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There’s Still Time to Sell Your Home Before The Holidays

If you want to sell your home before the end of the year,  you need to be prepared to take an active role in getting buyers through the door. Trying to beat the market is an uphill battle, here are a few strategies to help you sell your house fast.

Blast Your Listing
If you’re trying to sell your home on the traditional market one of the best ways to save time is to blast your listing. Some realtors only list on their own website or not at all, trying to “double-end” the deal to keep 100 percent of the commission for themselves.  This limits competing bids on your property. It’s often up to you to make sure your listing is EVERYWHERE. There are plenty of real-estate listing websites out there and if you want your house sold fast you want to be on all of them. Make use of the local papers and community bulletin boards, and inquire about feature listings at kiosks in shopping centers and malls. The higher profile your listing is, the more people will see it and the faster your house will sell.

Focus Your Listing
Don’t waste time on the wrong buyers. Every location has a buyer focus. Figure out what type of person is looking to move into your area and focus your attention on locating these buyers. Make sure your listing is designed with them in mind. Pinpointing their voice and dreams will go a long way toward closing the deal quickly.

Everybody knows someone who knows someone else who is in the market for a home. Networking isn’t just for business. Get your name out there, be seen. Many houses are sold on word of mouth alone – make sure your listing is screaming, not whispering. Getting your face out there may seem daunting, but if you want your home sold quick your friends and neighbors can be an invaluable resource.

Go for the Quick Sale
The traditional market isn’t the only game in town. If you need to sell your house fast there are less intensive, pain-free methods available. Selling your house to through Seller’s Advantage can mean a cash offer in as little as 24 hours. If you’re in a serious hurry and don’t have time to play the market a quick sale is your best bet.

Seller’s Advantage is a real estate broker in your area. Contact us online or call us at 1-888654-AS-IS (888-654-2747) to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Renovation Projects When Selling an Older Home

Unlike your grandmother’s powder set and storage crocks, your house is never going to become an antique. Older homes, especially those made prior to the 1950’s, can have significant difficulties being sold on the open market. However, you can improve your chances of making a sale with a few renovation projects that will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Up until the 1950’s, houses with electrical service used knob-and-tube wiring. Unfortunately, if your home still relies on knob-and-tube you will likely experience a lot of pushback from buyers and lenders regarding the need to renovate the property. Because of the age of your electrical system, it is in your best interests to have your house rewired before putting it on the market.

Subfloor Support
As your house ages, it settles and building materials buckle and slide. For your floors, this can mean noisy creaking and awkward bowing. Unfortunately, while these things are to be expected in older homes they give prospective buyers the impression that the house may not be structurally sound. Older houses generally need to have their subfloors shimmed or replaced entirely to repair damage caused by aging prior to going on the market.

Mice and bats are extremely common pests to find in older homes that have not had an exterior renovation. These pests enter through small holes in siding, casing and dirt access in your basement or crawl space and can make selling your home difficult on the traditional market. Replacing your siding is the best way to ensure that above ground access to your walls has been sealed off. You should also consider having your basement, eaves and overhangs inspected and resealed by a professional.

Selling an older home on the traditional market is hard, but it is not impossible. Hopefully, the amount of time and money you invest in your home prior to sale will help you attract buyers. If you are unable or unwilling to invest the time and money needed to improve your property before it hits the open market, a private sale can significantly reduce the length of time and amount of effort you will need to put into getting your house sold.

​Contact Seller’s Advantage online or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Dreaming of Downsizing? Expect the Unexpected

Bob and Suzanne had lived in their home since the 1970s. They had always said that when the nest was empty, they’d move to the beach, or maybe get a loft uptown. They had taken great care of the house over the years, and had updated so that when the time came to sell their realtor thought they would get a great price, and quickly.

The house, in an established neighborhood with lots of trees, a neighborhood park, and great schools, went on the market and they were overwhelmed with people coming though. They were lucky enough to have several people make offers, and they were thrilled when they had a contract in just a week. They made an offer on a condo, without any contingencies since they had such a great offer and so many people wanting their house.

The buyers wanted an inspection, and that was the beginning of the end for Bob and Suzanne’s dream of downsizing. The inspection found wiring that was not up to code, and insufficient amps for the power needed to run the house. It turned out that when the house was built, there was a copper shortage and builders used aluminum wire. They went back to copper when prices came down, but houses built in the early to mid 1970s have aluminum wires. They had never had a fire, and had no idea that this was even an issue.

The mortgage company would not approve a loan unless the wiring was replaced, and the buyers couldn’t get homeowners insurance, even if they could get the mortgage. Bob and Suzanne were hit with a repair that they couldn’t really afford, and another contract they were bound to. So they were faced with tens of thousands in repairs, and losing their deposit on their new condo.

​Bob and Suzanne found for a less traditional way to sell their home in “as is” condition–they called Seller’s Advantage. They even went online for a quote on the sales price, and had the money to get into their dream retirement condo within the week. If you’re afraid of what’s in your walls, contact us today.

Horror Stories of Home Sales Gone Wrong–GoFundMe Is Not An Acceptable Down Payment

Chances are, when you bought your house, you had saved enough money for a down payment and closing costs, and your bank gave you the mortgage. Financing is a little bit Wild West these days, and lots of homebuyers are getting their loans through more unusual channels, like online lenders, and peer-to-peer lending sites. And buyers can get a little crazy and kill the sale without having any idea what they’re doing wrong.

When you sign the offer to purchase contract, the person buying your house is no longer the anonymous buyer, but a real person with a name. And in this age of the internet, most sellers will do a little social media stalking to find out more about the people buying their home. Buyers do the same thing, by the way….

What one seller found online created a tidal wave that ultimately terminated the contract–in about an hour.

The buyer, moving from out of state with a large family, had set up a funding page online. They had posted pictures of the house they were buying, and were asking for money to help with moving costs. Two things blew up the contract right then–not knowing the language of lending, the buyer was asking for money to pay for the “closing costs” and the “deposit”. They meant the deposit on the moving trucks, but the seller found this on social media and was not only upset about the photo his house being used for online panhandling, but concerned about the buyer’s ability to get the financing.

The buyer had the funds to close, but the online appeal for closing costs and the deposit was enough for the lender to deny the loan.

Seller’s Advantage eliminates the middlemen and the drama. We’ll give you a quote for your house, and have the sale closed within a couple of weeks. We pay cash, so we move quickly and easily through the process. Contact us for more details on the Seller’s Advantage.

Homeowner Tips on Major Home Repairs–Get The Most Bang for Your Buck

If you’re thinking about selling your house, your realtor has probably given you a list of repairs you need to make before you put it on the market. The fact is, most of us live in houses that, quite frankly, we wouldn’t buy–the roof leaks a little but you know where to put the bucket; the electrical panel isn’t quite amped up enough to run the vacuum cleaner with all the lights on–so when you get ready to make the repairs to sell your house, it’s shocking what an electrician costs. If you need to have your wiring inspected, plan to pay around $200 for a licensed electrician to come out and look at your entire network. You will get a detailed report of the repairs your electrical needs, which for a home 20-50 years old can range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand. Some will credit that back to you if you hire them to do the repairs to get you up to code.

A roof inspection will set you back between $75-$500, depending on the size of the house and the kind of roof. The inspector will need to crawl around on the roof and in the attic, especially if you do have a leak. Water is sneaky and does not travel in a straight line or on a reasonable schedule; you might find a leak weeks later at the other end of the house. If the leak has caused real damage and not just a cosmetic need for paint, you’ll have to tear out the drywall and joists or rafters to repair that–another expense from a contractor who has to do that work.

Termites are another headache for homeowners–if you have termite damage, no matter how old, you’ll need to have it repaired for a buyer to even consider your home. If you have an active infestation, an exterminator will have to come over and treat your home to get rid of them, costing an average of $10 per liner foot to treat (so if your home is 2000 SF, that’s about 180 LF, so $1800).

There is a better way to spend your money–let Seller’s Advantage take the repairs off your hands. With nationwide coverage and years of buying homes quickly and as-is. Contact us and we can give you a no-cost, no obligation estimate of your home’s value online and in as little as 48 hours. And we can have cash in your hand while you’re still waiting for the electrician to show up.

Selling Your Home – 3 Large Hassles that Lead to Success

Selling your home on the traditional market can be a full-time job. There is constantly something that needs attention, and if you’re not doing it yourself then you’re paying someone else to do it for you. If you aren’t, then you may be in for a very, very long listing. There are a lot of hassles that come with selling your home, here are 3 that can have a huge impact on how long your house is lost in listing limbo.


Regardless of the type of home you’re selling, there is going to be some amount of upkeep involved. Buyers want to visit houses that look move-in ready. That means, when you’re on the market you need to keep the lawn mowed and the property in good repair. If your house has a pest problem, this can mean a lot of work. Signs of an active pest infestation, no matter how small, will run off even the most interested buyer. A vacant house also has a chance of attracting larger pests and there is no easy way to explain away a nest of squatters living in your vacant listing. Keeping the lawn mowed, the sidewalks shoveled, the traps empty and the staging set can be a significant investment of your time and money.


A dash of red here – some throw pillows there. If you’re lucky, your realtor will take care of it for you. For a fee, of course. Staging is an important element in getting your home sold on the traditional market. Buyers like to dream, and the love to dream big. Having fresh, seasonal staging can be key to attracting buyers. Unfortunately, someone needs to set the stage, and someone has to pay for it too. That’s time and money invested into attracting buyers. Unfortunately, if your house isn’t in the best shape staging may work against it, leading to the “lipstick on a pig” effect. Filling a house in need of repairs with expensive decorations can cause uncomfortable discord for buyers. Sellers need to put careful consideration into the decor they use to make sure it is attractive to the right buyers for their area and market.


Selling a home requires a lot of interpersonal skills. Not only will you be meeting with your realtor, expect to be meeting with other realtors and prospective buyers too. Selling a house on the traditional market requires a lot of finagling and time. There will be plenty to meet about, and even more paperwork to sign. There is never a dull moment when you’re selling a house.
Selling a home is an investment. Hopefully, the time and money you invest into getting your home sold will pay off in the end. However, keep your expectations realistic. Even houses in great condition can take months to sell, those in less than ideal condition can take years. Luckily, the traditional market isn’t your only option.

Contact Seller’s Advantage
 online or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Five Easy Ways to Stage Your Home for a Sale

If you’re planning to sell your home, a few easy tricks can make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Luckily, you can get a fresh look for your home on a budget if you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are five quick decorating tricks for your home.

1. Hang Artwork at Eye Level
If your ceiling is high, you might be tempted to hang paintings high up. Art galleries hang their artwork at eye level, and that’s what you should do, too.  The average human eye level is about 57 inches. So your paintings should be 57-60 inches above the floor.  If you are hanging multiple pieces, keep the center of the arrangement at eye level. If you are hanging the artwork above a piece of furniture, leave 5-9 inches between the artwork and furniture.

2. Hang  Mirrors
Many people underestimate the value of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and make the room brighter. Some designers recommend hanging at least one mirror in each room. When you hang your mirrors, think of what they’ll reflect. You want it to reflect a great scene. That could be a chandelier or your room’s focal point.  Hang the mirrors on walls perpendicular to the windows and not across them. You don’t want to reflect the light back outside.

3. Follow The Rule of Thirds
The rule of thirds is a familiar concept in photography. When grouping showpieces, antiques, candles, or other objects, create harmony by arranging them in odd numbers. Objects that are arranged in odd numbers are more memorable and appealing. For an even better look, group objects that have different heights or shapes yet still have a similar property.

4. Find The Room’s Focal Point
The focal point is where everyone’s eyes fall as soon as they walk into the room. Some focal points are built-in, like a fireplace or a large window. If a room doesn’t have one, you can create your own.  You can get a large piece of furniture and make that your focal point. Or you could paint one wall a different color and decorate it with artwork and shelves. Everything else in the room should complement the focal point and be secondary to it. Having too many attention-grabbing items in the room can create unwanted visual noise.

5. Layer your Sofa Pillows
One pair of pillows on your sofa looks skimpy. Instead, pile two or more pairs with contrasting colors, textures, and patterns.  Choose small pillows that look like they came with the furniture.
These are easy and inexpensive tricks that will give your home an expensive designer look if you are selling through traditional means.

No Time to Decorate?
If you’ve decided staging is not for you, or that you don’t want to endure open houses as part of the selling process, there is a new way to sell your home that’s quick and easy.  Contact Seller’s Advantage online or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

7 Tips to Make Sure You Shine During Your Open House

Open houses are a double-edged sword. While they are one of the most lucrative methods of drumming up interest in your property, an open house can spell disaster if you aren’t prepared. If you are planning on hosting an open house, then here are seven tips that will help you and your property make it thru your special day in one piece.

Hide the clutter and make sure your house is spotless. Dirty houses net lower bids. Make sure to clean light and plumbing fixtures and have someone else go through your home to point out dirt you aren’t seeing, like on door jambs, cupboard doors, ceilings, and walls.

Buyers attending open houses tend to focus on the negatives. If your house is in need of repairs make sure they have been completed prior to the showing. Painting, shampooing carpets and cleaning air defusers are all part of regular household maintenance. Make sure to shore up the wear and tear before you open your doors.

Stay Out
You will need to be out from underfoot during your showing. Arrange for daycare, pet sitting and meals so you don’t need to “stop in” during this time. Because you aren’t there it is important to secure all of your valuables. As a precaution, it is also best to empty your medicine cabinet and lock up any personal papers that may be accessible by unscrupulous “buyers”.

Every home has a smell. If you are currently residing in the home you are selling make sure that food, garbage, and pet odors are well-managed. Do not cook strong-smelling foods and consider having your pets stay elsewhere for several days prior to the date of your open house.

Pests are never on any buyer’s “must have” list. If you’ve got them (and most houses have some!), make sure you have an exterminator visit in advance. Nothing will scare off a buyer faster than signs of an infestation.

Know Your Limits
If your house is not in good repair, is in need of serious remodeling or has major cosmetic flaws, holding an open house can really hurt you. If an open house isn’t going to highlight what makes your home a great buy it will likely end up highlighting what makes it a bad choice instead.

Chin Up
Holding an open house can be a lot of work, but your investment will pay off. The more time and money you put into making your house look its best the more likely your prospective buyers will take notice. Keep in mind that even when you’ve done everything right there is no guaranteed sale. Be prepared to hold several open houses – and treat each one like it will be your last. Keeping a positive attitude is key to getting through the process of selling your home.

For some homeowners, an open house just isn’t something they are prepared to deal with. The amount of time, effort, and money that can go into making your house look and feel great is more of an investment then they can afford to make. If you believe that finding the time, money and attitude needed to succeed is just too much, Contact Seller’s Advantage online or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

4 Common Home Repairs That Will Cost You Thousands

If you own your own home you already know how expensive maintenance can be. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid paying out for any major home repairs yet, cross your fingers. Major home repairs can cost tens of thousands of dollars – easily, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about them until it’s too late. Take a look at these 4 costly home repairs that can put your 5-year plan back a decade.

Foundation Damage
Foundation problems are common issues in homes with basements. Poured or block, finished or not – the chances that you will face paying for some amount of foundation repair during your time as a homeowner are high. If any of the following sound familiar keep your checkbook handy – you may be in for a costly surprise.

  • Cracks in the walls of your house
  • Water seeping into your basement
  • Large gaps or cracks in the block or poured slab & walls of your basement
  • Warping of walls, ceilings, and floors

Mold Remediation
Mold looks harmless at first. A bit of bleach and some elbow grease, right? Mold colonies can grow to enormous size inside your home without you knowing. A bit of black dust in the corner of your bathroom can be a sign of much larger problems elsewhere. Infestations that aren’t properly contained and removed can spread like wildfire.

Inside walls, heating ducts, even underneath wallpaper – mold can, and will, live on almost anything. If you’re unlucky enough to host a thriving, but hidden, infestation your best-case scenario is paying for an expensive specialist and doing all the heavy lifting yourself. Properly treating your house for mold requires special equipment to test for and remove spores in the air and colonies hidden behind your walls. Even small amounts of mold left behind will grow, feasting on your expensive new sheet rock.

Roofs have a finite life – they can only withstand so much water, wind, and sun before they begin to fail. Shingle roofs, the most common form of roofing materials, have a general lifespan of between 10 and 30 years, depending on where you live and the materials used. Failing shingles can let water and pests into your home – compounding the cost of replacing the roof. When it’s all said and done, your old roof can set you back thousands of dollars.

A failing HVAC system can be extremely expensive. Depending on what is going on you may need to replace your heater, air conditioner or even the ductwork sealed away inside your walls. No matter what the repair, you will need to hire a licensed HVAC contractor – who is also going to cost you a pretty penny.

Home repairs can really cost you. When you have a major system failure or are looking at extensive repairs you can’t afford or don’t want to make, selling your home may be your best bet. Unfortunately, selling a home in need of major repairs is difficult and the time it takes to find a buyer will only make the situation worse.

​Contact Seller’s Advantage or call us at 1-800-208-3243 to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home. We purchase homes in AS-IS condition and can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Selling Your Home Before the Holidays Makes Sense

Selling a home takes time and effort at any time of year, but the holiday season presents even more challenges. If you are selling via traditional selling methods it will seem that every step of the process is hampered by a realtor, escrow agent, inspector or even the prospective buyer being on vacation. Then there are the more emotional aspects of selling a home, emotional aspects that affect both you and the buyer.

It’s true that there’s no place like home for the holidays.  A new buyer will be motivated by a listing that actually provides them the time to enjoy and celebrate. You, on the other hand, are either looking at a new home yourself or you want to see a speedy sale so that you can have the money you need to get on with your life.

Also consider the fact that there are typically fewer homes listings for sale. There will be less competition if you list your home before the holiday season, long enough before it that you have a chance of closing the deal promptly. Not only is fall one of the most beautiful times of the year, it is during September and October when families begin to start thinking about the tax benefits of owning a home.

When consumers are focusing on holiday parties, shopping and gift-giving,  few  want to be house hunting. Instead, they want to be tight and cozy in their existing home visiting with  Aunt Sally and the rest of the relatives that are dropping by. There is the turkey that has to be cooked, Christmas shopping to be done, and the urge to lay back and take a break from our normal fast-paced lives. Those that are looking for new homes would likely have been looking much more vigilantly before the holidays ever started.

There’s still time to sell your home before the holiday season begins. Seller’s Advantage can make you a cash offer in as little as 24-hours and you can avoid walk-through’s, repairs and delays.   Give us a call today to learn more about how to sell your home in a whole new way. Visit us online at or call us at 800-208-3243.