How to Sell LA, San Diego and Bay Area CA Property After You Already Moved

Real estate and your life plans do not always align. The market may be in a bad place, or a buyer may fall through, but your life plans roll on.  If life has taken you away from your real estate, it may be necessary to sell in absentia, remotely from your current location.

“I moved out of LA County and still have real estate I need to sell” this is a common situation we hear from local homeowners, often over the phone or through email. Life can take you away from where you call home. A job might start before you have a chance to sell your real estate. A family obligation might pull you away from tying up your loose ends in California before moving away.

If you have to sell a house but can’t be present to manage the process, what are your options?

How to Sell Los Angeles County Houses While Living Somewhere Else

  • Designate a Proxy
  • Find Remote Home-Selling Teams
  • The Slow Market Approach
  • Sell to an Real Estate Investor for Cash

Designate a Proxy to Do Your Local Legwork

Your best option when selling real estate from a distance is to designate a proxy. Find someone you can trust and who understands property sales to handle the in-person aspects of selling the home. This person is who will meet your trades teams for repairs, renovations, and staging. They will meet with the real estate agent, show around buyers, and call you during negotiations.

Of course, if you don’t have an LA, San Francisco Bay Area, or San Diego friend available for this role, you may be able to hire an inspector or remote selling alternatives.

Work with Teams Who Can Manage Remote Home Sales

Some teams are better at working with remote homeowners than others. You may find trades teams with good online support or a buyer who is apt at negotiating through email. Your best experience will be with a home-selling or home-buying company that can take care of the entire process with minimal contact from you. This will allow you oversight over your home sale without needing to travel back to LA County or constantly resolve problems on the phone.

Selling Slow for a Fine-Tuned Price

If you are focused on getting the highest possible market price for your home, if you’re looking forward to overseeing extensive renovations or look forward to buyer bidding wars, find a real estate agent who is capable of handling a remote homeowner. They will walk you through the slow, careful, and often investment-heavy path of staging your home and selling it for the highest possible price that can be found from desperate buyers.

Selling Fast for Guaranteed Cash

If you need to sell your LA County property quickly with guaranteed cash — no buyer banks falling through at the last moment — then the answer is to sell to a home-buying firm. Investment companies and home flippers specialize in buying quickly for a home’s current value – at the convenience of homeowner sellers. Sell your LA house without delays at the property’s worth and don’t worry about repairs, staging, or courting buyers.

Why It’s Easy to Sell Remotely to Investment Home Buyers

  • No Fees
  • No Banks
  • No Repairs
  • No Hassle
  • No Comissions
  • No Surprises

sell my house fast Los Angeles San Diego RealtorSelling to an investment buyer like Sellers Advantage is easy because we streamline the process, pay in cash, and we’ll buy your home right now, as-is, with no repairs or updates required.  Investment home buyers have a different approach to property purchase compared to the typical market. Many homeowners find that selling to a company is much easier than selling to individuals because we don’t need any hand holding or negotiation concessions.  You also don’t need to be there in-person to make the sale happen.

Here at Seller’s Advantage, we buy homes in as-is condition, meaning you don’t have to repair a single thing or repaint a single wall. We can tell the value of a home without the spruce-up. For homes already in great shape, we can quickly purchase it for cash and take care of all that pesky buyer/renter hassle for you. For homes that are in bad shape and need repairs before they are market-ready, we’ll proudly take the role of home-flippers and handle renovations, so you don’t have to.

It’s easy to sell to us because we go out of our way to make it easy. You don’t even have to be present for our team to conduct an inspection, make an offer, pay in cash, and streamline the deed & title transaction.

Our 6-Step Process to Easy Home Selling in California for Out-of-State Residents

How does selling to an cash home buyer work? The process is easy, with only one visit to your property to do a full assessment and provide a firm offer on the house. You can even sell your house while remaining remote, you don’t need to meet us in person near Riverside for our team to successfully buy your house, pay you in cash, and smoothly manage the ownership closing documents.

Here’s our six-step process for easily selling your home nearby or from your new distant location.

  1. Contact – Let us know you want to sell a home! We can’t get started on your offer unless we know you’re looking to sell. Head over to our online contact form and let us know which home you’d like to sell along with other pertinent information. Otherwise, call 800-208-3243 to talk about your home selling plans with a live person if online forms aren’t your thing.
  2. Initial Phone Call – If you don’t call us, we’ll call you. During our initial phone call, we’ll help you walk through the details of your home along with any maintenance concerns, history, and your need to sell remotely from outside LA County. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with many remote sellers before when time just doesn’t lend itself to a leisurely home sale.
  3. Call Back Estimate – After our initial conversation, we’ll do a bit of research on your home. Using our extensive resources and your disclosed information, we will determine the general value of the home and any potential costs before we can get it back on the market. From these calculations, we’ll make an estimate. Once we have an estimate, we’ll call you back with ballpark numbers for your home sale.
  4. On-Location Meeting and Offer – We will send a representative to tour your property and to get a feel for the home. Fortunately, you don’t need to be there in person. With a proxy, an agent, or just a property lock box, we’ll explore the property and take notes on the general state of the home. This will influence our final offer as we complete our assessment of the house.  When the walk through is finished, it is very likely our team member will provide an offer that same day to you via email or phone.
  5. Review the Offer – Now it’s your turn to think and take action. Once you have been provided the offer, there is no negotiation like with typical selling.  Decide whether you like the price and if you want to accept the offer. Take your time in making a decision.
  6. Acceptance of Offer – When you’re ready to move forward and get your cash, let us know that you accept the offer. From this point, we will deliver you the money and help you to smoothly manage ‘closing’ through the title’s office and other real estate authorities.

Do you live outside of LA County with a Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego property to sell? We can help! Contact us today to explore your home selling options for a fully remote experience as we buy houses in any condition.


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