Chances are, you have friends who have been “getting ready” to sell their homes for months–or even years! If you think they’re just not serious about selling, ask what’s taking so long–your head will be spinning in five minutes. Even in a “hot” real estate market, realtors want to maximize the selling price of a house, and ask their sellers to “freshen up” their homes to the point they’re spending a fortune just to get the house on the market.

So now you’re thinking, ‘we’ve kept the house up pretty well, cleaning gutters, cutting grass, checking the HVAC every year, painting as needed–what else would we need to do?” Turns out, a lot. Not only will you need to repair any issues–cracks in the driveway, any rotting wood around the soffits and windows, leaking faucets–any realtor will expect you to undertake the dreaded purging and decluttering tasks that may well involve renting a storage unit. If you’ve got a basement, attic, or garage, then your tidying up can take months to finish–not to mention the closets and cabinets in the house that need the same attention. And once you’ve done all these pricey fixes and put half your belongings in storage, you’re going to pay a hefty realtor’s commission to get the house on the market. If you’re braving the world of For Sale By Owner and saving those commission fees, you’ve still got to deal with prospective buyers–strangers who want to come through your house at inconvenient times–and keep the house show ready all the time.

​If you want to sell your house without going into debt getting it ready to sell, there is a better–and faster–way. With Seller’s Advantage, you’re in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is go online and request an appointment, and they’ll do all the work. A representative researches your neighborhood, and they come to your house in a few days. They buy houses as is, so there’s no need to paint or landscape, or even clear out the closets. Seller’s Advantage pays cash for your house, so there’s no worrying and stress about mortgages and appraisals. Unlike your friends who are still “getting ready” to sell your home fast Los Angeles, or fretting about their buyer’s loan, you can be out of your old house and on to your new one in a couple of weeks when you contact Seller’s Advantage reviews about selling your house the easy way.

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