When to Sell a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Not all investment properties provide a return on investment (ROI) in the same way. In some cases, a home may only partially return what you put in, and selling at a loss becomes your best option. Your ROI depends on the market conditions, your business model’s effectiveness, and sometimes, the capricious will of Mother Nature. Every investor should have an exit strategy, just in case a rental home suddenly transitions from a source of income to a financial sinkhole.

In these situations, selling a Los Angeles rental property at a loss may be necessary before the loss becomes greater than just the selling price.

When to Sell a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Selling a Los Angeles Rental Property at a Loss

Not All Properties Appreciate the Same Way

Contrary to popular hype, the real estate market is not set in stone. Real estate agents would have you believe that every home appreciates along market trends and that any purchase will become a net profit if resold or properly rented. But life doesn’t always work that way. Many circumstances can lower a property’s value or make a rental home unprofitable in a specific location.

After many happy years making a profit from this rental, it may have achieved investment return years ago, or you might still be recovering your expenses, but the tables can turn at any moment. From lightning strikes to nightmare tenants, there may come a time when a rental home fails to appreciate. If you can’t turn the tables back on a reasonable budget, it may become time to sell – with or without a profit on the original purchase price.

When to Sell an LA Rental at a Loss

When Nature Has Taken It Too Far

Sometimes, even the most attentive maintenance can’t prevent nature from rendering a rental home unlivable. Storm damage, extensive but well-hidden mold, or sinking foundations can take a property out of the running. When that happens, the best thing you can do is to sell it at the best price to whoever can take on the rehab work it would take to make the lot useful again.

When Tenants Wreck the Place, and Repairs are over budget

Most tenants are reasonable people who may inflict only small amounts of wear and tear or do their best to repair the damage during their stay. But nightmare tenants may still slip past your screening process as is. If occupants have left the house completely wrecked and gutted, the only way to save your budget may be to sell instead of trying to repair the damage.

When You Discover an Unrepairable Catastrophe

There are also types of damage that may be no one’s fault but still make a house too expensive to repair. Problems like cracked and sinking foundations become bail-out situations no matter how nice the sinking house may be on top. It’s best to sell before the house splits in two if you don’t have extensive saved funds to shore up the foundation.

When Changes in City Infrastructure Change Your Profit Margin

LA is constantly restructuring by widening roads and changing traffic flow to optimize the city as a whole. But this can sometimes be disadvantageous to individual property owners. If a recent or planned change will make the house dangerous to access, make it need work, no longer attractive, or even wipe out your street, selling the LA rental home at a loss may be your best option.

When the Neighbors Have Become Intolerable

You also have no control over who buys homes and moves in near your investment homes. Intolerable new neighbors might begin to drive away tenants and damage your profit margin. If legal measures can’t be taken to stop the undesirable behavior or impact on the neighborhood, selling out of the situation may be the wisest decision.

When You’re Laying Down Your Portfolio

Lastly, retiring landlords often sell their entire portfolio at a net profit, even if some properties sell at a loss. If you’re ready to cash out and put your cash in a trust, it’s OK to take what each house is worth to fund your relaxed retirement (or your next venture) without concern for aggressively maximizing profits from every single home sale.

Why Selling at a Loss Can Be an Overall Gain

Rental homes vary based on location, tenants, management, and local changes. A profitable Las Vegas home your rent out may change, and selling it may provide more benefit than keeping it in your portfolio. You may also see the tide turning in Los Angeles and be able to sell before the house loses further value over time due to problems that may become worse.

Selling “at a loss” is also a misleading term for investment homes, which may have already returned your investment through rental payments over time. When it’s time to sell, the most profitable answer is to sell at the best price you can get.

How to Sell Your Rental House When It’s Losing Value

The key to selling a house that’s losing value is to find an investor with deep pockets and a grand vision. Investment companies like Seller’s Advantage have a large-scale business model designed to put any LA California property to use, whether it’s an empty lot, a wrecked rental, or an antique that needs full-scale updates.

While you may not want to sell to a new family or brokers offering an unfavorable price, an investment buyer can rehab the house using funds on a corporate scale.

The Benefits of Selling Out of an Unprofitable Rental

If one of your rental houses has become unprofitable, there are many benefits to selling as soon as you realize the house is losing value. Not only are you avoiding further loss by selling rapidly, but you can also free yourself from less desirable situations associated with the house. You may be freeing up equity to invest in a more profitable location, getting away from problem tenants who you cannot legally evict, or stepping away from the stress and expense of being a landlord altogether.

Most of all, when you sell with an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage, you can move from a problem house to cash-in-hand with zero hassle in just a few days.

Where Can I Get the Most Cash for an LA Rental House

If you are selling a rental house in Los Angeles, you will always find a buyer. But where can you get the most profit? Skip the real estate agent and brokers who will want to see repairs and have condition requirements for moving a property. A house in decline is not the right market for them. Instead, you’re looking for an investment buyer like Seller’s Advantage who will buy houses in any condition. Damaged homes, older homes, and homes with serious maintenance problems can all be sold at the best price, whatever the house is currently worth, without strings attached.

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Why Selling Now is a Good Idea

Lastly, selling now in 2023-2024 is a smart move considering the current trend of interest rates. If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, there is no guarantee that interest rates are going to drop any time soon, and refinancing is not a viable option. Now is an important time to get rid of unprofitable homes and focus on more promising aspects of your investment portfolio.


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