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How to Easily Sell Your LA House as Absentee Owners

Absentee homeowners happen are very common in LA. Absentee owners are those who do not live near the homes they own and who have little to no interest in maintenance or property management. Often, absentee homeowners are too busy with their local lives, families, and homes to be concerned with distant properties. Selling the house can seem like an even bigger ordeal.

The Housing Market Hassle for Absentee Owners

Many absentee owners would prefer just to sell. Still, the housing market has traditionally been challenging for any home sale where the owner is unavailable for constant interactions with realtors, buyers, and inspectors. The home selling process takes a long time, so for absentee owners, the process seems to drag on forever. Your home may be damaged and in need of repairs. In the traditional housing market, you may even be dealing with a vacant or abandoned property, which will only make the selling process more difficult.

Fortunately, absentee homeowners and their property managers have an alternative. Selling an LA home as an absentee homeowner has never been easier.

Skip the Housing Market, Sell to an Investment Buyer

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or RealtorWhy go through the hassle and rigamarole of repairing, staging, photographing, marketing, showing, negotiating, and ultimately closing on your home when all you want to do is get it off your hands? The traditional housing market may be a pain, but there’s more than one way to sell a house. Investment buyers like Seller’s Advantage buy properties for commercial reasons, not personal ones. We are a house-buying company with a wide range of solutions for each property. We fix, flip, rent, and sell in-house. We also handle our own internal financing, which means that home sellers need to lift just one finger – to dial us on the phone. From the first consultation call, all we need is your permission to put cash in your hand and transfer the title.

Even better, once you start the process, we’ll have it finished and a no-obligation cash offer on the table in a matter of days.

Sell Distressed LA Homes as an Absentee Owner

Another benefit of selling to an investment buyer is there’s no need for repairs or renovations. Seller’s Advantage buys as-is because our inspectors can see the potential and value of a property without the spotless cleaning and fresh coat of paint. We know that one squeaky stair doesn’t discount the whole property. We even know how to see the value in homes that are not yet cleared of belongings and those that have seen far better days. Distressed homes, damaged homes, and plain shabby older LA homes are all in our purview, and we won’t ask you to fix anything up before we agree to close.

We know that selling as-is makes life so much easier for out-of-state homeowners who want to remain absentee and local homeowners who don’t have the spare budget or time for repairs.

You Don’t Need to Fly Out to Sell an LA Home

Absentee owners often struggle to sell because they can’t make time for travel to the distant home’s location. When you sell an LA area house to Seller’s Advantage, you don’t have to fly out to meet us.  With vetted online signature tools available, you don’t have to be in California to sell an LA house. You never need to be here in person, so if you’ve been putting off selling this house because you can’t make time for travel, the wait is over.

Absentee Owners Selling Through a Property Manager

Rental home property managers often deal with absentee owners, and may be asked to arrange for a quick and efficient home sale. Seller’s Advantage can absolutely work with a property manager on behalf of their client and absentee owner. In this case, the property manager can act as the owner’s proxy in hosting the one-time tour and the handing of keys and Seller’s Advantage will take care of paperwork online with the seller directly.

Getting Out of Being a Landlord Fast

Many people dip their toes into the Los Angeles, California housing market, and not all want to stay there. If you want to get out of being a landlord fast or drop a single unprofitable property without delays, Seller’s Advantage has tools and services to make this process as smooth as possible. Our team can help with tax liens, relocating tenants, and buying out your current loan so that you can get an unwanted house off your hands fast at a fair price.

How to Easily Sell an LA House as an Absentee Owner

  1. Reach out to Seller’s Advantage

Submit your contact information through our website form or call us directly at 1-800-208-3243. We’ll have an initial phone discussion about your home and its current condition. If you have any special scheduling needs or services you may need to complete the sale, just let us know. We’re here to make the home sale work for you at a distance.

  1. Have a Proxy Lead the Inspection Tour

Our inspector will need to see the house just once to make an informed offer for it’s current value. We’ll look around and determine the home’s bones, state of repair, architectural merits, and location desirability. For absentee owners, a proxy can be sent with the key or code to the lock-box to allow our inspector to walk through.

  1. Receive a Cash Offer Online

Once we’ve taken a look, you’ll typically have an offer in your email inbox within 24 hours or even before the end of the day. With a phone call and an email, you can decide to sell your LA property with cash in hand.

  1. Accept and We’ll Do the Rest

We Buy Houses Los AngelesIf you like our offer and choose to accept, our full-scale real estate team will take care of the rest. We’ll help you take care of any obstacles like title liens or expenses and manage the title transfer and closing procedure without the usual delays of residential real estate. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the check.

Seller’s Advantage is here to help absentee owners sell swiftly and without hassle. If you don’t have time to fly out, you don’t have to. If you want to sell as-is without repairs and staging, you can. As a house buying company, we will buy LA homes in any condition on a schedule that works for you. Contact us online or cll 1-800-208-3243 today to sell your house right now.


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Why Selling an Inherited LA House is a Good Idea for Siblings

Inheriting a house can be complicated. When siblings inherit a home together, rarely can a perfectly equal arrangement be made. How do other siblings get equal value if one person lives in the house? If the house is rented, do you have to go into business together? The solutions to shared inheritance are often more complicated than the initial question: Should you sell the house or keep it? If you keep it, how can you equally split the monetary and sentimental value of the home between all siblings?

Inheriting a home in LA California only adds to the challenge with the density, traffic, and high cost of living for out-of-state relatives. If you want to sell an inherited house fast and have siblings to settle with, you have options to choose from.

Reasons to Quickly Sell an Inherited Home

Inheriting a house can be exceptionally sentimental. It might be the family home you and your siblings grew up in or a home you’ve visited for many happy holidays with your now-passed loved one. It can be tough to let go, but a few compelling reasons may influence a group of siblings to sell instead of keeping the house for sentimental reasons.

  • No one wants to live in the home. You all have established lives elsewhere
  • The home is in bad shape and would cost more to repair than the siblings can comfortably afford
  • There is a hoard inside the house you just can’t tackle
  • There are bad or unhappy memories wrapped up in the house
  • No one can afford the property taxes and yearly upkeep


Why Selling an Inherited House is a Good Idea for Siblings

When siblings inherit a parent’s home, questions rise to the surface. Who will live there, clean it up, or pay for it become incredibly sticky discussions. Disagreeing over the inherited house can cause more strife than your parent would have wanted. Selling offers several benefits beyond splitting the money.

  1. No Buyouts Between Siblings – A buyout is necessary for any siblings to opt-out of shared ownership. But buying a sibling out of the family home is complicated and emotional. If you want to keep buyouts out of the picture, selling the property provides the best way for every sibling to have a fair share of both benefits and responsibility.
  2. Sell At Your Own Pace, When You’re Ready – There are two ways to sell your house. One relies on the market, Realtors, and buyer offers. However, selling to an investment buyer allows you to sell on your time whenever you are ready. This could mean selling quickly to get old memories and a leaking roof off your shoulders. Or you can take your time sorting contents, distributing keepsakes to relatives. and finding closure before closing on a sure sale.
  3. No Effort to Sell the House -No Cleaning, Repairs, or Staging Required – Skip the effort of preparing the home for the real state market. Selling to an investment buyer, you can skip staging, painting, and repairs; you don’t even have to remove everything. Based on your needs and the state of your inherited home, we can take care of everything from a few leftover boxes to hoarder-packed homes. You also don’t have to fight with your siblings about who will clean and prepare the house for sale.
  4. See Cash from the Sale Now – What your parent hoped to leave you when bequeathing the house was something of value and benefit to your lives. If any or all of the siblings could benefit from the money, selling to an investment buyer can lead to the fastest and most efficient route to cash that can be fairly split -without worrying about escrow, contracts, or mortgage approval on the buyer side.

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorSelling the House to an Investment Buyer

If you decide to sell, there are two ways to sell a house. The first is to go through the real estate market with a real estate agent, cleaning, repainting, staging, and then negotiating bids with buyers until one buyer finally closes. Then there’s selling to a cash investment buyer as is, a company or individual with cash-on-hand, and a business plan that includes buying, improving, and selling or renting houses.

Inherited homes often benefit from being sold to investors who don’t require the whole move-in-ready rigmarole. Siblings have a lot to gain when selling a co-inherited house to an investment buyer. This can remove complexity, cost, delays, and drama from the equation when you can quickly get a fair price for the home in cash to share.

What Happens When You Sell an Inherited House to an Investment Buyer?

Many people wonder about the difference between selling to a family buyer vs. an investment buyer. A private sale does allow you to hand-pick the next residents in your family home. But rest assured, when you sell a home to an investment company like Seller’s Advantage, it will be the happy home of a new family.

An investment buyer is a home flipper on a much larger scale. With a larger portfolio, we have more capital available to buy homes. We will quickly take care of the repairs and upgrades to get your home ready for a new family – and relieve the housing crisis one improved home at a time.

How to Quickly and Easily Sell a Co-Inherited Home

If you have inherited a home with siblings, the selling process can be both emotional and complicated. Fortunately, a few how-to steps can help you put one foot in front of the other while tackling all the outstanding items, helping everyone find closure, and selling the home before it creates a growing maintenance cost.

  • Walk Through the Home – Feel What You Feel – The first step is always to walk through the home, just once. There are emotions to process just seeing, touching, and smelling the space they used to live. Perhaps your family home or just a house they had chosen after you became an adult. If you’re out of state from the inherited house, it may be worth your while to take at least one walk through the residence of your passed loved one.
  • Distribute Heirlooms and Bequeathed Items – Go through the will and the house together, distributing any bequeathed items to the intended relatives. Save heirloom collections and furniture. Rescue family keepsakes from the attic. Ensure all legal and sentimental items are claimed from the mass of daily life items in the house.
  • Let Relatives Claim Loving Keepsakes – Once official bequeathed items are distributed, let each sibling claim something as a keepsake from the sentimental items and then each extended relative. A ring, a chair, or even a basket can have special meaning and provide valuable loving memories.
  • Put Unclaimed Personal Items in Storage – If relatives can’t make it to claim keepsakes, or there are personal items you don’t have time to sort right now, put the home’s contents into a climate-controlled personal storage locker. This will allow you to take care of the sentimental and antique items later while dealing with the house or trust today.
  • Schedule an Estimate Tour – Once the house is empty of all important items, you can call and schedule an estimate with your investment buyer. Call us here at Seller’s Advantage for a same-week visit to price the house if the home is in the LA area to sell my house fast Los Angeles.
  • Accept a Cash Offer – Within a few days, sometimes within a few hours, we’ll have a cash offer ready for you to accept. On your schedule, accept the cash, sign the paperwork, and the property itself will be off the hands of you and your siblings.

Selling an Inherited Home Fast with Sellers Advantage

If you and your siblings need to sell a home fast in the LA area, Seller’s Advantage the #1 company that buys houses has everything you need from fair estimates to fast closing and cash payment. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate with a no-obligation initial tour of the home. We’ll get you a cash offer you can pitch to your siblings to stop the fighting or a proposal that will satisfy a group of siblings ready to sell.


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How To Avoid Foreclosure in Los Angeles

Foreclosure is something that nobody expects, but it can happen to anyone. Medical debt, COVID disasters, and over active HOAs are all common reasons why LA homeowners may be facing an issue of financial disaster and home foreclosure. When a home is foreclosed, the bank takes back the home based on the loan amount that is due, except in the cases of HOAs that rack up the fees until they can take action to foreclose on the house to cover the generated debt. No matter the cause, when you’re facing foreclosure, most people want to take control.

Foreclosure takes all the power out of your hands when it comes time to decide when and to whom you sell your house. However, if you take the necessary steps to avoid foreclosure, you can take back that control and get a better price for your home at the same time. You have a few options if you need to wipe out your remaining debt with the bank or get the best possible price for your house with no repairs and no time on the clock.

How can you avoid foreclosure in Los Angeles County? Let’s dive into your options.

Get Ahead of It: Approach the Bank First

The first and best way to avoid foreclosure is to get ahead. If you have financial problems on the horizon, approach your bank and let them know that you’d like to pay your mortgage but may not be able to. This flips the script. It shows your bank that you are a cooperative and responsible person, not just a “delinquent account.” You’re willing to work with them to find the solution that will limit the financial losses for everyone.

Your lending agent will then help you understand your options and pick the best path for your financial situation and your chance of repayment

Consider Alternatives to Foreclosure

Your bank will likely give you several options, though not all options may be available in all circumstances. The most common solutions to avoid foreclosure are forbearance,  loan modification, short selling, and handing over the deed in place of complete payment.

Forbearance on the Loan: Repayment Terms

Often, families hit a rough financial patch when money is extremely tight, but these rough patches smooth out. The first option is usually the one the bank most prefers: forbearance. If they provide some time and patience, would you be able to get back on track by paying your mortgage in a month or a few months? Another job is secured, an unexpected insurance issue is sorted out, and money becomes available for the mortgage.

If this is your situation, ask for forbearance with a little extra time to get your mortgage back on track. Banks often prefer to provide this option to keep the mortgage rather than settle for a lesser option through foreclosure.

Mortgage Modification

Mortgage modification makes it possible to adapt your current loan to the state of your future finances. After a divorce, for example, you may drop from two to only one income covering the loan. This may result in your finances being permanently changed – but you still intend to pay the mortgage. A mortgage modification adapts the monthly payments and duration to reflect your new financial situation and make payments possible again.

Deed in Lieu

Deed in Lieu is a financial, real estate term meaning “to give the deed instead of paying the loan.” The homeowner hands the deed to their property to the bank and the bank waives the entire mortgage. It’s a way to avoid black marks on anyone’s record or an unhappy interaction between the bank and homeowner, but no other value is recouped.

This solution is most common for newer mortgages with very little equity in the property.

Short Selling

Short selling is often the next best answer if the first two options aren’t available or practical. This is the most common way to avoid a foreclosure if you can’t modify or delay your mortgage payments. Short selling means selling the house for less than you owe and paying the bank back as much as possible. Depending on your bank and the sale, you may still owe the remainder, or your bank may waive the rest to close the account.

Short selling puts the power back in your hands by allowing you to choose who to sell your house to and which offers to accept, even if you are on a short schedule.

Your Options for Selling Instead of Foreclosure in Los Angeles County

If your home is at risk of being foreclosed, your best option is often to sell your house quickly for cash to get control of the situation. You can avoid a foreclosure on your record and the stress of going through the foreclosure process by selling your home fast to a reliable buyer with cash in hand. While you may not have time to go through the usual real estate staging and open house process, you have three good options for selling fast in the current market.

  1. Selling as-is to a motivated buyer
  2. Selling as-is to a home flipper
  3. Selling for cash to an investment buyer
  • Motivated Buyer – Don’t underestimate the power of a high-demand seller’s market. Right now, the housing market is extremely hot. Between the housing crisis and California demand, if you list the house as-is for cash, there’s a possibility that a motivated buyer with cash in hand will make a bid that will solve or mostly solve your financial problems in selling the house.
  • Home Flippers – If your home is in bad shape and you need to sell as-is with no repairs, home flippers may be your best bet within your timeline. Home flippers can take a home in poor condition and take the repairs off your hands.
  • Investment Buyers – Real estate investment property firms like Sellers Advantage are like large-scale flippers with guaranteed cash ready for an offer. We buy LA homes fast; no repairs, no delays. We’ll get you an online cash offer within a few days and close within two weeks. Sellers Advantage can help you short sell without hassle or worry if your home is at risk of being foreclosed on. No more waiting and hoping, you can sell it right now.

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorBenefits of Selling to Sellers Advantage Instead of Foreclosing

  • Preserve your homes equity
  • Protect your credit
  • Take control of the sale
  • Stop worrying about the last-minute procedure

Why foreclose when you can sell? Here at Seller’s Advantage, we make it easy for homeowners to sell with a quick quote, offer, and closing process. We’ll buy your house fast for cash, no matter its condition. In return, you can protect your credit from foreclosure and retake control of the sale of your home. Stop worrying about staging or family buyers; we’ve got you covered.

If your home is at risk of foreclosing in Los Angeles County, contact Sellers Advantage today to “sell my house fast Los Angeles“. We look forward to helping you get the best cash value for your home.


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Selling Houses That Need Work in California

A Guide to Selling Houses That Need Work in California

If your house has structural or aesthetic problems, selling traditionally in open markets might be challenging. Most buyers want to purchase a house that is move in ready and are unwilling to spend additional money and time on prolonged repairs to make it habitable.

Moreover, if the buyer’s agent perceives such issues, they actively undercut the asking price. This is even more prevalent in Southern California, due to a competitive real estate market and the above-national standards of home-buyers.

For these reasons, the easiest way to get the best value when selling a house in poor condition is to work with accredited and experienced as-is house buyers. However, it may be beneficial to consider selling to home buyers in the traditional market. Read this guide to learn more about the process of selling a house that needs work in order to make the best choice for your situation.

 What Kind of Houses Need Work?

Certain aeshtetic repairs are easy, cheap, and quick. Often, owners make the fixes themselves, like replacing broken windows, cleaning, or repainting. Nevertheless, some repairs are beyond do-it-yourself projects and need licensed professionals. Here are some substantial problems that indicate a house is in poor condition.

  • Roof repair or replacement: A damaged or old roof, including flashing and underlayment, might lead to water and additional structural damage
  • Electrical wiring: Poor wiring is a safety and a potential fire hazard
  • Visible structural damage: Events like fire, flooding, and earthquake can lead to holes, cracks, and other visible damage to floors, foundations, and roofs
  • Foundation damage: When the foundation needs repairs, the house might require a costly piering and jacking process.

 How to Evaluate Your Property’s Condition`

Often you can tell from a simple visual inspection if the house needs significant repairs. However, some problems are not immediately visible. You can seek the services of two or more experienced professionals and arrange a property tour at different times. Also, check the crawl space, roof, attic, and other structural parts of the house.

You can then use the inspection reports to obtain competing quotes from contractors. Your goal is to get a complete picture to draw a cost-benefit analysis.

 Who Will Buy A House That Needs Repairs?

Before exploring your options, make realistic assessments on who will buy the rundown house. Most homeowners don’t want their childhood home turned into a tear down or rental, so they accept less money from buyers they feel they can trust. This is a common mistake since you have no guarantee the buyer will do what you prefer with the house. There are two types of buyers for houses that need work: homeowners or investors. Here’s a look at the two groups.


Homeowners purchase a house based on a long term approach of settling down and raising a family. They consider:

  1. External factors like the school district, security, and access to stores.
  2. Internal factors such as the bathroom, kitchen, and floor plan.


Investors purchase properties that need some work since they can turn them into rentals or, to a “fix and flip.” They typically aren’t looking for a house to settle down in.

 How to Sell Houses That Need Work To Homeowners

Most upgrades and fixes don’t add much value to the price of homes. If you want another homeowner to purchase your house, you need to perform an analysis to determine how to get it ready. Below are the steps for selling to homeowners.

  • Get Expert Opinion

The first step is to get advice from experts on how to get the house ready.

Real Estate Agents

You can call various agents to ask for:

  1. Comparative Market Analysis or CMA to determine how much the house can sell on the market without fixes and upgrades. The agent considers the latest sales in the neighborhood and compares your home to recent transactions. They also consider other tangibles like the type of kitchen counters and flooring.
  2. List of other comparable upgrades. If it’s not contained in the CMA, you can ask your agent to list comparable amenities in your neighborhood. For instance, if all houses sold the previous year had wood flooring, sport shag carpets might decrease your home value.
  3. The value such upgrades add to your home
  4. Other advice on how to sell your house fast for cash

Home Inspectors

The buyer will have a professional home inspector go through the house. To preempt this, you can hire an inspector before selling. Then, if they find any game-changers or safety issues, you’ll know earlier and get the property all fixed up.


Once you get information from the home inspector and realtor, you’ll have an idea of the kinds of upgrades and repairs you need. Call specialized subcontractors or general contractors for bids on fixes and upgrades to the house.

  • Do the Math – Finally, look at your repair costs and compare them to the extra value the realtor estimates it will bring. For instance, when it takes $10,000 to replace the roof which only increases your home value by $5,000, it is best to avoid the remodeling project.
  • Make Necessary Repairs – In most cases, it is worth doing upgrades or repairs. Most home-sellers imagine the need for a few fixes to increase their home value or are embarrassed by the house’s appearance and perform DIY projects. Instead, hiring professionals saves you time, as you don’t want the house to sit another month as you do minor repairs. It is best to stick to expert advice and analysis.
  • Focus On Homeowners as Buyers – Finally, keep in mind your target buyers. You need to remove as much clutter and furniture as possible so that they can imagine themselves in the house. They need to see kids swinging in the backyard and riding bikes on driveways. Also, you want the clients to envision themselves snuggling up in the family room watching TV or hosting parties. Below are tips to help you achieve that:
    • Clean the house
    • Get rid of unnecessary stuff
    • Mow the yard
    • Highlight positives
    • Be honest about the work needed

 How To Sell Homes That Need Work To Investors

You can sell your house to an investor when you need a fast and straightforward offer for cash, or if it’s too damaged to be appealing in the market. This is because no matter the condition of your asset, there are investors that will make offers.

Selling the House “As-Is”

Technically, if you list the home “as-is,” it means you sell as-is to a company that buy houses in any condition and don’t make any repairs. Below are some tips to determine the best price when selling your home as-is.

  • Determine After the Repair Value of the House – The first step is valuing the as-is property for an idea of what the home is worth when you do all the needed repairs. You can check online for the quick value of properties.
  • Estimate What Repairs and Updates Will Cost – Offline and online guides for individual repairs help you approximate the costs.
  • Determine the Fair Value of Your As-Is Home – If light updates or repairs are needed, you might list the house for sale online. However, when major repairs are needed, you can save money and time by contacting cash home buyers in Los Angeles California. Besides, realtors also turn to them when selling homes that need extensive repairs.
  • Determine If It Is Worth Repairing the House – bTo the cost of repairs, add escrow fees, inspections, buyer concessions, appraisal costs, and other expenses related to the sales. In most instances, the added fees account for up to 12% of your home’s sale price.


It can be demanding to sell a home that needs work. In most cases, remodeling doesn’t pay back the original investment. Each type of buyer looks for different things, and it’s best to consider both when getting the rundown house ready for sale.

The good news is that Seller’s Advantage can provide hassle-free, quick cash offers for your property without costly and prolonged negotiation for repairs. You can close within 10-14 days in Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Costa Mesa. Contact us today to begin the process.


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How to Sell a Fixer-Upper Home in Los Angeles

Selling an LA Fixer-Upper House the Fast Way

Selling LA Fixer-Upper Houses Fast Way

Let’s face it, LA has pretty steep expectations when it comes to the housing market. Prices are high, competition is intense, and every buyer expects the Hollywood experience no matter how modest the neighborhood. Of course, actually owning a house in LA doesn’t mean automatic ‘glam’. Homes fall into disrepair over time. Storms and accidents can cause serious damage. Unnoticed issues can become big problems and pretty soon, your house is a “fixer upper” instead of move-in-ready mansion.


Realtor vs Reality

If you’re looking to sell a fixer-upper home in LA, chances are that your real estate agent has made some pretty big demands. New roof, new appliances, new floor – and that’s just to reach their standards for modern buyers. After all, real estate agents are competing with each other to sell the most homes at the highest prices. But what if you just want a shabby LA home off your hands? What if you’re trying to sell an LA house while out-of-state? What if you don’t have the thousands of dollars for renovations and redesigns before putting your run-down house on the market?

The fact is that your realtor is out-of-touch with reality – and the big picture of the home buying market. Real estate agents mainly focus on selling homes to individual buyer families, which means getting the house as polished and perfect as possible. If you can’t do that, however, you have options your agent may not have mentioned. Your real estate agent might be upset, but you don’t actually have to fix-up a fixer-upper to sell it in Los Angeles. There are other buyers who will do that for you.


Selling an LA Fixer-Upper House the Fast Way

sell my house fast Los AngelesSo you own a house in LA that needs repairs, and you want to sell it as-is. Did you know there’s actually a market for that? It’s called the fix-and-flip market, occupied by an ambitious range of solo specialists all the way to large investment companies. These buyers know how to take a shabby home in poor shape and transform it into a market-ready family home again. In fact, it’s all part of the business plan.

While your realtor may be saying that the fix-up is on your shoulders, it’s really not! The fastest way to sell an LA house without repairs is to sell to a buyer ready to do the repairs themselves. Investment buyers are also more prepared to make an offer and close quickly without the endless rounds of negotiation or haggling down the price. If you want to get a shabby LA house off your hands quickly, selling an investment company is a great way to do that.


Benefits of Selling Your Run-Down LA House to an Investment Buyer

Los Angeles Cash Home BuyersThe great thing about selling your house to an investment company instead of an individual buyer is that they don’t require the things a buyer-family requires. You don’t need to make the home feel airy and welcoming. No need to clean or stage. No need to fix a sagging roof or a cracked foundation. You might even have extensive water damage and mold that doesn’t need to be fixed. Investment buyers will even buy a house that’s seen a fire or has a broken pool gathering algae in the backyard.

You don’t have to convince another family to buy your eyesore house or take on repair costs on their own. Instead, you know a company with a solid fixer-upper business plan is taking on the responsibility, hassle, and time-consuming repairs so you don’t have to. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we’re proud to serve this important function in the housing market, taking shabby houses back to family-ready without a burden on the sellers or the next residents.

What are the other benefits of selling a fixer-upper house in Los Angeles to an investment buyer?

Sell Your House Without Doing Repairs

Don’t worry about repairs. You can sell your house quickly without performing a single repair. You can even sell a house that’s still full of stuff you don’t want, or things that were water-damaged when the roof leaked. Selling as-is means exactly that. We’ll buy your house no matter what state it’s in with a quick cash offer. No need to fix the roof or repair the pool, we’ve got that part already planned for and covered.

Sell a House Fast at a Good Price

How do you sell a damaged house at a good price? Your real estate agent may be focused on losing that “best price offer” by not doing repairs, but your real concern is just getting a fair price for the property when you get it off your hands. A cash investment buyer like Sellers Advantage will do a quick appraisal and offer you what the structure and lot are currently worth. You can stop worrying about potential market value and low-balling scam artists. With an investment buyer, you can walk away with a cash offer on the home’s value as it is right now.

Get the House Off Your Hands Without Hassle

For many people looking to sell a Los Angeles home that needs repairs, you just want to get the house off your hands. Maybe you don’t live there anymore. Or maybe you want to move away as fast as possible. You might have inherited the house or need to sell the house as part of your next financial move. When you want to be free of an old house, a quick sale to investment buyers is the fast, easy, no-hassle way to close the sale without the LA housing market song-and-dance.

Know Your House will be Family-Ready Again Soon

You can trust that investment home buyers have a plan for your house. Most of the time, that plan is actually to do everything you don’t have time for. We’ll apply our capital and expert teams to bring your house back to move-in-ready for a new family. You can rest assured that your house will be helping out the housing shortage soon, but you don’t have to be the one to handle all the repairs to make that happen.

Selling a Fixer-Upper When You’re Out of State

Last but not least, you don’t even have to be in town to sell your LA house to an investment buyer. If you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles while out-of-State, Sellers Advantage makes this quick and easy.  All you need is one person who can give us the tour and the keys – we’ll take care of the rest. You can receive your cash offer and correspond online so that the home sale practically takes care of itself. No need to fly in or risk travel during these high-risk times, we’ll have the house off your hands even if you can’t be here in person.

Sell Your Fixer-Upper and Move On with Your Life

Sellers Advantage is here to make your life easier with quick, fair, as-is home sales in the Los Angeles area. If you own a shabby house in or near LA and need to sell it fast, it’s easy to get started:

  • Fill out the contact us form or give us a call at 1.800.208.3243
  • Schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal with us.
  • Accept our cash offer and close within days!

Ready to learn how to sell a fixer upper house fast? Contact us today!

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Selling a House in LA With Code Violations

sell my house los angeles caSelling a house in LA with code violations is challenging, to say the least. People purchasing homes in California will want to avoid dealing with houses that violate state codes because of the extra expenses on top of the house’s cost.

Code violations mean that a home has substandard features that require correction. Such violations include abatement citations, health and safety, noise, and zoning. Violating these codes harm homeowners, neighbors, and the general environment.

Thus, home codes exist for overall protection. Violations indicate that a home is potentially dangerous to the community, which can prevent anyone in their right mind from investing in the property.

Although buyers are much less likely to purchase homes with code violations, it is still possible. Selling a house in LA fast with code violations does not have to be complicated. All you need is to understand the codes a home has violated and settle a deal that works for everyone involved in the purchase. Here’s a closer look at the process:

Understanding Violated Home Codes

sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)When selling a LA house with violations, you must collaborate with official bodies to guarantee your property’s safety. Collaborating with such agencies can help you figure out which codes you may be violating. Simply get in touch with the appropriate offices and request house permits from the city.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH) ensures that your house poses no health threat and safety hazards to anyone on the property. Meanwhile, you should also work with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). This office ensures that your property meets all house codes under California law.

Should these offices determine anything amiss, the city may charge certain fees to correct any violation. The fines that accrue on your property make it easier to identify which violations to prioritize remedying, thus making your house more marketable.

Consider prioritizing late fines to avoid further accrual. Try paying off violations as soon as the city identifies which fees are overdue.

Disclosing Information to Buyers

Part of understanding the home codes you may have violated includes letting potential buyers know about the fines attached to houses in violation. You must disclose such knowledge before the buyer closes on a purchase. Failure to disclose code violations may result in a lawsuit.

California is among the states that require house sellers to disclose all issues involving the property for sale. Before you sell my house in California for cash, you must list down all house-related problems in writing. Simply fill out a mandatory disclosure form, identifying every defect and malfunction your house may have.

With this form, a buyer can decide whether or not to purchase your house despite all the defects it may have. Some buyers may overlook such malfunctions if they find that they are simple enough to solve on their own. On that note, consider sorting out the simple issues yourself, such as the plumbing and electrical wiring.

Homebuyers are more likely to close a purchase on a property with as little damage as possible. If you fix the minor issues before selling, you can leave other code violations for the buyers. Of course, you would have to settle an agreement with potential buyers regarding such violations with which you leave them.

Crafting a Deal That Works for Everyone Involved

When selling a house in LA with code violations that you opt-out of remedying, you must compromise. Here are two options that many California home sellers tend to choose:

sell house as is for cashSelling Price Slash

Selling your home with violations at its full market price is unenticing. By slashing its selling price, you give your buyer a chance to save some money. They can use this extra money to sort out the violations and settle the incurred fines.

Consider slashing the selling price as a discount. If you leave a house with expensive violations attached, a buyer may opt for one without any violations. Fines and violations tend to overflow and may cause more losses on the buyer’s side.

Discounts can be enticing in any purchasing situation. You may convince potential buyers that the price slash fairly covers the costly violations your home may have.

Selling at Market Rate

You could sell your home with violations at market rate, but you would have to offer to settle the code violations once a buyer closes. This option would prove that the amount you would otherwise slash from the market price would sort the expensive violations.

Buyers may request a written agreement where you explicitly state your intentions with this full market price. Once you receive the cash, be sure to fulfill your end of the deal and report success to the buyer. You might consider this option if you currently lack the expenses to sort the code violations your house may have.

Selling a House in LA With Code Violations As-Is

You can sell a house in LA without settling code violations yourself with an alternative home selling option. At Seller’s Advantage, we purchase homes in LA with all sorts of issues as-is and at fair prices. In other words, you can get an amount that works for everyone involved without worrying about remedying any code violations your house may have.

Our process is for anyone looking to sell their house fast. We have bought homes in any condition over the last few years. We buy homes as-is in just a few days, guaranteeing quick money for sellers.

We are confident with our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, establishing our business as one of the best home buyers. Get a free, no-obligation quote on your Los Angeles house for a fair cash offer today.

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Sell Your Los Angeles California House During Bankruptcy

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy

You may be wondering whether you ought to sell your house during bankruptcy in LA. After all, it’s a viable option that can make it possible for you to survive financially challenging times. In this article, you can discover the many reasons why it is a wise decision to put up your house for sale and who can help you sell it for a fair price.

Sell Your Los Angeles House During Bankruptcy

Sell Your House During Bankruptcy

Reasons Why You Might Consider Selling Your House During Bankruptcy

You may be on the verge of filing for bankruptcy because of the following reasons:

  • Unemployment – It’s possible that you have lost your job because of a recession or other struggles. Whether you got laid off or your company went out of business, unfortunately, being unemployed is difficult since it can exponentially increase your financial troubles.
  • Overwhelming Bills – Pending bills can be overwhelming, especially if they have piled up over time. Your electricity or water supply may even be cut off if you are not able to pay your bills consistently.
  • Massive Debt – Borrowing money may seem like an instant solution that can help you weather financial problems. However, you may start drowning in debt if you do not have enough income to pay your loans on a regular basis. Over time, the interest will accumulate, leaving you with a massive amount of debt.

sell my house fast Los AngelesWhy It’s a Smart Idea To Sell Your LA House During Bankruptcy

In spite of the advantages of a property sale, it’s understandable if you are having second thoughts about selling your home either because you are personally invested or all the memories that are attached to it.

Nevertheless, selling your house at a fair price is a much better alternative than practically giving it away for an insufficient amount or having your property foreclosed by the bank once you fail to pay your mortgage. The money you receive from this will allow you to get back on your feet and achieve financial freedom in the future.

Who Can Help You Sell Your House During Bankruptcy

Seller’s Advantage makes it possible for you to quickly sell your house in Los Angeles and other areas in Southern California like Riverside, during financially challenging situations. There’s no need for you to wait for potential buyers to process their loans or to scour for the best interest rates.

Our family-owned company is based in Irvine, CA. We aim to maximize your profits while minimizing the typical hurdles that are commonly associated with house sales.

Why Seller’s Advantage Is Superior To Other Companies

There are several reasons why you should choose Seller’s Advantage over other real estate companies in Southern California.

We Feature a Fast Buy and Sell Process

We expedite home sales in Los Angeles and other nearby neighborhoods in a swift, efficient manner.

Our company specializes in investing in houses that need to be sold immediately, and that’s why we are experts at closing real estate deals in the shortest time possible. We will give you a cash payment once the deal is closed so you can start reaping the financial benefits immediately.

We Buy Houses That Need Work Or Repairs

Our team at Seller’s Advantage purchases a variety of homes, ranging from pristine brand-new houses to old, worn homes. We believe that every residential property is a worthy potential investment.

As such, we are ready to buy your house in any condition. We are prepared to address structural issues, repair mechanical problems, and inspect the premises for termites and other pests that may damage your house down the line.

  1. We Handle Complex Paperwork – Our company allows you to save time and effort associated with processing legal documents. We are equipped to handle the complicated legal paperwork on your behalf. As a result, we simplify and shorten the buy and sell procedure for you.
  2. We Help You To Avoid Hassle – Seller’s Advantage gives you the chance to avoid the hassle involved in selling your house in the real estate market. If you utilize our services, there’s no need for you to search for a reliable agent, welcome strangers inside your home during open houses, deal with contractors, manage costly repairs, pay the home selling fees, or wait for the sale to push through.

Real Estate investor may not be an agent or RealtorContact Seller’s Advantage To Sell Your House During Bankruptcy ASAP

If you’re thinking about selling your home, Seller’s Advantage is ready and willing to purchase it as-is. Best of all, we will ensure that you will receive a substantial cash payment that makes selling your house more than worth it.

Call us now at (800) 208-3243 to speak with our friendly, professional team. Enter your home address at our website to get a free, no-obligation quote. You may even receive an offer to sell my house fast Los Angeles in 24 hours or less.


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How to Sell California Real Estate After You Move Away

How to Sell LA, San Diego and Bay Area CA Property After You Already Moved

Real estate and your life plans do not always align. The market may be in a bad place, or a buyer may fall through, but your life plans roll on.  If life has taken you away from your real estate, it may be necessary to sell in absentia, remotely from your current location.

“I moved out of LA County and still have real estate I need to sell” this is a common situation we hear from local homeowners, often over the phone or through email. Life can take you away from where you call home. A job might start before you have a chance to sell your real estate. A family obligation might pull you away from tying up your loose ends in California before moving away.

If you have to sell a house but can’t be present to manage the process, what are your options?

How to Sell Los Angeles County Houses While Living Somewhere Else

  • Designate a Proxy
  • Find Remote Home-Selling Teams
  • The Slow Market Approach
  • Sell to an Real Estate Investor for Cash

Designate a Proxy to Do Your Local Legwork

Your best option when selling real estate from a distance is to designate a proxy. Find someone you can trust and who understands property sales to handle the in-person aspects of selling the home. This person is who will meet your trades teams for repairs, renovations, and staging. They will meet with the real estate agent, show around buyers, and call you during negotiations.

Of course, if you don’t have an LA, San Francisco Bay Area, or San Diego friend available for this role, you may be able to hire an inspector or remote selling alternatives.

Work with Teams Who Can Manage Remote Home Sales

Some teams are better at working with remote homeowners than others. You may find trades teams with good online support or a buyer who is apt at negotiating through email. Your best experience will be with a home-selling or home-buying company that can take care of the entire process with minimal contact from you. This will allow you oversight over your home sale without needing to travel back to LA County or constantly resolve problems on the phone.

Selling Slow for a Fine-Tuned Price

If you are focused on getting the highest possible market price for your home, if you’re looking forward to overseeing extensive renovations or look forward to buyer bidding wars, find a real estate agent who is capable of handling a remote homeowner. They will walk you through the slow, careful, and often investment-heavy path of staging your home and selling it for the highest possible price that can be found from desperate buyers.

Selling Fast for Guaranteed Cash

If you need to sell your LA County property quickly with guaranteed cash — no buyer banks falling through at the last moment — then the answer is to sell to a home-buying firm. Investment companies and home flippers specialize in buying quickly for a home’s current value – at the convenience of homeowner sellers. Sell your LA house without delays at the property’s worth and don’t worry about repairs, staging, or courting buyers.

Why It’s Easy to Sell Remotely to Investment Home Buyers

  • No Fees
  • No Banks
  • No Repairs
  • No Hassle
  • No Comissions
  • No Surprises

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorSelling to an investment buyer like Sellers Advantage is easy because we streamline the process, pay in cash, and we’ll buy your home right now, as-is, with no repairs or updates required.  Investment home buyers have a different approach to property purchase compared to the typical market. Many homeowners find that selling to a company is much easier than selling to individuals because we don’t need any hand holding or negotiation concessions.  You also don’t need to be there in-person to make the sale happen.

Here at Seller’s Advantage, we buy homes in as-is condition, meaning you don’t have to repair a single thing or repaint a single wall. We can tell the value of a home without the spruce-up. For homes already in great shape, we can quickly purchase it for cash and take care of all that pesky buyer/renter hassle for you. For homes that are in bad shape and need repairs before they are market-ready, we’ll proudly take the role of home-flippers and handle renovations, so you don’t have to.

It’s easy to sell to us because we go out of our way to make it easy. You don’t even have to be present for our team to conduct an inspection, make an offer, pay in cash, and streamline the deed & title transaction.

Our 6-Step Process to Easy Home Selling in California for Out-of-State Residents

How does selling to an cash home buyer work? The process is easy, with only one visit to your property to do a full assessment and provide a firm offer on the house. You can even sell your house while remaining remote, you don’t need to meet us in person near Riverside for our team to successfully buy your house, pay you in cash, and smoothly manage the ownership closing documents.

Here’s our six-step process for easily selling your home nearby or from your new distant location.

  1. Contact – Let us know you want to sell a home! We can’t get started on your offer unless we know you’re looking to sell. Head over to our online contact form and let us know which home you’d like to sell along with other pertinent information. Otherwise, call 800-208-3243 to talk about your home selling plans with a live person if online forms aren’t your thing.
  2. Initial Phone Call – If you don’t call us, we’ll call you. During our initial phone call, we’ll help you walk through the details of your home along with any maintenance concerns, history, and your need to sell remotely from outside LA County. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with many remote sellers before when time just doesn’t lend itself to a leisurely home sale.
  3. Call Back Estimate – After our initial conversation, we’ll do a bit of research on your home. Using our extensive resources and your disclosed information, we will determine the general value of the home and any potential costs before we can get it back on the market. From these calculations, we’ll make an estimate. Once we have an estimate, we’ll call you back with ballpark numbers for your home sale.
  4. On-Location Meeting and Offer – We will send a representative to tour your property and to get a feel for the home. Fortunately, you don’t need to be there in person. With a proxy, an agent, or just a property lock box, we’ll explore the property and take notes on the general state of the home. This will influence our final offer as we complete our assessment of the house.  When the walk through is finished, it is very likely our team member will provide an offer that same day to you via email or phone.
  5. Review the Offer – Now it’s your turn to think and take action. Once you have been provided the offer, there is no negotiation like with typical selling.  Decide whether you like the price and if you want to accept the offer. Take your time in making a decision.
  6. Acceptance of Offer – When you’re ready to move forward and get your cash, let us know that you accept the offer. From this point, we will deliver you the money and help you to smoothly manage ‘closing’ through the title’s office and other real estate authorities.

Do you live outside of LA County with a Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego property to sell? We can help! Contact us today to explore your home selling options for a fully remote experience as we buy houses in any condition.


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Selling a House for Cash When You Are the Trustee of the Trust

5 Benefits of Selling a House for Cash When You Are the Trustee of the Trust

How to get cash out of property for relocation or retirementAs a trustee, you are responsible for administering an estate or property on behalf of a beneficiary. You also have a duty of care to the beneficiary, implying you have to make the right decisions to safeguard their interests.  All over California in Los Angeles, The San Francisco Bay Area, and even San Diego.

In some cases, the beneficiary may be in financial distress, calling for quick and decisive action. The options available to you, as a trustee, include selling through an agent or For Sale By Owner (FBSO). These two options can’t offer a quick solution for the following reasons:

  • The agent is in control of the negotiations
  • The complex process of inspection
  • Dealing with multiple contractors to get the house ready
  • Finding the right agency and associated agency fee

That said, selling your house ‘as-is’ for cash, offers you flexibility and a quick way out of a pressing cash need.

Let’s explore the benefits of selling your property as-is for cash.


If you take the agent route, you’ll need preparations to get the house ready for viewing and photo sessions, leading to suitable offers. Some common preparations include conducting repairs on the floor, roofing, kitchen, outdoors, and de-personalizing.

As a trustee, the property at hand may be ruined or damaged, calling for considerable investment to get the house in good shape. According to Forbes advisor, it can cost you up to $6,000- $10,000 per room to repair a damaged floor. The aggregate cost of repairs may rise to over $100,000 when you factor in all aspects.

As such, it’s advisable to work with cash buyers who conduct a general inspection of the home to understand its value. Selling your house to cash investors also eliminates the risk of failing to recover your preparation cost from the available offers.


Typically a house that is in bad shape will sell slower than a well-maintained one. Therefore, it’s prudent to find a solution that can deliver a sale quicker.

The cash buying process involves a simple inspection and takes a few days. It’s, therefore, an ideal solution for financially distressed sellers — in need of cash to take care of medical emergencies, top-up for an alternative property, or cater for unforeseen cash needs.


sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)It’s the joy of any property owner in Los Angeles to sell a home quickly with minimal investment and hustle. However, it’s hardly the case when you consider dealing with agents, multiple buyers, and the associated marketing cost.

Below is a list of stressors you can avoid by selling an inherited home for cash in Los Angeles.

  • Open House Days: Selling a house through an agent or the owner requires open days to showcase its features. Hosting such events comes with preparation costs, security risks, and disruptions in your daily schedule.
  • Sellers Health Condition: Sellers sometimes go through emotionally and physically draining aspects like grief, illness, or job loss. Financial obligations continue to pile up despite such conditions, which is why you may need an alternative process— cash selling— where your input is barely required.
  • Unreliable Agent: You can sign up with an agent who doesn’t understand the market well, affecting a favorable deal. Consequently, you may be forced to delist their services at a fee and find a better alternative.

Selling your house to cash investors, therefore, eliminates such inconveniences, thereby giving you peace of mind.


Selling a house is a lengthy and laborious process. It also involves multiple parties whose interests must correspond to strike a deal. There are several delays associated with the actions of buyers, sellers, and service providers.

Here’s a list of the possible causes of delay you can encounter on the way:

  • Lending Process: Most home buyers utilize credit facilities like a mortgage to finance the sale. The process is complicated as it involves a list of documents and fulfilling bank conditions to get the funds. Besides the typical preparation, the lending process can increase the waiting period by 2-4 weeks.
  • Irrational Buyers: A buyer who had committed to buying a property can suddenly decline to acquire the home. The seller then has to seek legal redress or find a new buyer, requiring more time, preparation, and investment.
  • Contractors Delays: Pre-sale preparation requires a facelift, which is why you need contractors. Being a third party, you have minimal control over how quickly and efficiently they dispense their duties.

Cash buyers are liquid investors who don’t approach banks every time they seek to acquire property. The quick assessment process helps them make a quick decision on the worth of a house — eliminating instances of offer withdrawal.


Simplicity is one of the advantages of the cash process. You can just make a phone call or send an email to start the process. It means you don’t have to constantly check on the realtor for progress or host multiple open houses.

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorNegotiation in the traditional sales process requires time, skill, and experience to deal with persistent customers. On the contrary, a cash buyer uses an internal evaluation mechanism to extend an offer that you can accept, decline, or request an adjustment.

Here’s a breakdown of the Seller’s Advantage cash sale process:

  • Fill out the contact form or give us a call
  • Schedule a home inspection with us
  • Accept an offer and close within days

The traditional method of selling a home through an agent can take up to 8 weeks, coupled with expenses, preparations, and anxiety. To that end, it pays to embrace a three-step cash process that takes a maximum of three weeks.


As a trustee, making the right decision for your beneficiary includes selling the property for cash. It’s essential to find a quick and straightforward solution that can cater to your beneficiary’s emergency needs and make a responsible trustee.

That said, Seller’s Advantage is here to help you get the perfect cash offer for your home. We have a simple and straightforward process, including an A+ rating from the BBB, which guarantees that you’ll receive top-quality service from us. Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote to sell my house fast Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles Realtor Says House Needs Expensive Work or Updates To Sell

sell my house los angeles caMy Realtor Wants Home Updates and I Don’t Have the Money

When most people plan to sell a house, they hire a realtor. A real estate agent or realtor office knows the local housing market. They know the buyer pattern and seasonal flow. They also know what it takes to sell my house fast in Los Angeles for the best possible value.  The LA regional housing market is competitive with high demand and rapid turnover. Your property might have a lot of potential – but that potential might also be “hidden” behind some serious repairs and updates.

Your realtor may be insisting that to sell, you must invest thousands of dollars today for a return in the home sale price. But not everyone has the money to just sink into major home improvements when selling a house. You may not be able to update the kitchen or even to replace the old roof before the sale. Sometimes your finances just aren’t in the right place for that. But you still need to sell the house. What do you do?

Do I Really Need Updates to Sell My Home?

When the housing market is tight, you can always find someone, family or business, to buy your home. The question is which market you’re selling in. The traditional market between homeowners and home buyers is family-to-family. You’re trying to appeal to people who are ready to move into a new home. However, there are other types of buyers who are willing to buy a house even if the roof is leaking or the kitchen has outdated tiles.

So your realtor might be right about family-buyers for your neighborhood. But you don’t actually need to perform home updates to sell an LA property; just the right buyer.

Realtors and the Move-In Ready Ideal

In the modern housing market, the ideal property is move-in-ready. This means it has freshly painted walls, new roof, new appliances, steam-cleaned carpets, and recently changed locks. In other words, it’s ready for a new family to arrive with the moving truck and begin enjoying the home. Realtors and agents prefer to show their buyer-clients polished and move-in-ready homes. This creates an industry standard of homes that are repaired, repainted, and prepped for buyers to tour and move in directly. Buyers build their expectations based on this standard.

Homes ‘below the maintenance line’ won’t compete as well with most buyers who are searching with their own real estate agents. This means realtors often insist that your home needs repairs and even cosmetic updates before it can go onto the current housing market.

Fortunately, the move-in-ready market isn’t your only option. If you’re not ready to invest in costly home updates, there are other types of buyers outside the traditional real estate agent game.

The Real ROI of Pre-Sale Home Updates

First, let’s talk about ROI or Return on Investment. Most home updates do not fully return their value into the home’s final price. Replacing the roof – even a damaged roof, only returns about 70% of the investment you put in. Spend $22K on a new shingle roof, get $15K back in the home’s value. Spend $25K on a kitchen update, get maybe $20K back in the home’s value.

It’s very rare for a home update to provide complete ROI and nearly impossible to make returns unless you’re pro-flipping shabby homes back into the move-in-ready market. Whatever your realtor says about competition and increasing home value, don’t expect to get all your money back and more from the home sale after updates. Your home may sell for more, but you’ll also have put more into it.

Investment Buyers Outside the Move-In-Ready Market

The good news is that you’re not stuck in the high standards of LA’s move-in-ready home market. You don’t have to put in new wood floors or replace the wallpaper if you don’t have the budget for such big projects. In fact, you don’t even have to replace the roof or update the HVAC. What you need instead is an investment buyer, not a family ready to move in.

Investment and cash home buyers manage a large portfolio of properties. Some manage rental properties, some specialize in ‘flipping’ properties back onto the move-in market. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we take residential properties in bad condition in need of repair and buy them for cash at their current value. Then we do all the hard work of fixing it up and finding a buyer, which is part of our business model. Sellers in a bind get all the benefit of a quick sale for the home’s value – without the hassle of ‘staging’ the house for LA buyers. We make it possible to quickly cash out of a home sale.

How to Sell Your House Fast Without Pre-Sale Updates

When it’s time to sell a house, you don’t always have the time or funds to get it picture-perfect for the realtor. If your realtor can’t sell the house as-is, you don’t have to wait. Reach out to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage and we’ll have a cash offer for you within the week. After one quick visit, we’ll assess the home’s current value and be ready to buy immediately.

Seller’s Advantage Quick Buying Process

  1. Schedule Your Inspection
    • Contact us online or call in to schedule a no obligation inspection of the property.
    • Pick a date and time of your choosing.
    • You do not have to be there in person. A representative or proxy can lead the inspector through the property.
  2. We Value the House
    • We’ll use the inspection data to assess the value of the house.
  3. We Extend a Cash Offer
    • Once we complete the inspection, we will provide a cash offer.
  4. You Accept the Offer
    • If you like the offer we’ve made, you accept the offer and begin the transaction.
    • You are eligible for $10,000 advance.
  5. We Streamline the Title Process
    • Our team makes it fast and easy to transfer your property’s ownership.
    • No hassle with the title office or private lawyers.

You could have the house off your hands and the money in your account sooner than your realtor can secure escrow – often months sooner. You don’t have to do a single pre-sale update or repair because we’ll buy the house as-is. Because you are selling to a property investment company, you can count on us to have all the resources and experience to make the process easy.

Benefits of Selling Your Property for Cash

  • No processing fees
  • No realtor commissions
  • No open houses
  • No need for home repairs
  • No need for renovations, updates, or staging
  • No bank applications
  • No surprises
  • No hassles

Making Home-Selling Easy with Sellers Advantage

Let us worry about what it takes to make the property profitable, it’s what we do best. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we make the process fast and easy for sellers so you can focus on everything else in your life instead. Contact us online to schedule a no-obligation appraisal inspection to start selling a house that needs work. Once we have inspected the property, we’ll extend a cash offer for your home and close the sale quickly. You don’t have to invest thousands to sell your property across California from LA to San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area, you can cash out for its value today and skip the entire housing market hassle.



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