Learn How to Sell Los Angeles Homes Fast to Buy Your New House

Sell my house fast los angelesBuying a new house can be tricky when you’re already a homeowner. In many cases, the best financial option is to use the proceeds from selling your current home for the down payment on your new house. But this requires exquisite timing. You need to find a new house, negotiate, and all but buy the house while —at the same time— staging, marketing, and successfully selling the home you are currently living in.

If all goes well, you’ll have just enough time to get your stuff out of the sold house for the new buyer while closing on your new house just as the moving trucks arrive. And if you need more than that to worry about, there’s no guarantee that your buyer and seller will help you coordinate.

Unless, of course, you do things a little differently.


How to Sell Your House and Buy a New One at the Same Time

Selling a house to buy a house is a financial acrobatic feat. It’s the housing market equivalent of doing a backflip from one floating platform to another. You need concessions from both your buyer and seller to make it work. You might even need to “float” your family mid-air between the two homes using personal storage and temporary lodgings.

How do you stage the house to sell if you’re still living there? How do you secure a mortgage when the money for the down payment doesn’t exist yet? What if the house you’re selling needs work or is in a bad market, or you can’t get the price you wanted?

Advantages of Selling for Cash to Buy a New House

How Seller’s Advantage Can Help You Close on Your New Los Angeles House

  1. To Sell or to Bid First, That is the Question – When selling to buy, you need to secure a buyer and a seller simultaneously. You need a buyer to commit to buying your old house so you can make a solid bid for the seller of your new house. So should you market or house-hunt first? The answer is both. You want to prepare for both with the goal of closing on both houses at around same time.
  2. Leaseback and Sale Contingencies – Unfortunately, the best way to get your timing right is to negotiate at a disadvantage – as the party asking for concessions. First, ask your seller for a sale contingency – allowing you to back out in case your house doesn’t sell. Next, ask your buyer for a few weeks (no more than 3) of leaseback. This means you temporarily rent the house after signing over the title to have time to close your new home purchase and move out.
  3. Is Temporary Housing Necessary? – Chances are that you will need temporary housing. Even if you stage the house while you live in it (it’s normal but stressful), you will probably still need to move a lot of your stuff out and be prepared for at least a few weeks in a hotel or Airbnb while you transition. This way, you can close with your buyer, hand over the keys, then take their payment on the house to your bank to secure the mortgage and close with your seller.


Selling to a Cash Investor: An Alternative to the Acrobatics

What you may not realize is that the traditional method of selling to buy a house is also the hard way. The easy way is selling to an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage for cash because we buy houses Californa.

Investment buyers are real estate investors that specialize in buying. While they often buy shabby as-is houses, they also buy beautiful family homes that just need to move faster on the market for the owner’s preferences. If you need to sell your house fast so you can close on your new dream home, a cash investor makes it easy because they can pay in full, anytime, on your time. They also typically have internal legal support to help make the title transfer and closing details a breeze.

You don’t have to stress about impressing a new family or staging the house to look its best because investment buyers can see a home’s potential with a quick once-over. You don’t have to market, negotiate, or ask for concessions because an investment buyer isn’t in a rush. They can afford to meet your needs.


Advantages of Selling for Cash to Buy a New House

When you sell your house to a cash investor, there are more than a few advantages —especially if your goal is to sell precisely on time to buy your new house.

  1. The Sale is Guaranteed – Once you receive a California as is cash offer, your investment buyer is going to buy. There’s no stress about whether they will lose funding or back out at the last minute because you’re dealing with a business model, not a fickle person, family, or mortgage lender. You also know exactly how much you are getting and can make rock-solid future financial plans when buying your new house and planning the move.
  2. The Timing is On Your Schedule – An investment buyer can afford to rush or wait, depending on your need. If you need to sell the house right now because you have a seller toe-tapping to close, we can schedule your walk-through immediately, have your offer ready in 24 hours, and cash-in-hand within a week or maybe two if you have a few details to iron out. If you need to sell in a few weeks, months, or at an unknown time when your seller is finally ready to close, we’ll be prepared to close with you and won’t rush you out of your house until you’re ready.
  3. No Need for Staging or Repairs – If you don’t want to stage your house before selling, you don’t have to. We can see your home’s potential without fancy furniture arrangements. In fact, it’s potential even if the walls are a little scuffed or the roof still needs some work. Seller’s Advantage will offer a fair price for a home in any condition, no staging necessary.
  4. The Paperwork is Taken Care Of – The closing process for a home sale is often a hassle, with costs attached. However, a cash investor like Seller’s Advantage has a legal and administrative support team that can close for you, even if you’re selling from out-of-state or have obstacles in the way.


How Seller’s Advantage Can Help You Close on Your New House

At Seller’s Advantage, we focus on a positive selling experience as we buy houses Los Angeles. We work directly with homeowners to ensure the sale works for you under your unique conditions. We’ll buy it fast or slow. We’ll give you time to move out or take it immediately off your hands. We can even help you make the proper storage and moving arrangements so your transition from one home to the next is as smooth as possible.

When you sign up for an estimate, just let us know that you’re selling to buy, and we’ll help you build a custom plan that meets your personal scheduling needs. You’ll have cash in-hand perfectly timed for your down payment without rushing your family out of the house or worrying about unnecessary hassles. Contact us today to book your free walk-through and a no-obligation offer.

Sellers Advantage Reviews from Our Past Sellers

Here are a few of our Google reviews from previous satisfied home sellers:

  • We had a fantastic experience working with Seller’s Advantage from start to finish. Despite some challenges on our end, the team at Sellers Advantage remained patient, friendly, and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. – LR
  • Sellers advantage was a very honest and easy company to work with. They walked us through the entire process, which was quick and easy. Our sale was complicated, but they made it seem simple. The price was market value, and the whole process took less than a month. I would highly recommend Sellers Advantage to anyone who needs to sell their home. -JM
  • I had an awesome experience selling my house with Sellers Advantage. Everyone from the beginning to the end was positive, efficient, professional, and maintained contact with me throughout the process. Sellers Advantage took a lot of the stress out of a stressful process. Thank you Sellers Advantage for being so awesome. – RB
  • I am the executor for an estate and needed to sell a house for the inheritor. I got multiple bids and Seller’s Advantage came out on top. I was very pleased with they way they were very attentive, from the buyer through the transaction manager and her assistant, the escrow company and the mobile notary they sent to my office. I asked for a fast close and everything was completed including wire transfer within 2 weeks. My hat is off to Seller’s Advantage, a great job. – LM
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