Learn How to Sell Your House When It’s Already Listed on the Market

Do you remember holding onto an old card collection when you were young because it could be worth thousands of dollars? Later on, perhaps someone offered to buy your best card for a fortune, but you chose to wait. As the value of your collection dwindles, you may still think about that offer. Selling your home in 2020 is a lot like this, with many homeowners looking over their shoulder at the low interest rates and buying frenzy from just a few months ago now pulling ever further into the rearview. Every month you wait, the interest rates may rise higher alongside cost of living, influencing buyers to seek low prices instead of luxury features.

If your home is already sitting on the market, unbought and waiting for the right buyer offer that never comes, you’re in the market for a better option – and fast! Seller’s Advantage offers immediate cash purchasing for the fair value of your home right now. No delays, no weeks of negotiations, no complicated closing fees. To be honest, it’s the dream your real estate agent said wasn’t possible. But now that your house is listed, can you get out of a traditional listing to sell your home to a cash buyer?

Yes. Yes, you can.


I Already Listed My House, But Want to Sell for Cash

First, we want to say “Congratulations” for breaking the mold and realizing that there are more ways to sell a house than listening to your realtor. Real estate agents are deeply entrenched in the move-in-ready competitive housing market. The interplay between families selling and families buying is what they live and breathe. In that world, they are necessary and their advice is useful. However, not all markets or homes are right for this approach.

If you aren’t getting the buyers or offers you want – or if your realtor is insisting on more home improvements you don’t want to make – you can pull your house from the market and sell to a cash buyer at any time. You have options. You can fire your agent. You can close the listing contract. You can pull your house from the market and sell it privately as is your right as the property owner. But it may take a few steps to get from listing to cash selling. That’s exactly what we’re here to help with, today.

Why Real Estate Agents are Unprepared for Current Market Conditions

Sellers Advantage Reviews

Seller’s Advantage Reviews

The current housing market is starting to reflect recent economic chaos. The pandemic, the war, the increasing cost of living, and the rising interest rates are more than most real estate algorithms can handle. Many agents don’t know where to set home prices at to attract today’s buyers. Many buyers don’t know where they stand financially, as the cost of a non-locked-in mortgage rate changes from week to week.

It’s no surprise if you have a house on the California market that isn’t selling. Home prices skyrocketed last year, but are dropping again. The buyer bidding wars are over, and many buyers are now having trouble getting approved for mortgages at higher rates. To top it off, California real estate agents are also known for going overboard with the renovations and staging as they want to show the “best side” of your house – while your home loses value with every month that passes.

The current market is now full of homeowners who are frustrated with the traditional listing process and want to sell quickly for cash. Seller’s Advantage can do that, but your real estate agent is unlikely to be the source of your windfall.


How to Fire Your Los Angeles Real Estate Agent After You’ve Signed a Listing Contract

If your agent has not successfully prepared or sold your house – or if you are displeased with the tactics they are attempting to use, you can always fire them. If you have signed a listing contract, you will need to break it before selling – or your agent may be entitled to 3% of the proceeds in places like Riverside, Pasadena and Oxnard.

  • Read the Contract for Exit Strategies – Start by reading your listing contract. Look for any quick and easy exit strategies to break the contract and therefore free yourself and your realtor from the partnership. Sometimes, this is easy and built-in. Sometimes it’s not.
  • Tell Your Agent to Withdraw the House and Ask to Cancel the Contract – Get in touch with your real estate agent and ask them to cancel the house sale. Ask them to withdraw your house from MLS, cancel online listings, and to close out your selling contract. Some agents will mutually cancel the listing and your contract promptly. Some will ask for reasonable compensation for anything they spent on your listing, as you will not be paying them for the sale. Some may fight the break, but continue forward.
  • Mutually Break the Contract or Wait Out the Duration – If your agent agrees, you can break the contract – sometimes with a small amount of compensation or a cancellation fee. If your agent is completely stubborn and won’t cancel your listing contract, however, you can simply wait out the duration. Most listing contracts are only a few months long, and you can sell immediately after your contract expires.


How to Sell Your LA House for Cash  Fast with Seller’s Advantage

Once you are no longer under contract with your ex-agent, Seller’s Advantage can help you close your home sale for cash within a week. In fact, we can give you a quote even before your agent is out of the picture. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You Call, We Walk Through
    • Seller’s Advantage needs just one walkthrough of your home to make a complete and fair market value offer. Because our business model is buying houses, we know a good house when we see one, and how to determine the true value of a property. As soon as you contact us, we’ll schedule a walkthrough of your house on a schedule that is best for you.
    • We can even take our initial walkthrough while your home is still on the MLS if you call your real estate agent and cancel the listing contract before you ask for a cash offer.
  2. We Offer, You Accept
    • Once we’ve seen the house, we can typically make a cash offer within the day. Because we are an investment company that buys houses in any condition that provides our own financing, our offer is always reliable and never falls through, unlike recent buyer troubles.
    • If you like our offer and choose to accept, we’ll start making arrangements to make the home purchase quick and easy for you.
  3. We Close, You Get Paid
    • We have a team of experts including legal, financial, and real estate pros who can take care of everything. You will soon be enjoying a cash deposit in the full value of your home while barely lifting a finger to complete the home selling process. No complicated closing costs, no agents cutting into your profits.


Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell my house fast cash buyer

Sell Any House for Cash, Even If It’s On the Market

If you have a house on the California housing market that isn’t selling, we have the solution because we buy houses California. From homes that are too shabby to homes that are too nice for the current market, Seller’s Advantage will make sure you get a fair price and money in-hand ASAP. If your home is already listed with a Realtor you will need to contact them and cancel the contract to get a cash offer.  Once that is complete, we can help you sell it with no strings attached. Contact us today to learn more on hot to sell my house fast Los Angeles or to book your initial walk through.


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