Everything is bigger in America. Our cities, our lakes, our food portions, and even our houses. However, more and more people are choosing to forego the big house, trading it in for a smaller, simpler living arrangements. Or a minimalist lifestyle, as some folks call it.

Minimalism is Rising in Popularity

As The Times Leader points out, minimalist living appeals to an ever-growing segment of the population. From simple designs and simple furniture, to smaller, more efficient spaces, people are learning to let go of both status symbols, and of unnecessary expenses, in order to live in ways that use fewer resources, and which provide them with all the comforts they need.  Why embrace minimalism? Well…

  • It’s Cheaper: Smaller houses mean smaller bills, and no wasted space.
  • It Uses Fewer Resources: From heating to house paint, the less space you occupy, the smaller your footprint on the environment is.
  • It’s Less Work: Whether it’s cleaning, repairs, or just general upkeep, minimalist houses take minimal work.

For those who want to adopt this lifestyle, though, they have to downsize their possessions. That often means unloading clothing, bulky furniture, and scaling back on everything from movies to DVDs. People often go digital, using mobile devices to read ebooks, and streaming services to watch TV and movies. It also means that if they have a house that’s bigger than they need, they’ll put it on the market. Most often they’ll purchase smaller homes, like ranches or bungalows, or get an apartment or condo. In some extreme cases, someone might choose to move into a tiny house, which is a hyper compact living space that’s often built into a trailer, but which still offers everything from sleeping space, to a bathroom, to a miniature kitchen.

​Which solution is best for you depends on what level of minimalism you’re comfortable with. But if you have a home that’s too big for your needs, why pay more than you have to?  If you prefer a minimalist approach to home selling, without the hassles of walk-through’s, agents, repairs and negotiations, Seller’s Advantage can help your to sell my house fast for cash.  We can give you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours and purchase homes in AS-IS condition.  For more information, give us a call at 1-800-208-3243 or learn more about our Yelp and BBB reviews on our Sellers Advantage reviews page.

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