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Selling a House As-Is With Mold in Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Selling a House As-Is With Mold in Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Mold growth is one of the most harmful problems a house can develop for the home and the residents. Every year, mold destroys more structural wood than fires and termites combined. Mold infiltrates natural and porous materials, turning wood into spongey rot and releasing spores that can seriously impact resident health.

Mold spores are a common cause of chronic illness, and roughly 25% of the population is genetically predisposed to more severe medical responses to mold exposure. Mold in a home is also challenging to remove once a large colony takes root in your structural beams, drywall, floor underlayment, and beyond. Because mold likes to hide, the structural damage may already be extensive by the time the mold is discovered.

Selling a House As-Is With Mold in Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV

Getting Rid of Mold in Your Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV House

Some types of mold, like the notorious Black Mold, also release Mycotoxins, which can cause long-term toxicity damage to those exposed over time.

Los Angeles California County Seal

LA County Seal

Common Types of Mold in California and Nevada Homes

There are thousands of mold variations worldwide, and about a dozen types that are very common in residential homes. Experts can tell mold apart by its color, texture, and growth patterns. But you need to know the three ways mold can be harmful.

  • Allergenic Mold – Allergenic molds like Alternaria and Aspergillus can cause chronic allergic reactions. If your allergies worsen after sleeping in your home, you may have allergenic mold spores in the air. It might even be growing in your vents or your mattress.
  • Pathogenic Mold – Pathogenic molds like Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Candida can cause infection, even after being inhaled into your lungs and respiratory system. Most people can be harmed by these molds, posing a severe health threat.
  • Toxigenic Mold – Some molds, like the dreaded Black Mold, release Mycotoxins linked to severe health effects like immunosuppression, brain damage, and cancer.

Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium are the three most common types of mold in US homes.

Sell my house fast los angeles

Getting Rid of Mold in Your Los Angeles, CA or Las Vegas, NV House

Mold is not only invasive; it is increasingly difficult to get rid of the longer it has time to grow. Mold spores are always in the air, even in dry climates like California or Nevada. Any time dampness is allowed to linger, mold can begin to grow. Any leak, water damage, or flooding can result in mold growth. Bathrooms and kitchen cabinets under the sink are at a higher risk, where moisture never fully goes away.

Mold especially likes to grow on attic beams, on the backside of drywall, and on the underside of carpets and upholstery, where it is dark, hidden, and can form large colonies before it is noticed. In that time, it eats away at the material, making it soft and spongy, and becomes a part of the structure.

Mold remediation (removing mold from a home) usually involves cutting out large sections of walls, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and structural beams. Most mold infestations cannot simply be scrubbed away.

Can You Sell an LA or LV Home That Has Mold?

Selling a house with mold is challenging, both financially and morally. Buyers universally require a home inspector to investigate. Home inspectors are trained to look for mold and will likely find it, giving buyers grounds to argue the price lower or even back out entirely. Even if the inspector does not see the mold, you will be giving the house to a new family who may get sick from mold exposure – just as your family may have gotten sick in the house.

Most states require you to share any information about any known hazards, which will lower the appeal of your home listing and may chase buyers away entirely. Even fix-and-flip buyers know better than to invest in a house with extensive mold damage.

The Easy Solution: 

Sell to an Investment Buyer like Seller’s Advantage

Selling a house with mold to an individual buyer is a lose-lose situation. However, investment buyers have a completely different approach. An investment home buyer like Seller’s Advantage can acquire many other properties as part of a larger business model. All land is valuable, and even severely damaged homes can be restored or knocked down to reclaim whatever value remains of the property.

At Seller’s Advantage, we aim to help sellers in difficult situations get the best possible value and provide an easy selling experience. If you need to leave a mold-infested house right away, you can walk away cash-in-hand in just a few days.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sellers Advantage Buys Houses As-Is

Seller’s Advantage is a no-strings-attached investment buyer. We buy homes “as-is” in any condition. Hoarder homes, rusted-through plumbing, burned kitchens, trashed by tenants; we don’t care. We are ready to restore the value of any property. In places like Los Angeles, CA, and Las Vegas, NV, the land is valuable enough that even completely ruined homes are valuable investments for us.

When it comes to highly mold-infested homes, our business model can turn a lose-lose situation into a win-win situation. You can sell your home for the inherent worth of the property, quite possibly a price better than you could get from the open market, and we gain one more investment property to rehab – which is what we do best.

What Is an “As-Is” Home Sale?

You may have heard the term “As-Is” home selling before. Selling a house “as-is” means you don’t have to change a thing. Even if a family of opossums moved into the chimney and the roof was caving in, an as-is buyer like Seller’s Advantage would buy the house just the way it is.

We Help People in Many Situations

If you are having trouble selling a house with bad mold, you’re not alone. Sellers Advantage is designed to help many different types of sellers who need to sell fast and get the best price possible quickly.

How It Works: Selling to Seller’s Advantage

How much money can you get for a house with mold? In Los Angeles or Las Vegas, every home is valuable. You can get a quote from a Seller’s Advantage buying team immediately, receive a favorable offer, and close on the sale with cash in hand in just a few days.

  • The first step is to call Seller’s Advantage or drop an email. Let us know if you’d like an estimate, and we’ll schedule a one-time walkthrough at your first convenient time.
  • Within 24 hours of our walkthrough, we’ll have a cash offer ready. Seller’s Advantage consistently offers more for damaged homes than what you can get on the open market or from other investment buyers.
  • If you accept, our expert buying team will expedite the paperwork necessary to transfer the title, and you will receive a cash payment in the agreed amount. There’s no hassle, no fees, and we go out of our way to overcome any obstacles or special requirements you may have.

Get an Estimate and Leave Your Moldy House Behind

If you have recently discovered extensive mold in your home, getting away should be your top priority. We know how damaging long-term mold exposure can be. Your family might have suffered from unknown health problems for months or years. You may have been hunting down a foul smell or never fully recovered from a burst pipe or roof leak. You may have a house that can’t be rented anymore or have inherited a place that was already moldy.

No matter the situation, you don’t have to linger in the spores and mycotoxins. Seller’s Advantage will gladly get you an estimate and, if you choose, help you rapidly sell your mold-infested house for cash. Contact us at any time to schedule your initial walkthrough. We are here to help. reviews


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Can I Sell a Deceased Parent’s Home in Los Angeles California?

Can I Selling a Deceased Parent’s Home in Los Angeles California?

The weight of grief coupled with the complex process of settling an estate can leave families feeling lost and unsure where to begin. A clear path forward can provide much-needed relief and guidance in such times.

Just as a compass helps you navigate uncharted territories, our team at Sellers Advantage offers a steady hand and valuable resources to help you navigate the process of selling a house in Los Angeles that belonged to deceased parents.

Los Angeles California County Seal

LA County Seal

What Are the Potential Problems, and What Will It Cost?

Selling a house that belonged to deceased parents can come with various challenges. One of the primary obstacles is dealing with the legal complexities surrounding the property.

If the house was not included in a trust or needed a clear distribution plan, it may need to go through the probate process. This involves going to court to determine the rightful owners / heir(s) and obtaining permission to sell the property.

According to Bloomberg, 70% of property owners want to pass on their property to their children. Despite this, studies found that two out of three Americans still need an established will.

This is crucial because, as mentioned, properties that aren’t included in a will must undergo the probate process. Probate could cost you around 3% to 8% of the property value.

Additionally, there may be outstanding mortgage payments, property taxes, or other financial obligations that need to be addressed. To meet all necessary obligations, thoroughly reviewing your parents’ financial records and consulting with a professional, such as an attorney or estate planner, is crucial.

The cost of selling a house of deceased parents can vary depending on various factors, such as the property’s condition, outstanding debts, tenants and the chosen method of sale. Traditional Realtors or real estate agents often charge a commission fee, affecting your overall profits.

However, alternatives are available, such as working with a reputable home-buying company like Sellers Advantage, which can provide a free instant cash offer for your home, eliminating the need for expensive commissions or repairs.

Where Do I Begin?

When faced with selling a house belonging to your deceased parents, it’s essential to take a step back and assess the situation:

  1. Gather all the necessary documents, including the will, death certificate, and other relevant paperwork.
  2. Consult with professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, and real estate experts, who can guide you through the legal and financial aspects of the process.
  3. Consider the condition of the property. Does it need repairs, work or updates? While some buyers may be willing to invest in a fixer-upper, most seek move-in-ready homes.

Understanding the market and the potential value of your property can help you make informed decisions about whether to invest in renovations or sell the house as-is.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

cash home buyer near you in LA

Determining The Value

Determining the value of a property is an essential step in the selling process. Sellers Advantage can provide you with an estimate of your home’s worth. Enter basic information about the property, and you’ll receive an instant estimate.

While this estimate may not reflect the final sale price, it can give you a starting point for negotiations and help you set realistic expectations. Armed with this information, you can confidently approach potential buyers or explore alternative options like working with Sellers Advantage, who can provide a fair cash offer for your home even if it has code violations.

Selling your deceased parents’ house in LA can be challenging and emotional. Understanding the potential problems, costs, and legal requirements allows you to navigate this process more clearly and confidently.

Whether you work with traditional real estate agents or explore alternative options like Sellers Advantage, remember that support is available to guide you through every step if you need to sell your home fast Los Angeles CA.

Losing loved ones is never easy, but with the right resources and assistance, you can successfully navigate the path toward selling your Las Vegas or LA home and entering a new chapter of closure and healing.

Selling a Deceased Parent's Home in LA California

Can I Sell a Deceased Parent’s Home in Los Angeles CA?

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Selling a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

When to Sell a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Not all investment properties provide a return on investment (ROI) in the same way. In some cases, a home may only partially return what you put in, and selling at a loss becomes your best option. Your ROI depends on the market conditions, your business model’s effectiveness, and sometimes, the capricious will of Mother Nature. Every investor should have an exit strategy, just in case a rental home suddenly transitions from a source of income to a financial sinkhole.

In these situations, selling a Los Angeles rental property at a loss may be necessary before the loss becomes greater than just the selling price.

When to Sell a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Selling a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Not All Properties Appreciate the Same Way

Contrary to popular hype, the real estate market is not set in stone. Real estate agents would have you believe that every home appreciates along market trends and that any purchase will become a net profit if resold or properly rented. But life doesn’t always work that way. Many circumstances can lower a property’s value or make a rental home unprofitable in a specific location.

After many happy years making a profit from this rental, it may have achieved investment return years ago, or you might still be recovering your expenses, but the tables can turn at any moment. From lightning strikes to nightmare tenants, there may come a time when a rental home fails to appreciate. If you can’t turn the tables back on a reasonable budget, it may become time to sell – with or without a profit on the original purchase price.

When to Sell an LA Rental at a Loss

When Nature Has Taken It Too Far

Sometimes, even the most attentive maintenance can’t prevent nature from rendering a rental home unlivable. Storm damage, extensive but well-hidden mold, or sinking foundations can take a property out of the running. When that happens, the best thing you can do is to sell it at the best price to whoever can take on the rehab work it would take to make the lot useful again.

When Tenants Wreck the Place, and Repairs are over budget

Most tenants are reasonable people who may inflict only small amounts of wear and tear or do their best to repair the damage during their stay. But nightmare tenants may still slip past your screening process as is. If occupants have left the house completely wrecked and gutted, the only way to save your budget may be to sell instead of trying to repair the damage.

When You Discover an Unrepairable Catastrophe

There are also types of damage that may be no one’s fault but still make a house too expensive to repair. Problems like cracked and sinking foundations become bail-out situations no matter how nice the sinking house may be on top. It’s best to sell before the house splits in two if you don’t have extensive saved funds to shore up the foundation.

When Changes in City Infrastructure Change Your Profit Margin

LA is constantly restructuring by widening roads and changing traffic flow to optimize the city as a whole. But this can sometimes be disadvantageous to individual property owners. If a recent or planned change will make the house dangerous to access, make it need work, no longer attractive, or even wipe out your street, selling the LA rental home at a loss may be your best option.

When the Neighbors Have Become Intolerable

You also have no control over who buys homes and moves in near your investment homes. Intolerable new neighbors might begin to drive away tenants and damage your profit margin. If legal measures can’t be taken to stop the undesirable behavior or impact on the neighborhood, selling out of the situation may be the wisest decision.

When You’re Laying Down Your Portfolio

Lastly, retiring landlords often sell their entire portfolio at a net profit, even if some properties sell at a loss. If you’re ready to cash out and put your cash in a trust, it’s OK to take what each house is worth to fund your relaxed retirement (or your next venture) without concern for aggressively maximizing profits from every single home sale.

Why Selling at a Loss Can Be an Overall Gain

Rental homes vary based on location, tenants, management, and local changes. A profitable Las Vegas home your rent out may change, and selling it may provide more benefit than keeping it in your portfolio. You may also see the tide turning in Los Angeles and be able to sell before the house loses further value over time due to problems that may become worse.

Selling “at a loss” is also a misleading term for investment homes, which may have already returned your investment through rental payments over time. When it’s time to sell, the most profitable answer is to sell at the best price you can get.

How to Sell Your Rental House When It’s Losing Value

The key to selling a house that’s losing value is to find an investor with deep pockets and a grand vision. Investment companies like Seller’s Advantage have a large-scale business model designed to put any LA California property to use, whether it’s an empty lot, a wrecked rental, or an antique that needs full-scale updates.

While you may not want to sell to a new family or brokers offering an unfavorable price, an investment buyer can rehab the house using funds on a corporate scale.

The Benefits of Selling Out of an Unprofitable Rental

If one of your rental houses has become unprofitable, there are many benefits to selling as soon as you realize the house is losing value. Not only are you avoiding further loss by selling rapidly, but you can also free yourself from less desirable situations associated with the house. You may be freeing up equity to invest in a more profitable location, getting away from problem tenants who you cannot legally evict, or stepping away from the stress and expense of being a landlord altogether.

Most of all, when you sell with an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage, you can move from a problem house to cash-in-hand with zero hassle in just a few days.

Where Can I Get the Most Cash for an LA Rental House

If you are selling a rental house in Los Angeles, you will always find a buyer. But where can you get the most profit? Skip the real estate agent and brokers who will want to see repairs and have condition requirements for moving a property. A house in decline is not the right market for them. Instead, you’re looking for an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage who will buy houses in any condition. Damaged homes, older homes, and homes with serious maintenance problems can all be sold at the best price, whatever the house is currently worth, without strings attached.

Sell my house fast los angeles

Why Selling Now is a Good Idea

Lastly, selling now in 2023-2024 is a smart move considering the current trend of interest rates. If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, there is no guarantee that interest rates are going to drop any time soon, and refinancing is not a viable option. Now is an important time to get rid of unprofitable homes and focus on more promising aspects of your investment portfolio.


Get Cash Fast for Your LA Home in Just 7 Days

Seller’s Advantage makes getting the cash you need for a failing investment property easy. Simply schedule a walkthrough, and we’ll have a cash offer available for you within 24 hours of our initial inspection. It doesn’t matter what state the house is in; if you need to sell my house fast we’ll help you get it off your hands at the best price the property can support. From there, you can take the cash to retire or reinvest at your leisure, no longer worrying about the trouble this rental home has become.

Contact Seller’s Advantage today to find out how much the house is worth. We’re also here to answer any of your questions and make the process as easy as possible to sell my house fast Los Angeles.


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How to Sell Los Angeles Homes Fast to Buy Your New House

Learn How to Sell Los Angeles Homes Fast to Buy Your New House

Sell my house fast los angelesBuying a new house can be tricky when you’re already a homeowner. In many cases, the best financial option is to use the proceeds from selling your current home for the down payment on your new house. But this requires exquisite timing. You need to find a new house, negotiate, and all but buy the house while —at the same time— staging, marketing, and successfully selling the home you are currently living in.

If all goes well, you’ll have just enough time to get your stuff out of the sold house for the new buyer while closing on your new house just as the moving trucks arrive. And if you need more than that to worry about, there’s no guarantee that your buyer and seller will help you coordinate.

Unless, of course, you do things a little differently.


How to Sell Your House and Buy a New One at the Same Time

Selling a house to buy a house is a financial acrobatic feat. It’s the housing market equivalent of doing a backflip from one floating platform to another. You need concessions from both your buyer and seller to make it work. You might even need to “float” your family mid-air between the two homes using personal storage and temporary lodgings.

How do you stage the house to sell if you’re still living there? How do you secure a mortgage when the money for the down payment doesn’t exist yet? What if the house you’re selling needs work or is in a bad market, or you can’t get the price you wanted?

Advantages of Selling for Cash to Buy a New House

How Seller’s Advantage Can Help You Close on Your New Los Angeles House

  1. To Sell or to Bid First, That is the Question – When selling to buy, you need to secure a buyer and a seller simultaneously. You need a buyer to commit to buying your old house so you can make a solid bid for the seller of your new house. So should you market or house-hunt first? The answer is both. You want to prepare for both with the goal of closing on both houses at around same time.
  2. Leaseback and Sale Contingencies – Unfortunately, the best way to get your timing right is to negotiate at a disadvantage – as the party asking for concessions. First, ask your seller for a sale contingency – allowing you to back out in case your house doesn’t sell. Next, ask your buyer for a few weeks (no more than 3) of leaseback. This means you temporarily rent the house after signing over the title to have time to close your new home purchase and move out.
  3. Is Temporary Housing Necessary? – Chances are that you will need temporary housing. Even if you stage the house while you live in it (it’s normal but stressful), you will probably still need to move a lot of your stuff out and be prepared for at least a few weeks in a hotel or Airbnb while you transition. This way, you can close with your buyer, hand over the keys, then take their payment on the house to your bank to secure the mortgage and close with your seller.


Selling to a Cash Investor: An Alternative to the Acrobatics

What you may not realize is that the traditional method of selling to buy a house is also the hard way. The easy way is selling to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage for cash because we buy houses Californa.

Investment buyers are real estate investors that specialize in buying. While they often buy shabby as-is houses, they also buy beautiful family homes that just need to move faster on the market for the owner’s preferences. If you need to sell your house fast so you can close on your new dream home, a cash investor makes it easy because they can pay in full, anytime, on your time. They also typically have internal legal support to help make the title transfer and closing details a breeze.

You don’t have to stress about impressing a new family or staging the house to look its best because investment buyers can see a home’s potential with a quick once-over. You don’t have to market, negotiate, or ask for concessions because an investment buyer isn’t in a rush. They can afford to meet your needs.


Advantages of Selling for Cash to Buy a New House

When you sell your house to a cash investor, there are more than a few advantages —especially if your goal is to sell precisely on time to buy your new house.

  1. The Sale is Guaranteed – Once you receive a California as is cash offer, your investment buyer is going to buy. There’s no stress about whether they will lose funding or back out at the last minute because you’re dealing with a business model, not a fickle person, family, or mortgage lender. You also know exactly how much you are getting and can make rock-solid future financial plans when buying your new house and planning the move.
  2. The Timing is On Your Schedule – An investment buyer can afford to rush or wait, depending on your need. If you need to sell the house right now because you have a seller toe-tapping to close, we can schedule your walk-through immediately, have your offer ready in 24 hours, and cash-in-hand within a week or maybe two if you have a few details to iron out. If you need to sell in a few weeks, months, or at an unknown time when your seller is finally ready to close, we’ll be prepared to close with you and won’t rush you out of your house until you’re ready.
  3. No Need for Staging or Repairs – If you don’t want to stage your house before selling, you don’t have to. We can see your home’s potential without fancy furniture arrangements. In fact, it’s potential even if the walls are a little scuffed or the roof still needs some work. Seller’s Advantage will offer a fair price for a home in any condition, no staging necessary.
  4. The Paperwork is Taken Care Of – The closing process for a home sale is often a hassle, with costs attached. However, a cash investor like Seller’s Advantage has a legal and administrative support team that can close for you, even if you’re selling from out-of-state or have obstacles in the way.


How Seller’s Advantage Can Help You Close on Your New House

At Seller’s Advantage, we focus on a positive selling experience as we buy houses Los Angeles. We work directly with homeowners to ensure the sale works for you under your unique conditions. We’ll buy it fast or slow. We’ll give you time to move out or take it immediately off your hands. We can even help you make the proper storage and moving arrangements so your transition from one home to the next is as smooth as possible.

When you sign up for an estimate, just let us know that you’re selling to buy, and we’ll help you build a custom plan that meets your personal scheduling needs. You’ll have cash in-hand perfectly timed for your down payment without rushing your family out of the house or worrying about unnecessary hassles. Contact us today to book your free walk-through and a no-obligation offer.

Sellers Advantage Reviews from Our Past Sellers

Here are a few of our Google reviews from previous satisfied home sellers:

  • We had a fantastic experience working with Seller’s Advantage from start to finish. Despite some challenges on our end, the team at Sellers Advantage remained patient, friendly, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. – LR
  • Sellers advantage was a very honest and easy company to work with. They walked us through the entire process, which was quick and easy. Our sale was complicated, but they made it seem simple. The price was market value, and the whole process took less than a month. I would highly recommend Sellers Advantage to anyone who needs to sell their home. -JM
  • I had an awesome experience selling my house with Sellers Advantage. Everyone from the beginning to the end was positive, efficient, professional, and maintained contact with me throughout the process. Sellers Advantage took a lot of the stress out of a stressful process. Thank you Sellers Advantage for being so awesome. – RB
  • I am the executor for an estate and needed to sell a house for the inheritor. I got multiple bids and Seller’s Advantage came out on top. I was very pleased with they way they were very attentive, from the buyer through the transaction manager and her assistant, the escrow company and the mobile notary they sent to my office. I asked for a fast close and everything was completed including wire transfer within 2 weeks. My hat is off to Seller’s Advantage, a great job. – LM
Have a Question? Give us a Call, We Can Help!

Seller’s Advantage is here to help you to “sell my house fast Los Angeles“. We want to answer all your questions, ease every worry, and help you achieve your home selling/buying goals on your time because we buy houses for cash. Contact us any time to ask questions and learn more about the process.


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I Need To Sell My Los Angeles House Fast: What to Do

Selling a house in Los Angeles in the current economic climate is like trying to sell a vintage sports car. Lots of people will come to see the house. They will go on about the style, ask plenty of questions, talk over the features, and then start trying to haggle you down. Sure, everybody wants it, but only a few people can afford to buy – much less maintain – Los Angeles property with higher mortgage rates than in years.

You don’t need that. What you need is to sell your Los Angeles house fast. Many current home sellers are struggling to sell their houses at a reasonable pace, wondering if they will ever find a buyer who can commit to closing and move forward. Depending on the circumstances, you might need more time for the traditional home sale rigmarole of negotiations, inspections, and slow bank-related interactions.

If you need to sell a Los Angeles home fast, Sellers Advantage can provide the practicality and fair price to move forward.


You Have Options: The Market Isn’t Your Only Avenue

The most traditional way to sell an LA house is through the housing market. But the LA housing market is vicious, focused on glamour and standards for which you might need more time. Most home sellers need to realize the full scope of their options when selling a house in Los Angeles faster than the normal housing market would allow. Fortunately, you don’t always have to wait for the perfect family buyer with a pre-approved mortgage to come along.

  • Selling a house as-is without renovations
  • Selling a shabby house to home flippers
  • Selling to your renters
  • Selling in an auction
  • Selling for cash to property investors
Sellers Advantage: We Buy Houses Fast

Get Fast Cash for Your LA Home If You Need to Move or Sell

What LA Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You To Know About Fast Home Sales

Most real estate agents would be appalled if you said, “Just sell my LA house fast.” They would go on about the opportunity to play the market. They might try to convince you to do expensive renovations and break into the luxury housing market instead. A real estate agent is likely to encourage you to play the field and see if you can bait potential high-end buyers into a bidding war.

Real estate agents don’t want you to know that there are options outside of a slow, decorative home-selling process. They don’t want you to know that you can fire your agent for pushing you to take the slow, glamorous path instead of just selling the house. But you don’t have time for that.

Sometimes life leaves you little time to sell your house over the next two or three years. If you need to sell a house in Los Angeles quickly, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Reasons to Quickly Sell Your Los Angeles House

Why would an LA homeowner want to rush the process? As hard as it may be for real estate agents to believe, plenty of life circumstances inspire a speedy home sale as-is, without renovations or repairs, no matter how “hot” the market might be.

  • You are Moving for a New Job
    • Your career shouldn’t have to wait on the housing market. If you need to secure a new home while selling your previous LA house, you don’t have to let the process drag on.
  • You Can’t Afford the Rising Property Taxes
    • Home values may have gone up, but so too have the property taxes. The longer you own a home, the more property taxes you pay. If this isn’t in your budget anymore, you will want to sell the house as quickly as possible.
  • You Never Wanted the House in the First Place
    • Perhaps you inherited the house or it came with an investment portfolio. If you never wanted the house, the expenses associated are equally unwelcome. A fast LA home sale is your ideal solution.
  • The House Has Become a Maintenance Disaster
    • Some homes aren’t worth the time, effort, or cost to fix them up. From old decaying LA homes to houses trashed by your last tenant, you might be looking to sell a damaged home as-is without delay.
  • You Want to Get Out of the Rental Market
    • If you used to rent a house but now want to stop, a fast home sale could be the perfect way out of the industry.
  • You Need to Sell Before You Can Buy a New House
    • If you have found the perfect house to buy – but can only afford it once you sell your current LA home, you want to sell fast before your buying opportunity slips through the cracks.


Sellers Advantage: We Buy Houses For Cash Fast

At Sellers Advantage, buying houses fast is our specialty. If you don’t have the time or the circumstances for a long, drawn out market sale, we’re here to make the entire home selling process fast and easy for you. If you have a shabby or damaged house, leave it to use to get it back on the market. If you have a rushed timeline, and need to sell my house fast Los Angeles, we’ll take care of everything so you can quickly move on to your next property and stage of your life.

We buy Los Angeles houses fast with cash.

  • Time Lines
    • Seller’s Advantage can inspect, quote, offer, and close. Sometimes, we shake hands and send you cash within a single week of your first call.
  • Ease of Offer
    • After one walk-through, we will send you a no-obligation offer on the house. All you have to do is accept and our expert property teams will take care of the rest.
  • Quick to Close
    • Once you accept the offer, it will only take us a few days to completely close the deal and send you the cash.

Get Fast Cash for Your LA Home If You Need to Move or Sell

At Seller’s Advantage, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush or if the home needs repairs. Our skilled home purchasing team can handle title transfers and are prepared to deal with whatever state your property might be in. We even take homes full of junk and can help with tax liens. Whether moving for work, buying a dream house, or escaping LA, Seller’s Advantage can help you get fast cash for your LA home no matter the reason you want to sell right now.

Have question? Give us a call we can help!

You don’t have to jump in immediately. Seller’s Advantage is proud to help local homeowners sell fast to meet your current and unique needs. Find out how much your house is worth through a cash offer. Contact us to discuss your home sale and/or book your initial walk-through at any time. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding your property or our process as we are one of the top companies that buy houses in any condition in LA County.

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Selling A House After Probate In Los Angeles

Inheriting a house is always complicated, especially when probate is involved. On top of the emotional ordeal of losing a loved one, now you are dealing with a vacant house full of the relics of someone’s life. Everything from keepsakes and heirlooms to kitchenware and old clothes. You’ve considered selling the home as your best course, but now what?

Seller’s Advantage has worked with many homeowners like you, who became homeowners through inheritance and often need help figuring out what to do next. This article can help you understand your options and make the best choice for your situation.

Selling A House After Probate In Los Angeles

Selling a House During or After Probate

Selling a House During or After Probate

  • Selling during probate: Sell fast and to a buyer who can handle probate paperwork
  • Selling after probate: Short timeline after months of vacancy during probate

It is well known that probate is a long and harrowing process. If the deceased has debt, you may be pushed to sell the house in a rush to pay creditors. If the house makes it through probate, it has likely been several months to over a year since anyone has lived there, and you’ve been able to make long-term decisions.

Selling during probate, you may not have the leisure of a long and drawn out Los Angeles housing market sale and want to skip the realtor, staging, tours, and buyers. After probate, you may not have the energy. In either situation, you want to act fast as soon as you have the ability to sell.

You will also want to consider how you empty the house, the taxes involved in selling the house, and how long to hold onto the property before selling.

Never Leave a House Vacant

  • Vacant homes decay faster
  • Vacant homes attract vandals and vagrants
  • A vacant home still costs property tax and utilities

First, let’s talk about vacancies. An empty house is a risk in several ways. You will owe property taxes for every 6 months you own the house. Homes also degrade the longer utilities like AC are left off.

Vacant homes attract vandals and squatters, especially if the house is known to be vacant. An inherited home often needs to be cleared of perishables (not just food in the refrigerator) to avoid decay. Also, the longer a home is empty, the more likely things like weather damage or plumbing leaks can cause unnoticed damage.

Whether you choose to rent the house for a while or sell, it’s important to avoid delays.


Selling the House “As-Is” or Staging for the Market

  • The Los Angeles housing market has high standards for property quality and staging
  • Selling to an investment buyers as-is saves time, money, and hassle

During the probate process, it is likely that you and/or family have already collected bequeathed heirlooms and keepsakes. If not, now is the time to sort through the last possessions of your lost loved one to retrieve items you want to keep. But what to do after that depends on how you plan to sell.

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy


If you plan to rent or sell on the housing market, you will need to fully empty the home. That means deciding whether to donate, sell, or throw out every personal item. You will also need to take care of any significant repairs, touch up the paint, and so on. For older homes in which a person lived their last years, these untended repairs can be extensive,

Selling As-Is

Alternately, you can sell as-is, most likely to an investment buyer or home flipper. These professionals can handle clothing donations, furniture repurposing, and junk hauling and are prepared to take on the repairs for any as-is home, so you don’t have to.


Selling Solo, or Are There Other Inheritors?

  • Find a buyer who meets your needs
  • Find a buyer that everyone can agree on

Did you inherit the house solo, or are there joint inheritors? Sometimes, a parent will leave their house to all their children equally, which can mean getting everyone to agree on a single course of action. If you all decide to sell, you may still need to agree on a single buyer.

If you are lucky enough to have a consensus or are the sole decision-maker, this can make selling the house easier. If there is a dispute, sometimes finding a neutral buyer can be the best way.

How to Sell an Inherited House Quickly After Probate in California

  • Sell as-is to skip the housing market routine and realtor fees
  • Sell to a buyer familiar with probate and post-probate
  • Sell for cash to an investment buyer

Selling an inherited house after probate is your best option. Selling quickly prevents the risks of a long vacancy, saves you the costs of extended property tax and utilities, and prevents the house from taxably appreciating before you sell. Skipping the whole house listing routine can also save you 6%-10% of your profits typically lost to realtor fees.

You may already know that you’d prefer to skip the California market hassle and sell the house as-is, and your best option is an investment buyer with a cash offer and a rapid buying process.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sellers Advantage Makes Selling After Probate Easy

  • Contact Sellers Advantage
  • Schedule a One-Time Visit
  • Accept the Cash Offer

Sellers Advantage has helped hundreds of home inheritors like yourself turn a tough situation into a cash offer. If you are selling after probate, an as-is sale can help you avoid the effort and expense of selling on the market. If you are still going through probate, an as-is sale and cash offer can help you quickly pay intrusive creditors.

To get a fair cash offer that you can close on within the week, simply let Sellers Advantage know you’re ready to sell, and we’ll help you take care of the rest. We can handle probate and after-probate sales, and we don’t need you to clear out everything or make repairs first.


Have Questions? Give us a call. We can help!

Selling an inherited Los Angeles house after the death of a loved one is always a difficult process. Whether you are dealing with the probate process or need to sell the house after probate is done, we can help. We are here to answer your questions and outline your options, whether you choose to sell to us or not. Sellers Advantage aims to make the selling process easy if you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles. With internal financing and an experienced home-buying team, we can handle homes in any condition, in or out of probate. Contact us today to discuss your options, ask questions, or schedule a tour to get a no-obligation cash offer. If you choose to accept, we can help you close within the week so you can move on without worrying about the property.

Contact the company that buy houses in any condition, Sellers Advantage… today to learn about selling your house quickly to a friendly investment buyer.

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Sell Your (LA) Los Angeles, California House for Cash Right Now

Sell your LA house fast and get cash in hand in less than a week with Sellers Advantage.  A sinking ship only sinks faster over time. The same is true of properties just sitting on the market.

Sellers Advantage Reviews

Seller’s Advantage Logo

When a boat starts to take on water, sailors have time to bail and reduce the risk. Over time, however, the process becomes more rapid. The ship tips and falls as water builds in the hull, and its crew has no choice but to jump ship to survive. This is exactly what is happening to the value of unsold LA homes in the current economic downturn. As the water rises, many homeowners need to abandon ship, especially those burdened by extra properties that are increasing in costs and maintenance with every passing month.

With interest rates reaching unreasonable levels, the buyer pool that was overflowing with bidding wars in 2021 and the first part of 2022 has dried up almost completely. Those looking to sell a Los Angeles, California home fast this year are still looking for a solution, with real estate agents making bigger and bigger demands for renovations and property-enhancing expenses with minimal gains.

Why Many LA Sellers Need to Sell Fast

If you have a good reason to get an unwanted LA property off your hands, you’re not alone. In a market of millions, thousands of homes every year become distressed, undesirable, or too costly to maintain. This year, those reasons are made worse by the current economic conditions, so holding onto property until the market improves isn’t financially feasible.

Why you need to sell your California house pronto is your business, as cash-buyer, we’ve heard hundreds of reasons why selling for cash has become the best, most beneficial answer to unwanted real estate. Your story may fall into one of the following:

  • Decaying Vacants are Expensive

    • If you own a vacant house, you likely know just how expensive an empty, unused house can be. Not living in a home can increase its decay rate for a lack of daily maintenance and AC. Vacancies also attract unwanted attention and require extra security to keep out miscreants who could cause even more damage.
  • Divorce and Life Changes

        • Personal life changes don’t wait on the housing market. There are good reasons to sell immediately, like getting a new job across the country or needing to size-up for a growing family. While 2023 is a bad year for buyers and sellers, you may still need to get a house off your hands to facilitate a divorce, leaving behind a bad chapter in your life, or sell an inherited home from a recently passed loved one.
  • Risk of Foreclosure

        • When foreclosure looms, your best option is to sell the house fast. The risk of foreclosure means that your only chance to profit from the home is to sell before the house can be foreclosed on. If buyers aren’t biting, selling for cash at a fair price is far better than having the house simply taken from you and auctioned for the bank’s benefit.
  • Unwanted Inheritance Homes

  • Critical Issues that Won’t Pass Inspection

        • Then there are homes that can’t be sold to a buyer’s family. If a critical maintenance issue with your house can’t be fixed right now and definitely won’t pass inspection, this can stop your ability to sell on the housing market, but not your ability to sell for cash to an as-is buyer.
  • Wrecked Rentals without Funds for Renovation

        • Did your last set of tenants completely trash a property? If current financial conditions mean you don’t have the funds to invest in massive repairs, the best answer may be to sell immediately before the property becomes a money pit.
  • Funding a Recession Retirement

        • Seniors who have a modest property portfolio often need to sell in less than a year or two when they are ready to close their landlording career and retire.
  • Toxic HOA

      • Many people need to sell a house immediately when they realize they have moved into a toxic HOA. If you are currently being harassed about the height of your grass or the color of your street-facing curtains, we can help you get out now before your HOA piles on so many penalties that they can justify foreclosure.


sell LA Houses with out the ownersThe Great Buyer Disappearance of 2022-2023

Despite the increasing need to sell your LA, CA home, many sellers hear crickets when their listing goes active. The buyer frenzy of 2021 and the first part of 2022 has been almost entirely squelched by the rising interest rates and the same expensive market conditions inspiring sellers to sell.

Today’s economy has caused a great buyer disappearance. Most financial advisors are likely telling prospective buyers to wait it out, keep their current homes, or rent for a year until conditions improve. Mortgage lenders are even getting desperate, offering to guarantee a better refinancing rate in a few years if buyers will just take out a mortgage in 2023.

Sell Your LA, California House for Cash Right Now. 

Sell Your LA, Home for Cash Right Now.

What To Do When Your LA House is a Money Pit and Buyers Aren’t Biting

Whatever your reasons, you have an LA house burning a hole in your checkbook. With mortgages more undesirable than ever, family buyers are few and often strapped for cash. But what can you do when buyers aren’t showing up, or those buyers who do arrive are desperately trying to lowball your home’s value?

The answer is to sell to someone who doesn’t need a mortgage. Investment homebuyers like Sellers Advantage have turned house flipping into a business model and, we think, an art form. An investment buyer has a portfolio and capital large enough to buy your house outright and immediately. This means you can sell for cash right now, without worrying about things like repairs and fresh paint. The lending rate doesn’t limit an investment buyer because they are internally financed, and they don’t have to wait for layers of approval because the purchase is internally approved.

Cash-in-hand, you could be walking away in less than a week by selling to dedicated investment home buyers like Seller’s Advantage.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Seller’s Advantage: Buying Houses Fast for Cash in 2023

It has been predicted that, for most hopeful buyers, 2023 will be a year of renting and carefully saving up for when market conditions improve. In 2023, family buyers will be few and far between. But for home sellers who need to sell right now, Seller’s Advantage is proud to be one of the few reliable and fair buyers available in a difficult market.

At Seller’s Advantage, we buy houses as-is, and we can buy your house with cash in your hands within a week of our initial visit. Sometimes even faster than that if you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles! You can also rest assured knowing that your home, beautiful or shabby, will soon be turned around by experts and returned to the housing market to help ease the housing shortage while saving you the hassle (and expense) of any needed repairs.

To get started with a no-obligation consultation and quote, simply reach out to let us know you are interested. Our helpful Seller’s Advantage team will take care of the rest. It’s what we do best because we are the best company that buys houses in any condition!


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How to Sell Your House When It’s Already Listed on the Market In Los Angeles California

Learn How to Sell Your House When It’s Already Listed on the Market

Do you remember holding onto an old card collection when you were young because it could be worth thousands of dollars? Later on, perhaps someone offered to buy your best card for a fortune, but you chose to wait. As the value of your collection dwindles, you may still think about that offer. Selling your home in 2020 is a lot like this, with many homeowners looking over their shoulder at the low interest rates and buying frenzy from just a few months ago now pulling ever further into the rearview. Every month you wait, the interest rates may rise higher alongside cost of living, influencing buyers to seek low prices instead of luxury features.

If your home is already sitting on the market, unbought and waiting for the right buyer offer that never comes, you’re in the market for a better option – and fast! Seller’s Advantage offers immediate cash purchasing for the fair value of your home right now. No delays, no weeks of negotiations, no complicated closing fees. To be honest, it’s the dream your real estate agent said wasn’t possible. But now that your house is listed, can you get out of a traditional listing to sell your home to a cash buyer?

Yes. Yes, you can.


I Already Listed My House, But Want to Sell for Cash

First, we want to say “Congratulations” for breaking the mold and realizing that there are more ways to sell a house than listening to your realtor. Real estate agents are deeply entrenched in the move-in-ready competitive housing market. The interplay between families selling and families buying is what they live and breathe. In that world, they are necessary and their advice is useful. However, not all markets or homes are right for this approach.

If you aren’t getting the buyers or offers you want – or if your realtor is insisting on more home improvements you don’t want to make – you can pull your house from the market and sell to a cash buyer at any time. You have options. You can fire your agent. You can close the listing contract. You can pull your house from the market and sell it privately as is your right as the property owner. But it may take a few steps to get from listing to cash selling. That’s exactly what we’re here to help with, today.

Why Real Estate Agents are Unprepared for Current Market Conditions

Sellers Advantage Reviews

Seller’s Advantage Reviews

The current housing market is starting to reflect recent economic chaos. The pandemic, the war, the increasing cost of living, and the rising interest rates are more than most real estate algorithms can handle. Many agents don’t know where to set home prices at to attract today’s buyers. Many buyers don’t know where they stand financially, as the cost of a non-locked-in mortgage rate changes from week to week.

It’s no surprise if you have a house on the California market that isn’t selling. Home prices skyrocketed last year, but are dropping again. The buyer bidding wars are over, and many buyers are now having trouble getting approved for mortgages at higher rates. To top it off, California real estate agents are also known for going overboard with the renovations and staging as they want to show the “best side” of your house – while your home loses value with every month that passes.

The current market is now full of homeowners who are frustrated with the traditional listing process and want to sell quickly for cash. Seller’s Advantage can do that, but your real estate agent is unlikely to be the source of your windfall.


How to Fire Your Los Angeles Real Estate Agent After You’ve Signed a Listing Contract

If your agent has not successfully prepared or sold your house – or if you are displeased with the tactics they are attempting to use, you can always fire them. If you have signed a listing contract, you will need to break it before selling – or your agent may be entitled to 3% of the proceeds in places like Riverside, Pasadena and Oxnard.

  • Read the Contract for Exit Strategies – Start by reading your listing contract. Look for any quick and easy exit strategies to break the contract and therefore free yourself and your realtor from the partnership. Sometimes, this is easy and built-in. Sometimes it’s not.
  • Tell Your Agent to Withdraw the House and Ask to Cancel the Contract – Get in touch with your real estate agent and ask them to cancel the house sale. Ask them to withdraw your house from MLS, cancel online listings, and to close out your selling contract. Some agents will mutually cancel the listing and your contract promptly. Some will ask for reasonable compensation for anything they spent on your listing, as you will not be paying them for the sale. Some may fight the break, but continue forward.
  • Mutually Break the Contract or Wait Out the Duration – If your agent agrees, you can break the contract – sometimes with a small amount of compensation or a cancellation fee. If your agent is completely stubborn and won’t cancel your listing contract, however, you can simply wait out the duration. Most listing contracts are only a few months long, and you can sell immediately after your contract expires.


How to Sell Your LA House for Cash  Fast with Seller’s Advantage

Once you are no longer under contract with your ex-agent, Seller’s Advantage can help you close your home sale for cash within a week. In fact, we can give you a quote even before your agent is out of the picture. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You Call, We Walk Through
    • Seller’s Advantage needs just one walkthrough of your home to make a complete and fair market value offer. Because our business model is buying houses, we know a good house when we see one, and how to determine the true value of a property. As soon as you contact us, we’ll schedule a walkthrough of your house on a schedule that is best for you.
    • We can even take our initial walkthrough while your home is still on the MLS if you call your real estate agent and cancel the listing contract before you ask for a cash offer.
  2. We Offer, You Accept
    • Once we’ve seen the house, we can typically make a cash offer within the day. Because we are an investment company that buys houses in any condition that provides our own financing, our offer is always reliable and never falls through, unlike recent buyer troubles.
    • If you like our offer and choose to accept, we’ll start making arrangements to make the home purchase quick and easy for you.
  3. We Close, You Get Paid
    • We have a team of experts including legal, financial, and real estate pros who can take care of everything. You will soon be enjoying a cash deposit in the full value of your home while barely lifting a finger to complete the home selling process. No complicated closing costs, no agents cutting into your profits.


Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell Any House for Cash, Even If It’s On the Market

If you have a house on the California housing market that isn’t selling, we have the solution because we buy houses California. From homes that are too shabby to homes that are too nice for the current market, Seller’s Advantage will make sure you get a fair price and money in-hand ASAP. If your home is already listed with a Realtor you will need to contact them and cancel the contract to get a cash offer.  Once that is complete, we can help you sell it with no strings attached. Contact us today to learn more on hot to sell my house fast Los Angeles or to book your initial walk through.


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How to Easily Sell Your LA House as Absentee Owners

What is an absentee owner?

Absentee homeowners are very common in LA. Absentee owners are those who do not live near the homes they own and who have little to no interest in maintenance or property management. Often, absentee homeowners are too busy with their local lives, families, and homes to be concerned with distant properties. Selling the house can seem like an even bigger ordeal.

The Housing Market Hassle for Absentee Owners

Many absentee owners would prefer just to sell. Still, the housing market has traditionally been challenging for any home sale where the owner is unavailable for constant interactions with realtors, buyers, and inspectors. The home selling process takes a long time, so for absentee owners, the process seems to drag on forever. Your home may be damaged and in need of repairs. In the traditional housing market, you may even be dealing with a vacant or abandoned property, which will only make the selling process more difficult.

Fortunately, absentee homeowners and their property managers have an alternative. Selling an LA home as an absentee homeowner has never been easier.

Skip the Housing Market, Sell to an Investment Buyer

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or RealtorWhy go through the hassle and rigamarole of repairing, staging, photographing, marketing, showing, negotiating, and ultimately closing on your home when all you want to do is get it off your hands? The traditional housing market may be a pain, but there’s more than one way to sell a house. Investment buyers like Seller’s Advantage buy properties for commercial reasons, not personal ones. We are a house-buying company with a wide range of solutions for each property. We fix, flip, rent, and sell in-house. We also handle our own internal financing, which means that home sellers need to lift just one finger – to dial us on the phone. From the first consultation call, all we need is your permission to put cash in your hand and transfer the title.

Even better, once you start the process, we’ll have it finished and a no-obligation cash offer on the table in a matter of days.

Sell Distressed LA Homes as an Absentee Owner

Another benefit of selling to an investment buyer is there’s no need for repairs or renovations. Seller’s Advantage buys as-is because our inspectors can see the potential and value of a property without the spotless cleaning and fresh coat of paint. We know that one squeaky stair doesn’t discount the whole property. We even know how to see the value in homes that are not yet cleared of belongings and those that have seen far better days. Distressed homes, damaged homes, and plain shabby older LA homes are all in our purview, and we won’t ask you to fix anything up before we agree to close.

We know that selling as-is makes life so much easier for out-of-state homeowners who want to remain absentee and local homeowners who don’t have the spare budget or time for repairs.

You Don’t Need to Fly Out to Sell an LA Home

Absentee owners often struggle to sell because they can’t make time for travel to the distant home’s location. When you sell an LA area house to Seller’s Advantage, you don’t have to fly out to meet us.  With vetted online signature tools available, you don’t have to be in California to sell an LA house. You never need to be here in person, so if you’ve been putting off selling this house because you can’t make time for travel, the wait is over.

Absentee Owners Selling Through a Property Manager

Rental home property managers often deal with absentee owners, and may be asked to arrange for a quick and efficient home sale. Seller’s Advantage can absolutely work with a property manager on behalf of their client and absentee owner. In this case, the property manager can act as the owner’s proxy in hosting the one-time tour and the handing of keys and Seller’s Advantage will take care of paperwork online with the seller directly.

Getting Out of Being a Landlord Fast

Many people dip their toes into the Los Angeles, California housing market, and not all want to stay there. If you want to get out of being a landlord fast or drop a single unprofitable property without delays, Seller’s Advantage has tools and services to make this process as smooth as possible. Our team can help with tax liens, relocating tenants, and buying out your current loan so that you can get an unwanted house off your hands fast at a fair price.

How to Easily Sell an LA House as an Absentee Owner

  1. Reach out to Seller’s Advantage

Submit your contact information through our website form or call us directly at 1-800-208-3243. We’ll have an initial phone discussion about your home and its current condition. If you have any special scheduling needs or services you may need to complete the sale, just let us know. We’re here to make the home sale work for you at a distance.

  1. Have a Proxy Lead the Inspection Tour

Our inspector will need to see the house just once to make an informed offer for it’s current value. We’ll look around and determine the home’s bones, state of repair, architectural merits, and location desirability. For absentee owners, a proxy can be sent with the key or code to the lock-box to allow our inspector to walk through.

  1. Receive a Cash Offer Online

Once we’ve taken a look, you’ll typically have an offer in your email inbox within 24 hours or even before the end of the day. With a phone call and an email, you can decide to sell your LA property with cash in hand.

  1. Accept and We’ll Do the Rest

We Buy Houses Los AngelesIf you like our offer and choose to accept, our full-scale real estate team will take care of the rest. We’ll help you take care of any obstacles like title liens or expenses and manage the title transfer and closing procedure without the usual delays of residential real estate. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the check.

Seller’s Advantage a company that buys houses in any condition is here to help absentee owners sell swiftly and without hassle. If you don’t have time to fly out, you don’t have to. If you want to sell as-is without repairs and staging, you can. As a house buying company, we will buy LA homes in any condition on a schedule that works for you. Contact us online or call 1-800-208-3243 today to sell your house right now.


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Why Selling an Inherited LA House is a Good Idea for Siblings

Inheriting a house can be complicated. When siblings inherit a home together, rarely can a perfectly equal arrangement be made. How do other siblings get equal value if one person lives in the house? If the house is rented, do you have to go into business together? The solutions to shared inheritance are often more complicated than the initial question: Should you sell the house or keep it? If you keep it, how can you equally split the monetary and sentimental value of the home between all siblings?

Inheriting a home in LA California only adds to the challenge with the density, traffic, and high cost of living for out-of-state relatives. If you want to sell an inherited house fast and have siblings to settle with, you have options to choose from.

Reasons to Quickly Sell an Inherited Home

Inheriting a house can be exceptionally sentimental. It might be the family home you and your siblings grew up in or a home you’ve visited for many happy holidays with your now-passed loved one. It can be tough to let go, but a few compelling reasons may influence a group of siblings to sell instead of keeping the house for sentimental reasons.

  • No one wants to live in the home. You all have established lives elsewhere
  • The home is in bad shape and would cost more to repair than the siblings can comfortably afford
  • There is a hoard inside the house you just can’t tackle
  • There are bad or unhappy memories wrapped up in the house
  • No one can afford the property taxes and yearly upkeep
I inherited a house now what?

Why Selling an Inherited House is a Good Idea for Siblings

When siblings inherit a parent’s home, questions rise to the surface. Who will live there, clean it up, or pay for it become incredibly sticky discussions. Disagreeing over the inherited house can cause more strife than your parent would have wanted. Selling offers several benefits beyond splitting the money.

  1. No Buyouts Between Siblings – A buyout is necessary for any siblings to opt-out of shared ownership. But buying a sibling out of the family home is complicated and emotional. If you want to keep buyouts out of the picture, selling the property provides the best way for every sibling to have a fair share of both benefits and responsibility.
  2. Sell At Your Own Pace, When You’re Ready – There are two ways to sell your house. One relies on the market, Realtors, and buyer offers. However, selling to an investment buyer allows you to sell on your time whenever you are ready. This could mean selling quickly to get old memories and a leaking roof off your shoulders. Or you can take your time sorting contents, distributing keepsakes to relatives. and finding closure before closing on a sure sale.
  3. No Effort to Sell the House -No Cleaning, Repairs, or Staging Required – Skip the effort of preparing the home for the real state market. Selling to an investment buyer, you can skip staging, painting, and repairs; you don’t even have to remove everything. Based on your needs and the state of your inherited home, we can take care of everything from a few leftover boxes to hoarder-packed homes. You also don’t have to fight with your siblings about who will clean and prepare the house for sale.
  4. See Cash from the Sale Now – What your parent hoped to leave you when bequeathing the house was something of value and benefit to your lives. If any or all of the siblings could benefit from the money, selling to an investment buyer can lead to the fastest and most efficient route to cash that can be fairly split -without worrying about escrow, contracts, or mortgage approval on the buyer side.

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorSelling the House to an Investment Buyer

If you decide to sell, there are two ways to sell a house. The first is to go through the real estate market with a real estate agent, cleaning, repainting, staging, and then negotiating bids with buyers until one buyer finally closes. Then there’s selling to a cash investment buyer as is, a company or individual with cash-on-hand, and a business plan that includes buying, improving, and selling or renting houses.

Inherited homes often benefit from being sold to investors who don’t require the whole move-in-ready rigmarole. Siblings have a lot to gain when selling a co-inherited house to an investment buyer. This can remove complexity, cost, delays, and drama from the equation when you can quickly get a fair price for the home in cash to share.

What Happens When You Sell an Inherited House to an Investment Buyer?

Many people wonder about the difference between selling to a family buyer vs. an investment buyer. A private sale does allow you to hand-pick the next residents in your family home. But rest assured, when you sell a home to an investment company like Seller’s Advantage, it will be the happy home of a new family.

An investment buyer is a home flipper on a much larger scale. With a larger portfolio, we have more capital available to buy homes. We will quickly take care of the repairs and upgrades to get your home ready for a new family – and relieve the housing crisis one improved home at a time.

How to Quickly and Easily Sell a Co-Inherited Home

If you have inherited a home with siblings, the selling process can be both emotional and complicated. Fortunately, a few how-to steps can help you put one foot in front of the other while tackling all the outstanding items, helping everyone find closure, and selling the home before it creates a growing maintenance cost.

  • Walk Through the Home – Feel What You Feel – The first step is always to walk through the home, just once. There are emotions to process just seeing, touching, and smelling the space they used to live. Perhaps your family home or just a house they had chosen after you became an adult. If you’re out of state from the inherited house, it may be worth your while to take at least one walk through the residence of your passed loved one.
  • Distribute Heirlooms and Bequeathed Items – Go through the will and the house together, distributing any bequeathed items to the intended relatives. Save heirloom collections and furniture. Rescue family keepsakes from the attic. Ensure all legal and sentimental items are claimed from the mass of daily life items in the house.
  • Let Relatives Claim Loving Keepsakes – Once official bequeathed items are distributed, let each sibling claim something as a keepsake from the sentimental items and then each extended relative. A ring, a chair, or even a basket can have special meaning and provide valuable loving memories.
  • Put Unclaimed Personal Items in Storage – If relatives can’t make it to claim keepsakes, or there are personal items you don’t have time to sort right now, put the home’s contents into a climate-controlled personal storage locker. This will allow you to take care of the sentimental and antique items later while dealing with the house or trust today.
  • Schedule an Estimate Tour – Once the house is empty of all important items, you can call and schedule an estimate with your investment buyer. Call us here at Seller’s Advantage for a same-week visit to price the house if the home is in the LA area to sell my house fast Los Angeles.
  • Accept a Cash Offer – Within a few days, sometimes within a few hours, we’ll have a cash offer ready for you to accept. On your schedule, accept the cash, sign the paperwork, and the property itself will be off the hands of you and your siblings.

Selling an Inherited Home Fast with Sellers Advantage

If you and your siblings need to sell a home fast in the LA area, Seller’s Advantage the #1 company that buys houses for cash has everything you need from fair estimates to fast closing and cash payment. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate with a no-obligation initial tour of the home. We’ll get you a cash offer you can pitch to your siblings to stop the fighting or a proposal that will satisfy a group of siblings ready to sell.


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