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Selling vs. Renting Your Property: Challenges of Being a Landlord

While many people believe that being a landlord is an easy way to make some extra money, it isn’t always simple. You won’t just be sitting around and collecting rent money every month. In fact, it can be a lot of work, especially with some places. Here are some challenges that you may face as…

How to Quickly Sell a House You Inherited

If you’ve just inherited a house, it can be a challenge to know what to do next. Not only do you have to carry out the will of the person that’s passed on, but you also have a potential liability on your hands: houses aren’t cheap to run or maintain. Rather than sitting on a…

Benefits of Using ‘We Buy Houses’ Companies

  We Buy Houses Companies Offer Investors Benefits We’re betting that you have spotted the signs all over your town that have been stapled to telephone poles or staked into the ground. They say things like “We Buy Ugly Homes” or “We Buy Any House.” These signs are there to tell you that there are…

Is Being a Landlord Worth It? Managing The Drama And Expense

At some point in your life, you’re probably going to have the opportunity to be a landlord–rent a house you own to a tenant. You could inherit a home, or keep an older house when you buy a new one–however you come by that empty house, it’s hard not to see dollar signs blinking over…

The Biggest Hassles of Selling a Home–Getting Your House On the Market

Chances are, you have friends who have been “getting ready” to sell their homes for months–or even years! If you think they’re just not serious about selling, ask what’s taking so long–your head will be spinning in five minutes. Even in a “hot” real estate market, realtors want to maximize the selling price of a…

You Just Inherited A Home: Should You Sell It or Rent It?

The biggest asset that is typically passed down through an estate is a home. If you happen to inherit a home after someone passes away you could either choose to convert the property to a rental or sell it outright. While earning a stream of rental income can be attractive to some, there are many…

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