Sell your LA house fast and get cash in hand in less than a week with Sellers Advantage.  A sinking ship only sinks faster over time. The same is true of properties just sitting on the market.

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When a boat starts to take on water, sailors have time to bail and reduce the risk. Over time, however, the process becomes more rapid. The ship tips and falls as water builds in the hull, and its crew has no choice but to jump ship to survive. This is exactly what is happening to the value of unsold LA homes in the current economic downturn. As the water rises, many homeowners need to abandon ship, especially those burdened by extra properties that are increasing in costs and maintenance with every passing month.

With interest rates reaching unreasonable levels, the buyer pool that was overflowing with bidding wars in 2021 and the first part of 2022 has dried up almost completely. Those looking to sell a Los Angeles, California home fast this year are still looking for a solution, with real estate agents making bigger and bigger demands for renovations and property-enhancing expenses with minimal gains.

Why Many LA Sellers Need to Sell Fast

If you have a good reason to get an unwanted LA property off your hands, you’re not alone. In a market of millions, thousands of homes every year become distressed, undesirable, or too costly to maintain. This year, those reasons are made worse by the current economic conditions, so holding onto property until the market improves isn’t financially feasible.

Why you need to sell your California house pronto is your business, as cash-buyer, we’ve heard hundreds of reasons why selling for cash has become the best, most beneficial answer to unwanted real estate. Your story may fall into one of the following:

  • Decaying Vacants are Expensive

    • If you own a vacant house, you likely know just how expensive an empty, unused house can be. Not living in a home can increase its decay rate for a lack of daily maintenance and AC. Vacancies also attract unwanted attention and require extra security to keep out miscreants who could cause even more damage.
  • Divorce and Life Changes

        • Personal life changes don’t wait on the housing market. There are good reasons to sell immediately, like getting a new job across the country or needing to size-up for a growing family. While 2023 is a bad year for buyers and sellers, you may still need to get a house off your hands to facilitate a divorce, leaving behind a bad chapter in your life, or sell an inherited home from a recently passed loved one.
  • Risk of Foreclosure

        • When foreclosure looms, your best option is to sell the house fast. The risk of foreclosure means that your only chance to profit from the home is to sell before the house can be foreclosed on. If buyers aren’t biting, selling for cash at a fair price is far better than having the house simply taken from you and auctioned for the bank’s benefit.
  • Unwanted Inheritance Homes

  • Critical Issues that Won’t Pass Inspection

        • Then there are homes that can’t be sold to a buyer’s family. If a critical maintenance issue with your house can’t be fixed right now and definitely won’t pass inspection, this can stop your ability to sell on the housing market, but not your ability to sell for cash to an as-is buyer.
  • Wrecked Rentals without Funds for Renovation

        • Did your last set of tenants completely trash a property? If current financial conditions mean you don’t have the funds to invest in massive repairs, the best answer may be to sell immediately before the property becomes a money pit.
  • Funding a Recession Retirement

        • Seniors who have a modest property portfolio often need to sell in less than a year or two when they are ready to close their landlording career and retire.
  • Toxic HOA

      • Many people need to sell a house immediately when they realize they have moved into a toxic HOA. If you are currently being harassed about the height of your grass or the color of your street-facing curtains, we can help you get out now before your HOA piles on so many penalties that they can justify foreclosure.


sell LA Houses with out the ownersThe Great Buyer Disappearance of 2022-2023

Despite the increasing need to sell your LA, CA home, many sellers hear crickets when their listing goes active. The buyer frenzy of 2021 and the first part of 2022 has been almost entirely squelched by the rising interest rates and the same expensive market conditions inspiring sellers to sell.

Today’s economy has caused a great buyer disappearance. Most financial advisors are likely telling prospective buyers to wait it out, keep their current homes, or rent for a year until conditions improve. Mortgage lenders are even getting desperate, offering to guarantee a better refinancing rate in a few years if buyers will just take out a mortgage in 2023.

Sell Your LA, California House for Cash Right Now. 

Sell Your LA, Home for Cash Right Now.

What To Do When Your LA House is a Money Pit and Buyers Aren’t Biting

Whatever your reasons, you have an LA house burning a hole in your checkbook. With mortgages more undesirable than ever, family buyers are few and often strapped for cash. But what can you do when buyers aren’t showing up, or those buyers who do arrive are desperately trying to lowball your home’s value?

The answer is to sell to someone who doesn’t need a mortgage. Investment homebuyers like Sellers Advantage have turned house flipping into a business model and, we think, an art form. An investment buyer has a portfolio and capital large enough to buy your house outright and immediately. This means you can sell for cash right now, without worrying about things like repairs and fresh paint. The lending rate doesn’t limit an investment buyer because they are internally financed, and they don’t have to wait for layers of approval because the purchase is internally approved.

Cash-in-hand, you could be walking away in less than a week by selling to dedicated investment home buyers like Seller’s Advantage.

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Seller’s Advantage: Buying Houses Fast for Cash in 2023

It has been predicted that, for most hopeful buyers, 2023 will be a year of renting and carefully saving up for when market conditions improve. In 2023, family buyers will be few and far between. But for home sellers who need to sell right now, Seller’s Advantage is proud to be one of the few reliable and fair buyers available in a difficult market.

At Seller’s Advantage, we buy houses as-is, and we can buy your house with cash in your hands within a week of our initial visit. Sometimes even faster than that if you need to sell my house fast Los Angeles! You can also rest assured knowing that your home, beautiful or shabby, will soon be turned around by experts and returned to the housing market to help ease the housing shortage while saving you the hassle (and expense) of any needed repairs.

To get started with a no-obligation consultation and quote, simply reach out to let us know you are interested. Our helpful Seller’s Advantage team will take care of the rest. It’s what we do best because we are the best company that buys houses in any condition!


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