If you’re planning to sell your home, a few easy tricks can make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Luckily, you can get a fresh look for your home on a budget if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are five quick decorating tricks for your home.

1. Hang Artwork at Eye Level
If your ceiling is high, you might be tempted to hang paintings high up. Art galleries hang their artwork at eye level, and that’s what you should do, too.  The average human eye level is about 57 inches. So your paintings should be 57-60 inches above the floor.  If you are hanging multiple pieces, keep the center of the arrangement at eye level. If you are hanging the artwork above a piece of furniture, leave 5-9 inches between the artwork and furniture.

2. Hang  Mirrors
Many people underestimate the value of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and make the room brighter. Some designers recommend hanging at least one mirror in each room. When you hang your mirrors, think of what they’ll reflect. You want it to reflect a great scene. That could be a chandelier or your room’s focal point.  Hang the mirrors on walls perpendicular to the windows and not across them. You don’t want to reflect the light back outside.

3. Follow The Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds is a familiar concept in photography. When grouping showpieces, antiques, candles, or other objects, create harmony by arranging them in odd numbers. Objects that are arranged in odd numbers are more memorable and appealing. For an even better look, group objects that have different heights or shapes yet still have a similar property.

4. Find The Room’s Focal Point
The focal point is where everyone’s eyes fall as soon as they walk into the room. Some focal points are built-in, like a fireplace or a large window. If a room doesn’t have one, you can create your own.  You can get a large piece of furniture and make that your focal point. Or you could paint one wall a different color and decorate it with artwork and shelves. Everything else in the room should complement the focal point and be secondary to it. Having too many attention-grabbing items in the room can create unwanted visual noise.

5. Layer your Sofa Pillows
One pair of pillows on your sofa looks skimpy. Instead, pile two or more pairs with contrasting colors, textures, and patterns.  Choose small pillows that look like they came with the furniture.
These are easy and inexpensive tricks that will give your home an expensive designer look if you are selling through traditional means.

No Time to Decorate?
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