Let’s face it, LA has pretty steep expectations when it comes to the housing market. Prices are high, competition is intense, and every buyer expects the Hollywood experience no matter how modest the neighborhood. Of course, actually owning a house in LA doesn’t mean automatic ‘glam’. Homes fall into disrepair over time. Storms and accidents can cause serious damage. Unnoticed issues can become big problems and pretty soon, your house is a “fixer upper” instead of move-in-ready mansion.


Realtor vs Reality

If you’re looking to sell a fixer-upper home in LA, chances are that your real estate agent has made some pretty big demands. New roof, new appliances, new floor – and that’s just to reach their standards for modern buyers. After all, real estate agents are competing with each other to sell the most homes at the highest prices. But what if you just want a shabby LA home off your hands? What if you’re trying to sell an LA house while out-of-state? What if you don’t have the thousands of dollars for renovations and redesigns before putting your run-down house on the market?

The fact is that your realtor is out-of-touch with reality – and the big picture of the home buying market. Real estate agents mainly focus on selling homes to individual buyer families, which means getting the house as polished and perfect as possible. If you can’t do that, however, you have options your agent may not have mentioned. Your real estate agent might be upset, but you don’t actually have to fix-up a fixer-upper to sell it in Los Angeles. There are other buyers who will do that for you.


Selling an LA Fixer-Upper House the Fast Way

sell my house fast Los AngelesSo you own a house in LA that needs repairs, and you want to sell it as-is. Did you know there’s actually a market for that? It’s called the fix-and-flip market, occupied by an ambitious range of solo specialists all the way to large investment companies. These buyers know how to take a shabby home in poor shape and transform it into a market-ready family home again. In fact, it’s all part of the business plan.

While your realtor may be saying that the fix-up is on your shoulders, it’s really not! The fastest way to sell an LA house without repairs is to sell to a buyer ready to do the repairs themselves. Investment buyers are also more prepared to make an offer and close quickly without the endless rounds of negotiation or haggling down the price. If you want to get a shabby LA house off your hands quickly, selling an investment company is a great way to do that and you’re in luck because we buy houses Los Angeles.


Benefits of Selling Your Run-Down LA House to an Investment Buyer

Los Angeles Cash Home BuyersThe great thing about selling your house to an investment company instead of an individual buyer is that they don’t require the things a buyer-family requires. You don’t need to make the home feel airy and welcoming. No need to clean or stage. No need to fix a sagging roof or a cracked foundation. You might even have extensive water damage and mold that doesn’t need to be fixed. Investment buyers will even buy a house that’s seen a fire or has a broken pool gathering algae in the backyard.

You don’t have to convince another family to buy your eyesore house or take on repair costs on their own. Instead, you know a company with a solid fixer-upper business plan is taking on the responsibility, hassle, and time-consuming repairs so you don’t have to. Here at Seller’s Advantage, we’re proud to serve this important function in the housing market, taking shabby houses back to family-ready without a burden on the sellers or the next residents.

What are the other benefits of selling a fixer-upper house in Los Angeles to an investment buyer?

Sell Your House Without Doing Repairs

Don’t worry about repairs. You can sell your house quickly without performing a single repair. You can even sell a house that’s still full of stuff you don’t want, or things that were water-damaged when the roof leaked. Selling as-is means exactly that. We’ll buy your house no matter what state it’s in with a quick cash offer. No need to fix the roof or repair the pool, we’ve got that part already planned for and covered.

Sell a House Fast at a Good Price

How do you sell a damaged house at a good price? Your real estate agent may be focused on losing that “best price offer” by not doing repairs, but your real concern is just getting a fair price for the property when you get it off your hands. A cash investment buyer like Sellers Advantage will do a quick appraisal and offer you what the structure and lot are currently worth. You can stop worrying about potential market value and low-balling scam artists. With an investment buyer, you can walk away with a cash offer on the home’s value as it is right now.

Get the House Off Your Hands Without Hassle

For many people looking to sell a Los Angeles home that needs repairs, you just want to get the house off your hands. Maybe you don’t live there anymore. Or maybe you want to move away as fast as possible. You might have inherited the house or need to sell the house as part of your next financial move. When you want to be free of an old house, a quick sale to investment buyers is the fast, easy, no-hassle way to close the sale without the LA housing market song-and-dance.

Know Your House will be Family-Ready Again Soon

You can trust that investment home buyers have a plan for your house. Most of the time, that plan is actually to do everything you don’t have time for. We’ll apply our capital and expert teams to bring your house back to move-in-ready for a new family. You can rest assured that your house will be helping out the housing shortage soon, but you don’t have to be the one to handle all the repairs to make that happen.

Selling a Fixer-Upper When You’re Out of State

Last but not least, you don’t even have to be in town to sell your LA house to an investment buyer. If you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles while out-of-State, Sellers Advantage makes this quick and easy.  All you need is one person who can give us the tour and the keys – we’ll take care of the rest. You can receive your cash offer and correspond online so that the home sale practically takes care of itself. No need to fly in or risk travel during these high-risk times, we buy houses for cash and take it off your hands even if you can’t be here in person.

Sell Your Fixer-Upper and Move On with Your Life

Sellers Advantage is here to make your life easier with quick, fair, as-is home sales in the Los Angeles area. If you own a shabby house in or near LA and need to sell it fast, it’s easy to get started:

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