Are you thinking about selling your home? There are a few things you should know.
Today we will be sharing some helpful tips on pre-listing preparation to ensure you are ready once your home hits the market.

Understand the Current Market

The real estate market is constantly changing. It is crucial to understand the current market trends when you are ready to sell your home. It is easy to sometimes value our homes for more than they are actually worth based on our own feelings and memories. Utilize online websites to search for homes in your area with similar features (basement, garage, # of bathrooms, etc.) and similar square footage to gain an idea of a realistic listing price. When your home is appraised these comparable properties or “comps”, will be considered.

Paperwork as Proof

Potential buyers want more than the good word of a stranger. Potential buyers are going to want proof. Gather any relevant paperwork that can confirm newer updates and renovations. For example, if you had your roof replaced two years ago, gather the paperwork and receipts to confirm the roof was actually replaced. If you were conscious about your utility expenses, you could even compile previous utility bills to offer potential buyers an idea of how much it will cost to heat their home, or how much water will cost them.

Below we have compiled some important paperwork you could have prepared to verify that updates were completed, or to simply provide clear answers to potential questions that buyers may have.

  • New Furnace
  • New AC Unit
  • Updated Roof
  • Newer Appliances (if included in the sale)
  • Renovations, Remodel, or Additions
  • Utility Bills

Get Free Estimates

You are ready to sell your home, but you know the roof is getting old. Get estimates from different companies, they are free. This does not mean you need to hire a company and pay for a new roof before listing your home. However, we recommend being prepared and knowing potential costs.

Let’s pretend you have an cash offer to sell your house that is poor condition upon the inspection. In the inspection, it is said that the home needs a new roof and that it is going to cost $15,000. Since you already have those estimates, you know it is only going to cost $10,000- this gives you the edge during negotiation.

Other types of estimates to consider having done include:

  • Concrete
  • Windows
  • Repairs to Foundation
  • New Flooring or Carpet

These are a few of the best ways to fully prepare before listing your home on the market.

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