the mold issues that becomes stressful. Homes with mold histories will be examined more closely by prospective buyers. They also go through more scrutiny by inspectors. Remove yourself from the hassle of selling homes with mold.

You appreciate the fact that you inherited that family home, but you did not want to inherit the headaches associated with mold. At Seller’s Advantage we have purchased more than 10,000 thousand homes. Homes with mold issues are no exception. Let us handle the unique needs of your old home. Within 24 hours or just a few days you can receive cash for your old home.

5. We Take the Ugly Out of Old

We don’t just purchase homes and turn around to sell them. We also take great pride in the work our renovation team does on old homes that some might consider ugly or unmarketable. It’s one of the features of our company that customers love. Our renovation team will work hard to ensure that “eyesore” homes get top dollar offers.

A lot of cash for home companies simply buy and sell. We know that we can get you even more money for your property. Leave it to us to apply the extra elbow grease. Once our renovation teams finishes the job, you might be tempted to keep that home! Don’t worry. We will get you that top dollar offer that you can use toward your dream home or some other financial goal.


Old Home needing a sale and repairs At Seller’s Advantage we have just the right know how to get you cash for your old home. Above we laid out five reasons as to why you should choose our company to handle your real estate needs. Since 2007 we have purchased more than 10,000 homes. We have a proven track record, and we look forward to making your worries go away. We look forward to getting you cash for your old home within 24 hours or in a matter of days!

Contact Us Today!

Our top-notch team is super easy to reach. Visit us online right away to get the ball rolling! Once your reach our respected and safe website, you will submit the address of your old home and be directed to an easy to fill out contact form. Don’t worry. We maintain your privacy. We do not sell your information.

The contact form will ask for your first and last name. You will then provide your phone number and email. But we just don’t want your contact information, we also want to know how you heard about us. We would love for you to also share information on your home. Once you have filled everything out, we will call you as fast as possible to get the process moving along even quicker.

24 Hours A Day and Seven Days A Week

Are you the type of person that prefers to pick up the phone to handle business right off the bat? We have you covered there, too. 24 hours a day and seven days a week our team can be reached through our toll-free number at 1-800-208-3243.

We’ve told you all about our amazing services, and we’ve let you know about our history of success. We’ve also laid out five pretty strong reasons to consider our approach over traditional approaches to selling real estate. If you still are not convinced, we encourage you to read through the client testimonials found on our website,

Act Now. Get Cash for Your Old Home Today!

What do you have to loose? We have explained the benefits to our approach. We have the record to back it up. Act today. Let’s get the ball rolling on selling your old home. Let’s get you the cash you deserve for that property. Let’s get you the cash today!

Sell a Bad Rental Property in Los Angeles

Selling LA Rental Properties

Owning real estate can be a valuable form of additional income for your family. That’s why most people like the idea of owning rental properties. It always seems like a good idea, but the reality of owning rental property is sometimes worse than the dream.

With rental homes, you have to consider all the things that can go wrong. Nothing is perfect 100% of the time. It’s likely you’ll eventually face some pitfalls with your house. And your real estate investment might end up being the exact opposite of lucrative.

You might decide that your rental isn’t worth the trouble. Especially if the home is in Southern California, where tenant laws often leave landlords at a disadvantage.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with California’s landlord and tenant laws (See Below).


Ideally, you’ll do this before the first tenant takes up residence on your property. NOLO is an online resource where you can learn more about your rights as a landlord. You can also learn about tenant’s rights, and how those rights affect you.


Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in California – NOLO


Understanding key California landlord-tenant laws and regulations will help both parties avoid many common legal issues and the need to retain legal council for tenancy solutions. Here is an overview of landlord-tenant laws that are commonly in question by both parties.

California Landlord-Tenant Statues

Citations for California landlord-tenant statues are great sources of information for both tenants and landlords. Congress’s legal research site’s state section offers the statues word-for-word, which can be looked up by statue number or by a keyword.

Are All Rentals Covered By California Landlord-Tenant Laws?

Separate rules apply to certain types of rental units. Floating homes, for example, such as a marina or house boat, and moveable mobile homes, have their own residency laws concerning the landlord-tenant provisions and tenancy.

California Landlord Disclosures

Landlords in California are required by state law to disclose certain information to their tenants at the start of any tenancy. This is usually included in the written rental or lease agreement. The disclosures include information such as the presence of toxic mold exceeding exposure limits and/or posing a health threat to tenants. It also includes servicing details related to gas and electricity going into a rental, including if and how the costs will be allocated when it serves other areas. Notice of registered sex offender database and former state or federal ordnance locations are required discloses, too.

California Security Deposit Limit and Return

While most California lease and rental agreements require a security deposit to cover damages that exceed normal wear and tear of a property, damages, and back-owed rent, state law limits the amount landlords may charge a renter. It also prohibits “non-returnable” security deposits. The maximum security deposit amount is two times rent for unfurnished dwellings and three times rent for furnished dwellings. Security deposits must be returned within 21 days of a renter moving out, and any intended deductions must be made available in writing before being applied.

California Small Claims Lawsuits

Small claims court handles deposits that aren’t returned in accordance with state law and landlords defending a security deposit withholding for damages, cleaning, or unpaid rent. Such lawsuits are capped at $10,000. To avoid dispute, landlords should have a move-out inspection alongside the tenant just prior to and/or after the tenant’s move-out date. At this time, the condition of the unit and contents can be systematically checked off and an itemized list of any intended security deposit deductions can be offered.

California Rent Amount/Payment Rules

Rent-related state laws and rules include late payments, rent increase notifications and limitations, and bad check fees. Landlords must offer tenants suffice notice to raise rent money, and they may file for eviction if a tenant fails to pay rent within at least three days of notice. Late fees must be reasonable and specified in the rental agreement. Do note that several California local governments have rent control ordinances separate from state law.

Rent Withholding In California

Tenants in California are entitled to their rental property being up to housing codes, in good general repair, structurally sound, healthy, and safe. When landlords fail to attend to certain fundamental repairs and maintenance, such as a broken AC unit or leaking roof, tenants have the right to move out without prior notice, call health inspectors and housing authorities, repair themselves and deduct from rent, or withhold rent if the issue causes habitability limitations.

Termination And Eviction Rules For California Landlords

California’s landlord-tenant laws specify when and how a landlord may terminate occupancy. Notice must be given of the issue in the form of an unconditional quit termination or termination for lease violation notice. The landlord would issue, for example, a stop notice or cure notice for impermissible subletting. If desired, this notice may include a three-day prior notice to move out. Only then can the landlord file for eviction

Access To Rental Property By Landlord And Abandoned Property

In California, a landlords’ right to access rental property is restricted. The landlord must provide 24 hours notice to the tenant. For final move-out inspections, 48 hours notice is required. Abandoned property is covered by detailed laws. Landlords must first determine if the property is indeed abandoned, which hinges on if the tenant’s tenancy has been terminated. The abandoned property must be deemed of value or trash, and, if of value, the tenant must be given notification of finding and the landlord’s intention to discard if not collected. Such abandoned property must be stored for at least 15 to 18 days (depending upon method of notification,) but landlords may charge a reasonable storage fee if the tenant doesn’t pick it up within two days.

Landlord Retaliation

California law protects tenants from landlord retaliation for complaints and exercising their legal rights, such as their fair housing rights. It also includes special protections for tenants if they’re victims of domestic violence.

Local Landlord-Tenant Ordinances

As mentioned above, certain California municipalities have landlord-tenant ordinances on a local-by-local level. Such ordinances commonly include rent control, safety and health standards, anti-discrimination rules, noise and disturbance rules, and so forth. So, it’s imperative that landlords and renters know both state and local laws that apply to their specific area. These can be found a number of ways, including the municipality’s website, Municode website, public library, mayor’s office, city attorney’s office, and city/county manager’s office.

Federal Landlord-Tenant Laws And Regulations

In addition to state and local laws, tenants and landlords should be familiar with applicable federal laws regarding property rental. Federal agencies, such as HUD and the EPA, are responsible for applying and enforcing a number of laws regarding the landlord-tenant agreement. These mainly concern landlord responsibilities regarding safety and health, such as landlord obligation to disclose environmental health hazards like lead and mold. These also cover certain discrimination issues. For a full list of U.S. Codes applicable to landlords and tenants, visit the federal section of the Library of Congress’s legal research site and search for US Code and Code of Federal Regulations. They’re organized by title.


Selling Bad Rental Property in LA

If you’re interested in selling a Los Angeles bad rental property, then you have a few options.


Keep in mind you’ll have to make repairs and get the property in decent shape if you plan to sell it to an individual. But if you sell it to a home buying company like Selelrs Advantage, it’s likely we’ll buy the property “as-is”. Seller’s Advantage will buy the house fast for cash and you’re free of any responsibility.

Most times when you sell your house to a home buying company they will likely:
– Pay closing costs and fees associated with the sell
– Buy the house “as-is” without demanding repairs
– Close on the property on a date of your choosing usually very fast

You’ll undoubtedly have questions about selling your property to us instead of a traditional real estate listing . Speak with the experts at Seller’s Advantage to learn more about how the process works and what to expect. You might decide that selling your property fast to us is a wise decision.