So, you have decided to sell your Los Angeles home or sell your Las Vegas house but you have no idea where to begin.  Here are four tips to make your home more attractive to buyers that will not break your bank (or your back).

1. Declutter
The first order of business, is to tidy up!  You have built a life over many years in your home, but the buyer is wanting something fresh. It is hard to picture yourself living somewhere that is already tailored to another. The goal is to stage your home so that it looks lived-in, but not overly personal.  As hard as letting go is, you will have far better luck if you throw away those old magazines that live on your coffee table and box up your hutch of collectibles before you attempt to show your home.

2. Create a Neutral Atmosphere
As much as you loved your avocado-toned walls when you painted them in 1976, homeowners these days are looking for something that they can see themselves moving into.  A fresh coat of egg-shell or beige paint will do wonders for making your home one that buyers can envision their own furniture living in.

3. Curb Appeal
We all know what they say about first impressions.  If your home is somewhat lacking in that department, take a little time to love your exterior. Having a teenage neighbor trim the hedges, edge the garden, and even throw a fresh coat of paint on the front door can work wonders, for a small price.  These little touches could very well be the ones that move your home from the “nothing special” category and into “noteworthy.”

4. Minor Updates
There are countless little projects that could elevate the ranking of your home for buyers.  In a world where every listed home has countless photos online, little touches can make a remarkable difference in how many offers you receive.  The updates that you could range from switching out your brass door-knobs for a more modern brushed nickel or even having some electro-static painting done on that bubble-gum pink tub from 1954.  The possibilities are endless!

If this list seems effortless to you after reading our BBB and Yelp reviews on our Seller’s Advantage reviews page, you’re in a position to get your home market ready in a short period of time, But, if you are like a growing number of people who don’t have time for renovations and repairs, let us help. We can provide a cash offer on your home in as little as 24 hours.  Visit us online at or call us at 800-208-3243.

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