If you’re thinking about selling your home, you might be wondering if you should do it before or after the beginning of the school year.

If you do it before the start of school, you’ve got several elements working in your favor. Home buyers with children want minimal disruption of their child’s schooling and social activities. They also want them in the best school zone possible. Typically, this is a time when the market is going strong. There are many buyers out there looking for new homes.

According to your area and the specifics of your Las Vegas or Los Angeles California home, there may be such a buying frenzy that you could get multiple offers, some even over your listing price. Consider some of the reasons why this time of year is perfect for selling your home:

1.  Spring and summer are typically the most beautiful times of the entire year. Your home will have more curb appeal than during the winter months when the flowers are gone and the trees bare of leaves.

2.  If a new family moves into their new house before school starts they will have more time to become familiar with the area and make new friends.

3.  It gives the buyer time to “test drive” the house before things start getting hectic again. Maybe the electrical outlet for little Jimmy’s computer isn’t working. Maybe there is a plumbing problem in the second bathroom. It would be unpleasant to discover either of these flaws on the first day of school as everyone is getting ready to get started with an increase in their activities and commitments.

4.  Buying before school starts gives everyone the time they need to “nest.” The children will have the time to get their possessions moved into their room and in order. That means this burden won’t fall completely on Mom and Dad.

Selling a home can be a chore. Think out your strategy carefully before placing your home on the market. Timing is one of the most important aspects of that strategy.

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