sell my house fast Los Angeles california (LA)According to Zillow, it takes between 65 and 93 days to sell a home in the United States. Some homes can take much, much longer, especially if they aren’t in desirable neighborhoods or in perfect condition. Factors like lack of curb appeal, damage from tenants, or needing upgrades and repairs can all slow down a sale. You can take time to address those concerns, investing your time and money into the property in the hopes that your hard work will pay off. But sometimes you don’t have the time, money, or skills required to fix up a home for the market. Sometimes you just need to sell a property in California, like Los Angeles fast. Waiting months for the property to sell just isn’t an option.

Maybe you need access to the cash, need to get out from under an investment property, or just don’t want to wait for the “right” buyer to make you an offer. If that’s the case, selling your house today to investors can speed up the process and help you get rid of an unwanted property in as little as two weeks.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Property to a Cash Buyer

When you decide to sell your home, investment property, or a house you’ve inherited, you’ll need to choose how you want to sell it. There are three primary options:

  1. Listing the home through a real estate agent
  2. Selling it yourself as a “For Sale By Owner”
  3. Selling to a cash buyer

How do you know which one is the right option for you? You’ll need to know the pros and cons before you decide. That way you can determine which method is best for your budget, your timeline, and your property.

Pros and Cons of Using a Real Estate Agent

This is the most popular way to sell a home, but it’s also the most expensive. Real estate agents get around 6% commission on your sale. They may split it between two agents (the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent), but either way, it’s a big chunk of your profits. The average home price in California is around $575,000, making the average commission an eye-watering $34,500. You can try to negotiate the commission rate or try to get the buyer to pay the fees, but in most cases, that money is coming out of your profits.

So what are the advantages of using a real estate agent? You’ll have access to their mailing list. Real estate agents are good at marketing houses, and they’ll have a list of potential buyers to whom they can market your house. But if your house isn’t the kind those buyers want to purchase, then even the best marketing efforts won’t sell your property any faster. Real estate agents may be less motivated to sell a home that’s on the lower end of the market, too, since they’ll make less money on it. That means less effort to get the right buyers to your property for a viewing. They love pristine homes that are going to turn a quick profit.

Pros and Cons of “For Sale by Owner”

If you decide to try to sell your home yourself, the biggest advantage is the financial one. You’ll be saving yourself some or all the usual agent fees. That can be appealing to someone who wants to get the biggest amount possible out of the sale of their home.

But there are several downsides to this option. First, all the pressure is on you. You’ll be responsible for marketing, showing, and staging your home yourself. If you already have other family and work commitments, this can be a big demand on your time. Additionally, you’ll need to be patient. It takes a lot longer to sell a home yourself. Not only will it probably take longer to get an offer, but the process to actually close the sale will take a lot longer. This is an option best left to those who don’t mind waiting up to a year to close the deal.

Why Selling Your Property for Cash May Be Your Best Option

  • It’s a lot faster. Cash buyers are able to move a lot faster when it comes to purchasing your home because they don’t need to wait for approval from a mortgage company. There is no financing process to delay the sale. Once you accept the offer, a cash sale can close in as little as two weeks. That gives the title company enough time to check for liens and prepare the paperwork for the closing. Then, it’s just a matter of signing the documents and transferring the funds.
  • The house sells as-is. When you work with a cash buyer, you’ll be getting fair market value for your home as-is. That means the buyer will take into account any repairs needed as well as the general condition of your home. Because of this, you’ll get a fair price no matter its condition. There is no need to worry about curb appeal, no need to make a big investment, and no need to spend your time fixing it up. All you have to do is sign the paperwork and pack your bags.
  • It’s stress-free. Instead of waiting day after day for a phone call letting you know you have an offer, you’ll get a cash offer on your home today. That eliminates your concerns about when you’ll be able to sell and how much you’ll get for your home. You’ll have the answers you need today and can start making plans for the future.

Learn How to Sell House to an Investor Here:

The Easy Process of Selling Your Home Quick For Cash

Not only is selling your home to a cash buyer the quickest method, but it’s also the least stressful. You can sell your home in as little as three steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form or call our team at 1.800.208.3243. Our team will gather some preliminary information on your property.
  2. Schedule a no-obligation home inspection and appraisal. Our team will walk through the property and make note of its current condition.
  3. Accept our cash offer and close within days. We’ll make a cash offer on your property that’s fair for the current condition and market. When you accept, we’ll get the paperwork started to close the deal.

Seller’s Advantage will offer you a fair price for your property if you want to try to sell house today for cash to a real estate investor. You have nothing to lose by calling for a free, no-obligation appraisal. If you aren’t happy with the offer, we’ll walk away. But if you want to sell your home quickly and eliminate the hassle and stress of waiting for a buyer, then let’s get the process started. You could close the sale in as little as two weeks by getting in touch with us today because we are a company that buys houses in any condition for cash.


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