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Are You Fed Up with Los Angeles (LA) California and Just Want to Move Away?

Are You Fed Up with California or LA and Just Want to Move Away? How to Sell Your House Fast

For those living elsewhere, LA seems like a glittering dream. Moving to California is often considered the first step to following a career in music, movies, and productions of all types. Of course, for those who grew up in California or for those that have already found the reality of LA rarely share the same enthusiasm. California is fast-paced and demanding place to live. The traffic laws, labor laws, and taxes are all considered strict compared to the rest of the nation. And with COVID shutting down swaths of productions, many people are suddenly realizing that California is not the hottest place to be right now. In fact, you might want to cut and run altogether.


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This is a sentiment we’ve seen more than a few times, and naturally we understand. LA is only the right place to be when conditions are perfect, and your career is moving forward. With shows and other industries on indefinite hiatus and constantly changing lockdown status, it may be time to get out of the city. Maybe even all the way out of the state.

Whether you’re moving for a better job or just because you’re fed up with being in California, your exit strategy doesn’t have to slow you down. Even if you own a home in California, you can still make plans to get out quickly with the right business partnerships to take care of the details. You can sell your home fast in Los Angeles and anywhere in California.


When you’re ready to leave a place, sometimes you’re ready to go -Right Now- and waiting just won’t do. Maybe you absolutely must move for a new job. Maybe you can’t take another 6-months with a noisy neighbor or intolerable commute. You could throw your stuff into the car and drive somewhere new, but home ownership can hold you back.

The process of selling a home is involved and can take months – sometimes more than a year. You don’t want to wait that long, but you also want a decent price for the house to help you start again somewhere new. You’ll need to sell the house quickly to achieve your escape on time. While you could try to rush a real estate agent, there’s a better way. Direct selling is a friendly option for any homeowner in a hurry to drop a residential property for cash.


Direct selling a home is different from listing it on the housing market. On the housing market, you need to repair and perform maintenance. You’ll need fresh paint and deep-cleaned carpets. Then you need online listings to entice buyers, then wait for buyer bids, arrange escrow, then conduct negotiations. Then close the contract, exchange funds, and finally hand over the keys.

With a direct sale to a team like Seller’s Advantage, the house is appraised, an offer is made, and you could be trading the title for cash within a week of first contacting your direct home buyer. Direct buyers are usually larger companies that specialize in quickly buying homes – often not yet ‘move-in’ ready. This saves you worlds of trouble and hassle compared to listing on the housing market. No need to clean extra deep or repaint, we’ll do whatever needs doing after the purchase. No need to stage to inspire buyer imaginations, we know how to see the value and potential in every home after a quick tour.  No need to conduct negotiations, you can accept the cash offer or decide to try another option.

When it comes to cutting the delay and hurdles out of the home selling process, selling to a cash buyer is the way to go.


What about if your California house needs some real maintenance before it’s market ready? What if the basement has water damage or the house needs re-roofing? No problem. As a direct buyer for California homes, we at Seller’s Advantage are no strangers to maintenance issues.

In fact, we take pride in turning ‘as-is’ houses into polished homes that a family would be proud to live in. So, if your California house needs work, don’t worry about investing your time or your own funds into repairs. We’ll buy the home as-is with consideration for any existing damage or serious maintenance concerns.


You can also quickly sell a house that you inherited. Home inheritance is not always as nice as it sounds. If you have no interest in living in California or becoming a homeowner in Los Angeles, than the home likely isn’t your dream property. Turn that inherited house into an asset by allowing the pros to take over. Collect the keepsakes and belongings and we’ll do the rest after paying you cash for the property.



Direct home selling in California is also a good solution when you’re out-of-state. Whether you’ve already made your escape from LA and are living comfortably in a new place or you’re selling a property you’ve never lived in – you don’t have to be present to directly sell a house. As a house-buying company, Seller’s Advantage doesn’t need real estate agent guidance or seller hand-holding to appraise your property. You don’t have to fly out and give us a live tour. You don’t have to personally hand over the keys. We’re here to clean up unwanted properties and to help homeowners who can’t make it personally to conduct the sale.


You can also set your own schedule when it comes to selling the house. If you need the cash by a specific date, we can conduct the home sale fast. If you need to hold onto the house until your new residence is ready, we can wait until the best time for you to make the sale. Because we’re not personal buyers, we are glad to cater to you – the seller client. If you have scheduling needs regarding exactly when you sell your California property, we can meet you whenever is most convenient.



Finally, selling your California house to a direct buyer means that you can also quickly acquire a down payment for your next home. If you’re buying a house in another state or down the road, we know that the down payment often comes from the proceeds of the previous home sale. Let us get that sale out-of-the-way without all of the hassles and time delays that come with selling with a real estate agent. You can know the exact date when you will receive your cash proceeds and the date you can take ownership of your new house far away from the stressful LA traffic.


If your fed up with LA or California and want to just move away, consider asking Seller’s advantage for a cash offer to buy your house right now. Fill out the Contact us form or give us a call at 949-506-3973 to schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal with Seller’s Advantage. If you choose to accept our cash offer, we can close and purchase your home in just a few days.



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