Are you preparing to sell your home?

Maybe your home is in good shape, mostly updated, but still needs that “wow factor” to help it stand out. There are many simple tips to help you sell your home quickly such as decluttering and cleanliness.

But today, we are going to share a few simple ways you can update your home and add a few “wow factors” that will be sure to help your home stand out to potential buyers. Remember, we are updating – not renovating… we don’t want you to drop $10,000 before trying to sell.

Soft Close Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Instead of spending thousands on the replacement of perfectly good cabinets, update your kitchen with an inexpensive wow factor. Add soft close hardware to your existing kitchen cabinets and drawers. Home Depot sells a 10-pack of soft close dampers for about $35, or you can find a 10-pack on Amazon for about $25. Soft close cupboards provide the following benefits:

  • Improves Longevity: Puts less stress on cabinets.
  • Safe for Children: No accidental finger slams.
  • Keeps Things Quiet: No loud slamming or accidentally waking up the whole house up.
  • Structured Drawers: Your nice and organized drawer will stay organized, as contents will not slide around every time you close the drawer.

If you really enjoy this newly added feature in your home, consider adding soft close dampers to your bathroom cabinets and drawers, too!

Everyone Loves Storage
Great storage availability is a huge selling feature for many potential buyers. There is no need to knock down walls and expand closets… just work with what you have and make it more user-friendly!

For a small coat closet, considering restyling this space by REMOVING the rod. Repaint and add a few simple hooks to the walls of your closet (the back and one of each side). You can even make two rows of hooks against the main back wall of this closet. It appears more organized and spacious inside, and you are more likely to convince everyone to hang their coats up since they will not have to mess with hangers. Easy-peasy.

Add a closet organization system into your existing bedroom closets. You can find some really nice, wood options for about $400 at Lowes or Home Depot. However, if you really wanted to keep this cost down, you could opt for a wire organization system (purchase for around $100) – it will still provide a structured and spacious appearance to potential buyers.
The key thing to remember about showing off your home’s storage is to make it look efficient. It’s not just about having excellent storage, but ensuring your spaces are organized and almost “staged” as you are showing your home.
Bonus “Wow Factors”The two simple updates discussed above are sure to jazz up your home before listing it on the market, however, we didn’t want to stop there.

  • Curved Shower Rod: They help to provide a roomier feel when you are taking a shower, and they look more prestigious. But don’t stop there. Consider hanging two curtains on each side, rather than one big shower curtain. The look of dual curtains will offer a more unique appearance.
  • Light Fixtures: Replace or refinish outdated light fixtures. This simple update will make big differences.
  • Short Blade Fan: Adding a short bladed ceiling fan into your small kitchen will offer something special. Short blade fans are wonderful as you can have your fan on and still open cupboards without a collision, and they also take up less visual ceiling space. You can purchase a short blade fan for as little as $55 at Home Depot, or spend a couple hundred to add a more modern piece. 

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