Five Reasons Old Homes In Southern California Sell Faster with Our Site

Across Southern California homeowners sit with old homes and they face a dilemma. They do not know what to do with them. Older homes present several challenges that newer homes do not have. They are harder to sell. To get your home sold quickly, without hassle, and for top dollar, our team will work tirelessly to make sure your old home is sold.

Not matter if you have been in the home for years or if you have inherited the old home, our expert team can get you the cash you deserve for your property if you want to sell my house fast Los Angeles. Older homes are not marketed and sold like newer homes. Our expert team has the knowledge and drive to make the process easier. Our team gets you the most cash possible.

A Record of Success In Southern California and Across the Country

selling old homes housesSeller’s Advantage has gotten homeowners across the country top dollar for their old homes. Our talented team operates out of three locations. We have made selling old homes easier than ever from our offices in California. Our original location in Irvine, California near Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and Riverside continues to set the bar for real estate in the area. For years we have helped Southern California home owners receive cash for their old homes.

Southern California is our original bread and butter, and the region comes with unique challenges that homeowners in other areas might not face. Our team provides expert knowledge to any real estate situation. We know how to get the job done when selling old homes in the Southern California market. Our easy to use website makes getting cash for older homes easier than ever, and there are several reasons why homeowners benefit from our site.


 1. We Specialize in Buying Old Homes

Our At rating from the Better Business Bureau wouldn’t have happened if we couldn’t back up our claims. We no doubt specialize in selling old homes. Customer testimonials located on our website further back up our claims. Our clients praise our processes, and they also praise our team members.

2. Older Homes Sell Faster with Our Approach

Our six step process makes selling your old home a fast, worry free process. Call our team or fill out an online form first. Then we will have a call specifically about your needs. From there we call back with further progress and updates. After this call a meeting will occur at the property, where a proposal is presented. You are under no pressure to accept the proposal. When you accept the offer, we then move on to a review of your offer. The last step is acceptance of the offer resulting in cash for your old home.

3. Worry Less about Mold and Termites

Mold picks away at wood in old homes, and termites now have an even more abundant food source. Mold not only makes the wood tastier for termites; it also encourages termite infestation. Mold removal can cost thousands of dollars. It is even more expensive in older homes. Once you add to that the cost of removing termites, it becomes even pricier.

We take the worry out dealing with harmful molds and pesky pests. We also take addressing the cause of mold out of your hands. The mold came from water somewhere in your home. Fixing water issues in an older home can be harder to identify and harder to fix. You don’t just encounter the costs related to the mold and the termites. You also encounter the costs to identify, remove and prevent future issues that bred the mold and termites.

4. Don’t Stress Selling Homes with Mold

All those issues that caused mold and resulted from mold can make selling the home more complicated. It is not just the process of taking care of the mold issues that becomes stressful. Homes with mold histories will be examined more closely by prospective buyers. They also go through more scrutiny by inspectors. Remove yourself from the hassle of selling homes with mold.

You appreciate the fact that you inherited that family home, but you did not want to inherit the headaches associated with mold. At Seller’s Advantage we have purchased more than 10,000 thousand homes. Homes with mold issues are no exception. Let us handle the unique needs of your old home. Within 24 hours or just a few days you can receive cash for your old home.

5. We Take the Ugly Out of Old

We don’t just purchase homes and turn around to sell them. We also take great pride in the work our renovation team does on old homes that some might consider ugly or unmarketable. It’s one of the features of our company that customers love. Our renovation team will work hard to ensure that “eyesore” homes get top dollar offers.

A lot of cash for home companies simply buy and sell. We know that we can get you even more money for your property. Leave it to us to apply the extra elbow grease. Once our renovation teams finishes the job, you might be tempted to keep that home! Don’t worry. We will get you that top dollar offer that you can use toward your dream home or some other financial goal.


Old Home needing a sale and repairsAt Seller’s Advantage we have just the right know how to get you cash for your old home. Above we laid out five reasons as to why you should choose our company to handle your real estate needs. Since 2007 we have purchased more than 10,000 homes. We have a proven track record, and we look forward to making your worries go away. We look forward to getting you cash for your old home within 24 hours or in a matter of days!

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Our top-notch team is super easy to reach. Visit us online right away to get the ball rolling! Once your reach our respected and safe website, you will submit the address of your old home and be directed to an easy to fill out contact form. Don’t worry. We maintain your privacy. We do not sell your information.

The contact form will ask for your first and last name. You will then provide your phone number and email. But we just don’t want your contact information, we also want to know how you heard about us. We would love for you to also share information on your home. Once you have filled everything out, we will call you as fast as possible to get the process moving along even quicker.

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Are you the type of person that prefers to pick up the phone to handle business right off the bat? We have you covered there, too as we buy houses for cash. 24 hours a day and seven days a week our team can be reached through our toll-free number at 1-800-208-3243.

We’ve told you all about our amazing services, and we’ve let you know about our history of success. We’ve also laid out five pretty strong reasons to consider our approach over traditional approaches to selling real estate. If you still are not convinced, we encourage you to read through the client testimonials found on our website,

Act Now. Get Cash for Your Old Home Today!

What do you have to loose? We have explained the benefits to our approach. We have the record to back it up. Act today. Let’s get the ball rolling on selling your old home. Let’s get you the cash you deserve for that property. Let’s get you the cash today!

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